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Wrestling hasn’t always been Ardsley junior Evan Shlom’s top sport, but he sure made himself a recognizable figure in the Section 1 wrestling community this season. The 195-pounder wasn’t the most talked about guy in his weight class entering the Division 2 sectional tournament, but he was by the end of it. Tied 1-1 with Nanuet’s Connor Breit after six minutes, Shlom took his opponent down and put him to his back in overtime for an emphatic 6-1 decision to earn his first title. Football may be his passion, but wrestling has now become a big part of who he is.

Here are the responses that I received from Evan:

How did you get started with wrestling? I care a lot about football, but there’s only one season for that… so I’ve been wrestling during the winter since fifth grade. Wrestling is extremely applicable to football. Anyone could tell if they paid attention to the way I tackle that I also wrestle on the side.

What is it that you love about the sport? Wrestling might officially be a one-on-one sport, but really it’s you versus yourself.

Describe what was going through your head when the referee raised your hand after the finals: I walked back to the middle getting ready to wrestle another overtime round. I could hardly believe it was over, but once it sunk in that I’m going to states I was of course really happy.

What was the most difficult obstacle that you had to overcome this season? I used to feel as though there were matches I had a great chance of winning, but other matches I had a huge chance of losing. At this point in my wrestling career, being any sort of underdog doesn’t matter to me. In my head, I’m never an underdog.

What area do you feel that you’ve improved in the most over the course of the season? I’ve vastly improved in conditioning and pacing myself. My #sockswag game has also vastly improved, and Coach (Craig) Zern will vouch for me on that.

What are you like off of the mat? I love football, music, working out and food.

What is playing in your headphones while you get ready for a match? Dubstep, Trap, Friday Night Lights Soundtrack and Rocky Speeches

What is your favorite food? Sushi and Filet Mignon tie at first. Anything that has Quinoa or is made by my parents is a runner-up.

Name one thing that’s interesting about you that people may not know about: I’ve been playing the French Horn for nine years. Last year, I was an All-State Band alternate. I’ve also taught myself to play bass guitar.

CLICK HERE to watch video of Shlom’s win in the final

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