Sectionals: Division 1 semifinal and final results



Team standings and key: 1. North Rockland (NRk) 179.5; 2. Fox Lane (FL) 113.5; 3. Suffern (Sf) 104; 4t. Arlington (Arl) 94; John Jay-East Fishkill (JJEF) 94; 6. New Rochelle (NR) 86.5; 7. Clarkstown South (CS) 84; 8. Pearl River (PR) 83; 9. Brewster (Bw) 76; 10. RC Ketcham (RCK) 70.5; 11. Mamaroneck (Mk) 69; 12. Horace Greeley (HG) 66; 13. Tappan Zee (TZ) 65; 14. Lakeland/Panas (LP) 63; 15. Mahopac (Mah) 59; 16. Clarkstown North (CN) 52; 17. Yonkers (Yo) 50; 18. East Ramapo (ER) 46.5; 19. John Jay (JJCR) 46; 20. Somers (Som) 43; 21. Ossining (Oss) 38; 22. Beacon (Bea) 36; 23. Harrison (Har) 34; 24. Sleepy Hollow (SH) 28; 25. Byram Hills (BH) 26; 26. Carmel (Car) 25; 27. Nyack (Ny) 21; 28. Port Chester (PC) 20; 29. Mount Vernon (MV) 16; 30. Rye (Rye) 13; 31. Scarsdale (Sc) 11; 32. Hen Hud (HH) 9; 33t. Eastchester (Ec) 6; Yorktown (Yk) 6; 35. White Plains (WP) 5.

Section 1 Championships

Division 1

At Clarkstown South


99 – Alfredo Olmedo (Arl) dec. Trey Wardlaw (ER), 4-0; Sean McGarvey (PR) dec. Jake Shore (NR), 7-4. 106 – Brandon Fay (FL) dec. Randy Earl (JJEF), 5-4; Alex D’Angelo (NRk) dec. Jordan Wallace (NR), 10-7. 113 – Jay Albis (JJEF) maj. dec. Kevin Knox (Car), 12-2; Brady Robin (Arl) dec. David Ortiz (Yo), 7-5. 120 – Jon Errico (BH) dec. Lamont Wallace (NR), 5-2; Matt Grippi (FL) dec. Jake Kurzhals (PR), 3-1. 126 – Alex Delacruz (Oss) maj. dec. Brian Gardner (Rye), 15-5; Daiton Powell (Sf) pin Brian Hong (CN), 5:36. 132 – John Muldoon (PR) maj. dec. Romello Bradley (ER), 18-6; Conor Melbourne (JJCR) dec. John DiDomenico (LP), 6-3. 138 – Matt Caputo (NRk) pin Stephen Lauro (Sf), 1:26; Liam Erickson (Bw) dec. Grant Frederick (JJEF), 3-2. 145 – Ben Ettlinger (FL) tech. fall Blake Cohen (LP), 16-0; Danny Murphy (RCK) maj. dec. James Giraldez (Ny), 9-1. 152 – Blaise Benderoth (NRk) tech. fall Chris Carlucci (LP), 16-1; Frank Surace (FL) dec. Liam Hiene (Som), 2-0. 160 – Nick Didio (NRk) dec. Mike Peterson (Arl), 8-2; Dom Celli (Som) dec. Mitch Klein (HG), 2-0. 170 – Gino Gioielli (Bw) maj. dec. Justin Karas (PC), 13-1; Demetrius Rodriguez (NR) dec. Rob Gullo (PR), 3-2. 182 – Brett Perry (JJEF) pin Hassan Auwarter (CS), 3:44; Peter Pjetri (Sf) pin Justin Ayala (MV), 1:49. 195 – Andrew Grella (Bea) pin Dom Emory (RCK), 1:14; Brock Cvijanovich (HG) dec. Austin Maurer (CS), 3-1 OT. 220 – Yousiff Hemida (Mk) dec. John Hartnett (TZ), 6-4 OT; Ryan Delahanty (Mah) dec. Murphy Wilson (RCK), 7-1. 285 – Mike Manni (TZ) pin Conner Reigottie (NRk), 1:21; Matt St. Onge (CS) dec. Nick Holahan (CS), 3-2.


99 – Olmedo (Arl) dec. McGarvey (PR), 7-0. 106 – D’Angelo (NRk) dec. Fay (FL), 1-0. 113 – Albis (JJEF) dec. Robin (Arl), 6-2. 120 – Errico (BH) dec. Grippi (FL), 7-3. 126 – Delacruz (Oss) dec. Powell (Sf), 4-2. 132 – Muldoon (PR) maj. dec. Melbourne (JJCR), 12-3. 138 – Caputo (NRk) dec. Erickson (Bw), 3-1. 145 – Ettlinger (FL) dec. Murphy (RCK), 5-2. 152 – Benderoth (NRk) pin Surace (FL), 5:02. 160 – Didio (NRk) dec. Celli (Som), 12-5. 170 – Gioielli (Bw) maj. dec. Rodriguez (NR), 12-1. 182 – Perry (JJEF) dec. Pjetri (Sf), 10-3. 195 – Grella (Bea) maj. dec. Cvijanovich (HG), 17-9. 220 – Hemida (Mk) dec. Delahanty (Mah), 7-3. 285 – Manni (TZ) pin St. Onge (CS), 1:25.

Third place

99 – Anthony Sulla (NRk) dec. Shore (NR), 5-0. 106 – Peter Oliveto (Sf) maj. dec. Wallace (NR), 10-2. 113 – Knox (Car) dec. Ortiz (Yo), 7-4. 120 – Wallace (NR) inj. def. Luke Francois (ER). 126 – Marlon Borge (NRk) pin Alexandro Sanchez (Mk), 4:34. 132 – Bradley (ER) dec. DiDomenico (LP), 1-0. 138 – Grant McGeary (RCK) dec. Brian Kershner (JJCR), 10-4. 145 – Giraldez (Ny) dec. Cohen (LP), 6-5. 152 – Carlucci (LP) dec. Hiene (Som), 3-1 OT. 160 – Klein (HG) pin Peterson (Arl), 4:40. 170 – Karas (PC) dec. Adam Hofling (SH), 7-5. 182 – Auwarter (CS) pin Ayala (MV), 3:20. 195 – Jon Clune (FL) dec. Tyrick Jackson (Sf), 7-5. 220 – Hartnett (TZ) dec. Billy Marino (HG), 6-0. 285 – Reigottie (NRk) dec. Holahan (CS), 6-4.

Fifth place

99 – Justin Lopez (Yo) dec. Wardlaw (ER), 2-0. 106 – Frankie Barchella (Har) dec. Earl (JJEF), 3-1 OT. 113 – Maxim Kutsepau (CN) pin Moises Tera (NR), 3:05. 120 – Kurzhals (PR) pin Derek DiMarsico (NRk), 0:54. 126 – Hong (CN) by forfeit. 132 – Max Lukaswitz (Har) dec. Tom Docherty (JJEF), 4-0. 138 – Frederick (JJEF) dec. Lauro (Sf), 4-0. 145 – Mike Tartaglia (Mah) dec. Noah Hovde (TZ), 7-6. 152 – Jeremy Werk (CN) dec. Mario Zeppetelli (Arl), 10-7. 160 – Dave Crispino (CN) dec. George Denergy (SH), 6-3. 170 – Gullo (PR) pin David Emory (RCK), 1:53. 182 – Jon Silveri (Arl) dec. Liridon Hasanramaj (Mah), 4-3. 195 – Maurer (CS) by forfeit. 220 – Jason Fortugno (CS) dec. Wilson (RCK), 2-1. 285 – Luis Rubio (Mk) dec. Alex Dago (Oss), 2-1.

Photo by Ricky Flores/The Journal News


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  1. DiMarsico went from 2nd to 6th in one year. Shows the weakness of 113 last year and the depth of 120 this year.

  2. Clune has wrestled hard all season. He has a number of loses, but almost all were close matches against top notch wrestlers. I know it’s not first, but grats for a 3rd place at sectionals !


  3. Suffern placed Oliveto, Powell, Pjteri, Lauro, and Jackson. None of them are seniors and will be back next year. Should be a force to reckon with next year

  4. Borge Bumped up to 126 and had an impressive sectionals by pinning all his 5matches but one match.

  5. Great day of wrestling for anyone who was there. Some great final matches, most noteably was 106 with North Rockland winning, 126 wow, Powell went toe to toe with Delacruz, great match! The 195 champ from Beacon is a MAN out on the mat. and the 220 from Mam. deserved the win, he is good. looks like Section one will be well represented at the states. By the way I was the one who said Suffern was better than 10th. They finished 3rd.!!!

  6. Agree with Old coach overall great day today and Suffern really looks back on the rise, a few thoughts:
    -Incredible tourney by Hemida, really impressive with that injury and no mat time
    -Olmedo should do really well at states, seniors at 99 usually do pretty well
    -Hadn’t seem him much this year but was Impressed by D’Angelo the way he wrestled Fay
    -Delacruz did a back handspring during his match which was cool, needs to be better at states
    -Caputo v Erickson was a terrific match – don’t usually question injuries but Caputo’s injury time out/scream rule likely cost Erickson the match. On the other hand only seconds before OT, what was Erickson thinking with a roll like that to cost himself, really crazy
    –Blaise looked like an absolute beast, a kid that definitely has his eye on state finals
    -Didio looked sharp, would have like to seem his against Klein
    -Agree with above, Grella really is a man, ?some issue with the Greeley coaches, not sure what that was about

  7. Liam Erickson deserved that win Caputo abused the rules and faked an injury Erickson better get wild card

  8. Kelly got hurt in his loss to Ortiz in the quarters. That’s why he lost, I heard he tore his ACL.

  9. After some major injuries (Barbaria, Marvin, Tolli, Courtien) thought our sectional team may be a bit weak this year but I have to say that Today I was pretty impressed overall with the team going to states including Erickson & Hartnett who should both get Wild cards (plus some others).

  10. If I’m not mistaken didn’t Erickson screamed as he was being taken down in the semi’s???? What goes around comes around… He should have lost that match….

  11. I don’t think Hartnett can get wc as a 3 unless the 2 also gets one, and delahanty isn’t getting one.

  12. I think the only time that #3 can get a WC ahead of #2 is if #3 has enough points and he didn’t lose to the #2 at sectionals. Hartnet lost to the champ, not delahanty so he could get a WC without delahanty getting one before him

  13. 3rd place finisher CAN get wildcard ahead of 2nd place finisher IF 3rd place finisher DID NOT lose to 2nd place finisher in State Qualifier. So in this case, Hartnett can absolutely get wildcard regardless of Delahanty.

  14. DCW…that would only be true if Hartnett lost to Delahanty in the tournament which he did not. Therefore a 3 place finisher can get a Wildcard over a 2 place.

  15. There is a big difference between a scream for a real injury (like a broken nose) and a scream for a fake injury. Caputo should be ashamed of himself

  16. I think everyone should be just happy with the great JOB each and every athlete has done and their accomplishments and stop critizing them. We should all be celebrating everyone of them. This isn’t the NFL or NBA it’s high school wrestling for god sakes. Big problem here on this forum it’s all negative and a bunch up bickering like 90 year old ladies… So I’m going to stop before I sound like you guys….

  17. caputo knew he was going to lose and faked an injury erikson is the better wrestler deangelo got real lucky w officials who could not be worse what a disgrace

  18. not your fault on

    Coach it was alright, the reason for no drama was more the competitiveness of the matches. Only 4 matches in the finals were 3 pts or closer. 106, 126, 138, 145. All the rest were blow outs, kinda wish Hartnett and youseff was the final and not the semi. The team race was never in question, plus many would loved to see barbaria vs albis, tolli vs muldoon, marvin vs didio. Was a very anti climatic year in section, maybe states will be ridiculously crazy.

  19. Most people I talked to liked the 3 mat final. The tournament moved at a great pace from the start at Arlington to the final bout at South. I personally liked it for my wrestlers, they did not have to sit and wait. Once momentum started it just kept going.

  20. The three mat finals was great. You got to watch the one you thought was going to be most competitive. I’m sure all eyes were on 138 and 126, four terrific wrestlers. By the way the crowd control was ten times better than at Arlington. No matter where you sat you could see most everything that went on. Good Job Cl. South. On the the States!

  21. Coach Rogers Clarkstown South ran the tournament almost as good as Tappan
    Zee’s County championships. Just kidding both were run very well though