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Leading off this year’s “Meet the Champs” series we have a first-time champ we has been knocking on the door for years. Arlington senior Alfredo Olmedo has been at 99 pounds for his entire career, and after being bounced in the semis last season, finally came through with a 7-0 decision over Pearl River’s Sean McGarvey in the finals on Sunday at Clarkstown South. Olmedo will be the Admirals’ only representative in Albany, and as someone who has been ranked in the state for most of the season, he seems to have a good chance of making some noise.

Here are the responses that I received from Alfredo:

How did you get started with wrestling? My friends convinced me to join the modified team in eighth grade.

What is it that you love about the sport? I can still be successful despite being small, while in other sports I might not have that opportunity.

Describe what was going through your head when the referee raised your hand after the finals: I was relieved to finally get the title. I wanted it so bad, especially after my disappointing season last year. Also, I need a haircut.

What was the most difficult obstacle that you had to overcome this season? There was a big lake in the middle of our resort in Florida that we had to walk around every time we wanted to go to one of the Disney parks, so that was a pretty big obstacle.

What area do you feel that you’ve improved in the most over the course of the season? Riding on top.

What are you like off of the mat? In the wise words of Jon Silveri, “Alfredo Olmedo is a young, responsible, intelligent man with a sprinkle of madness and wildness.”

What is playing in your headphones while you get ready for a match?Our House” by Slaughterhouse Feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey.

What is your favorite food? My mom’s spaghetti.

Name one thing that’s interesting about you that people may not know about: I have a “little” brother on the team, too, but he’s at 106.

CLICK HERE to watch video of Olmedo’s win in the finals

I’ll be running these “Meet the Champs” posts everyday leading up to states. I emailed all of the section champs that I had information, but if you didn’t receive one for some reason and would like to be included, please email me at

Photo by Darryl Bautista/The Poughkeepsie Journal 


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  1. Congratulations Alfredo. You earned a trip to Albany and Im glad you got it done. Good Luck! Oh…get that hair cut lol.