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Since there’s no wrestling scheduled for this MLK Day, I thought I’d share the latest New York Wrestling News state rankings, which were released late last week. The changes in the rankings are largely based on what happened at Eastern States, and while no Section 1 wrestlers came in ranked No. 1, it’s quite clear that several of them earned some well-deserved respect up at Sullivan Community College.

In the last set of rankings, there were only seven locals ranked in their respective classes, but that number increased to 11 this time around. Those 11 are Arlington’s Alfredo Olmedo (seventh at 99), Ossining’s Alex Delacruz (second at 126), Pearl River’s John Muldoon (fourth at 132), North Rockland’s Matt Caputo (fourth at 138) and Blaise Benderoth (fourth at 152), Somers’ Dom Celli (fifth at 160), Brewster’s Gino Gioielli (fifth at 170), John Jay-EF’s Brett Perry (fourth at 182), Beacon’s Andrew Grella (seventh at 195), and Tappan Zee’s John Hartnett (third at 220) and Mike Manni (fourth at 285). What’s the common theme? They all placed at Easterns, which shows you how much weight that tourney carries state-wide (no pun intended).

It’s worth noting that all 11 ranked Section 1 wrestlers come from Division 1 schools, which tells you a lot about the current standing of the section in both divisions. There is a good chance that the number of local all-state wrestlers in D1 reaches double digits this year, but that number should be much smaller in D2.

No Section 1 wrestler is ranked as high as Delacruz, who lost to top-ranked Travis Passaro of Eastport South Manor with a 5-3 decision in the Eastern States quarters. That looks like the state title match that everyone is anticipating at 126. Hartnett is the next highest ranked local, making a jump from unranked to No. 3 at 220 after his run to the Eastern States finals. He’s still a big underdog for a state title, though, with top-ranked Rich Sisti of Monsignor Farrell having pinned him in the Eastern States final.

On paper, the rankings also have Muldoon, Caputo and Perry as potential state finalists. Each is ranked fourth in their respective weight classes, but there is only one D1 guy ranked higher than each of them. Of course, this won’t mean much come postseason time, but it shows you where they stand at the moment. If the rankings hold true, Section 1 would have five state finalists.

I’ve received a lot of questions about when new LoHud rankings will come out. I’ve just started working on team tournament rankings, which should be out sometime in the next week. I’ll wait on new weight class rankings until the week leading up to divisionals.

Photo by Frank Becerra Jr./The Journal News


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  1. I really don’t like seeing the individual rankings combining D1 and D2 guys. I like seeing where particular wrestlers stand as far as state is concerned. Having D2 wrestlers mixed in not only makes it harder to get a good view of where a certain wrestler is in the mix, but it also takes up a number of spots where D1 wrestlers would be. D1 and D2 guys will not face each other at state. Do a combined ranking after state is over.

    To clarify, I think it is better to be able to look at the state rankings, and see (atm) who are the top 6-8 guys at a certain weight who could possibly be the favorites at state. I don’t want maybe 3 or 4 of the spots to have wrestlers From D2 who have nothing to do with that weight for state.


  2. That’s a very section 1 biased opinion … Long Island would agree… The rest of the state not so much. It’s not like they are throwing D2 a bone. They are ranking the top guys. That is all

  3. Have 2 rankings like they have been doing for years. That way, fans of both Divisions will have a better picture of the top wrestlers before state. There will be more exposure for both Divisions as there will be twice as many wrestlers featured in the rankings.

    I would feel this way no matter what Sec I root for.

    Every state I research that has multi classes have them ranked separately.


  4. Also, having 2 rankings will not only add clarity, but will also feature more D2 wrestlers. How is that a Sec 1 or LI bias ?


  5. Okay but re-read your first post. You didn’t really call for two sets of rankings, just made it sound like d2 didn’t belong in them. Like they were quite literally a waste of space. Lol

  6. Greatest college wrestler out of NYS ever Kyle Dake from D2 Lansing. Don’t disrespect division 2.

  7. He just has his preference in which division he prefers to follow and I bet we all do. He didn’t say all of D2 sucks, just that there should be a different set of rankings for each division to decipher who is in the mix for state titles.

  8. Besides Delacrus, Hartnett may be the sections best chance to win a state title… if Sisti is on the opposite side of the bracket and Hartnett wins the semi on his side and if Sisti wins the semi on his side John would be the NYS Public HS champ. The final would be for the Federation title.

    Good luck to John…he’s a great kid.

    How much time does Sisti spend weight lifting and training each day??? Does he have enough time to go to school?

  9. To clarify my opinions on Rankings…..

    Both Divisions are ranked with the top 8 for each weight class.
    Rankings before the state tourney are mainly for seeing who the top wrestlers are at each weight class in each division, so as to get a good idea of where they stand.

    I am sure that fans of D2 schools do not want to search for, and find a combined ranking of D1 and D2 where You may only find 1 or 2 D2 wrestlers in a certain weight class. How does that give them info on who the top D2 wrestlers at that weight are ? They don’t want to be looking at 6 or 7 names that have nothing to do with the D2 state tourney. The same goes for D1 looking at the same combined rankings and seeing a number of D2 wrestlers at a weight class where they are interested in seeing which wrestlers to watch after for possible match ups at state ?

    Rankings help build up suspense for the state tourney. Do one for D1 and one for D2. After the best are determined after state is over, then do a combined ranking for fun.

    As for D2, in many years the top end of D2 compares favorably with D1. I’m a fan of all NYS wrestling. For people who have followed my state rankings over the years, I mainly did D1 only because I knew it much better. I refused to do a haphazard ranking for D2 because I pride myself on my work. I think the rankings this year from NYSWN has done a very good job with the rankings this year. It would be even better if they separated the 2 divisions :)


  10. PS…I meant to say that I only did D1 rankings not only because I knew D1 much better, but also because I didn’t have the time or energy to do the research and rankings for D2 :)

  11. riverindian, BUT ultimately Hartnett would have lost the tournament overall. State title without the tournament and federation titles would be nothing but a Pyrrhic Victory.

  12. sectiononealum on

    Rankings don’t mean a damn thing. Beauty of this sport is anyone can win or lose on any given day. Never know how it will play out!!!

  13. If you understand rankings, you would know that they reflect past performances/results. It is not an actual list for future results, future results reflect the future rankings. So…..results come first, then the rankings.

    Btw, anyone can win is true for all sports, and also, Every sport from high school on up have rankings. Most people enjoy looking them over, but they have to remember they are just for fun/info.

    Ranking the posters in this thread, I would start CWE #1 :)


  14. Sectiononealum, you said it best. The cream usually rises to the top, almost, now that NYS has two types of cream D1 and D2.

  15. Sectiononealum actually said that anyone could win on any gicen day, not just the cream lol. Upsets happen, guys get injured, mental errors happen to the best of us.

    PS…No sense in arguing that there should only be 1 division in NY. I agree, but I don’t think that will change any time soon.