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I just received the seeds for this weekend’s Super 16 from Yonkers coach Pete Vulpone. Wrestling will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday at Yonkers HS, with the finals scheduled for approximately 4 p.m. This is the only local tourney going on this weekend. The Rockland County Championships will be held the following week. Of course, I’ll be at both, so follow me on Twitter @vzmercogliano.

Team key: Ardsley (Ard), Carmel (Car), Center Moriches (CM), Croton-Harmon (CH), Harrison (Har), Hen Hud (HH), Horace Greeley (HG), Lakeland/Panas (LP), Mahopac (Mah), Mount Vernon (MV), Pleasantville (Pl), Roy C Ketcham (RCK), Sleepy Hollow (SH), Westlake (Ws), White Plains (WP) and Yonkers (Yo).

1. Bathon (Pl)
2. Lopez (Yo)
3. Bunyea (Mah)
4. Sementz (Mah)
5. Barsuch (CH)
6. Panshishak (Car)

1. Barchella (Har)
2. Dinota (Ws)
3. Choe (Har)
4. Shaw (LP)
5. Crawford (Yo)
6. Censullo (RCK)

1. Knox (Car)
2. Ortiz (Yo)
3. Muldoon (Mah)
4. Hollander (Har)
5. Stelzl (Pl)
6. DiPietro (HH)

1. Guevara (Yo)
2. Welton (Car)
3. Samolsky (Ard)
4. Scauzillo (Mah)
5. Montes (Pl)
6. Sasso (HG)

1. Paternostro (Pl)
2. Rudinger (HG)
3. Frezza (Mah)
4. Duffy (Ws)
5. Fears (MV)
6. Capellan (SH)

1. DiDomenico (LP)
2. Lukaswitz (Har)
3. Cornell (Mah)
4. Terry (MV)
5. Raza (Yo)
6. Moore (LP)

1. Pla (LP)
2. Wagner (HH)
3. McGeary (RCK)
4. Zaccaro (Yo)
5. Gottlieb (Pl)
6. Folster (RCK)

1. Cohen (LP)
2. Murphy (RCK)
3. Castro (Pl)
4. Vicuna (WP)
5. Leone (Car)
6. Tartaglia (Mah)

1. Polintan (Ard)
2. Carlucci (LP)
3. Artope (HH)
4. Quintanilla (Pl)
5. Maldonado (Yo)
6. DiNardo (Mah)

1. Klein (HG)
2. Marrone (Pl)
3. Robles (MV)
4. Denegry (SH)
5. Burbano (HH)
6. Jones (LP)

1. Hofling (SH)
2. Mercer (HG)
3. Emory (RCK)
4. Schepis (Har)
5. Jefferson (WP)
6. Vasquez (Ws)

1. Ayala (MV)
2. Hasanramaj (Mah)
3. Hassett (RCK)
4. Mallory (HH)
5. Wright (Car)
6. Beato (Yo)

1. Hamilton (CM)
2. Cvijanovich (HG)
3. Emory (RCK)
4. Marji (Yo)
5. Lewis (CH)
6. Shlom (Ard)

1. Delahanty (Mah)
2. Pavloff (CH)
3. Dassan (Yo)
4. Marino (HG)
5. Simone (CM)
6. Chiriguayo (LP)

1. Kelley (LP)
2. Brahimi (Mah)
3. Rosales (Mah)
4. Jaikaran (Yo)
5. Jimenez (SH)
6. McMullen (Har)

Photo by Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News


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  1. Wrestling dude on

    You are right, but it’s more that westchester wrestling is way down. The number 1 team isn’t there but the next 3 best teams in westchester are, Harrison, Lakeland, Horace greely.

    Rockland has their counties same weekend. What teams are missing besides fox lane? Somers? Who else

  2. Brad Marvin has a bad case of split ends, and we are trying to find the right conditioner to heal this tragic injury. He will be wrestling at 160 this post season, me and my staff will be working overtime to make sure his hair is at 100% come February.

  3. A) This super Sixteen, isn’t so super.
    B) Seems that many of the programs whose coaches gave birth
    to this event years ago have flow the coop, Disgraceful.
    C) A Long Island team in the super Sixteen, which was always
    the equivalent of the Westchester-Putnam champions, just
    makes no sense.
    D) Forget super Sixteen and just call it the Watered Down
    Yonkers Tournament.

  4. Wrestling dude on

    Here’s the team standing from 2009. 5 years ago. Like I said its the same teams except fox lane and somers. Look where greely, Yonkers, panas all finished that year. Great job done by those coaches.

    1. Carmel© 157.5; 2. Ossining (O) 143; 2. Mahopac (M) 143; 4. Somers (S) 128; 5. Fox Lane 127.5; 6. Sleepy Hollow (SH) 120; 7. Ardsley (A) 99; 8. Yorktown (Yk) 77; 9. Mt. Vernon (MV) 75; 10. Harrison (H) 71; 11. Lakeland/Panas 63.5; 12. Hen Hud (HH) 55; 13. Yonkers (Yn) 54; 14. Dobbs Ferry (DF) 26; 15. Horace Greeley (HG) 15; 16. Croton (Cr) 11; 17. Hastings (Hs) 2.

  5. Wrestling dude on

    I was just pointing out that the tournament is pretty much the same teams as it has always been. The teams are down, hopefully it’s just a cyclical thing as 5 years ago rockland was down. Right now fox lane is the only very good westchester team in sec 1.

  6. I admit I don’t know if the format is different now, but when I coached and attended the Super 16, I became frustrated at the format of the tournament. From the round of 16, first round losers were eliminated. Only quarterfinal losers who lost to a finalist could wrestle back. In essence, 10 of the 16 wrestlers were eliminated in the first 2 rounds of the day.

    With the variety of other tournaments (dual meet, round-robin, etc), it makes sense why some of the programs may stay away.

  7. Forget 5 years ago….here are last years results showing some of Westchesters top teams with some returning and others finding other venues. Vulpone does a nice job with the tournament.

    Team standings: 1. Fox Lane (FL) 144; 2. Hen Hud (HH) 137.5; 3. Center Moriches (CM) 120.5; 4. Mahopac (Ma) 112; 5. Sleepy Hollow (SH) 102; 6. Harrison (Ha) 94; 7. Yonkers (Yo) 85; 8. Ketcham (RCK) 69; 9. Yorktown (Yk) 59; 10t. Croton-Harmon (CH) 57; 10t. Irvington (Irv) 57; 12. Westlake (Ws) 45; 13. Byram Hills (BH) 36; 14. Mount Vernon (MV) 34; 15. Ardsley (Ard) 25.5; 16. Carmel (Car) 13.

  8. for the people who say the tournament has gone downhill, It really hasn’t. It’s the teams that have. The mahopacs of 2000’s, Ossining and sleepy of late 90’s, cross river mid 2000, somers under disanto, Carmel teams under twardy, ardsley under Vulpone. They aren’t comming back, the sport is becoming more individualized and the difference between the have and have nots is so much greater.

    You would almost have to do what eastern states does and invite every team in sec 1 to bring their 5-7 best wrestlers rather than 16 full teams, in order to get back to being the “super16″