Tuesday’s results: Fay-Barchella matchup never comes to fruition



BEDFORD — Tuesday couldn’t come quickly enough for Harrison junior Frankie Barchella, who was anticipating one of his biggest matches of the season.

Currently ranked No. 2 at 106 pounds in the LoHud Wrestling Weight Class Rankings, Barchella was hoping for another shot at top-ranked Brandon Fay of Fox Lane, whom he had lost to in overtime earlier in the season. But in a strategic move, the Foxes’ coaching staff decided to bump Fay up a weight class and hold off on the rematch.

“I was just a little baffled, but I had to get a clean slate, clear my head and wrestle the new match,” Barchella said. “He beat me the first time at (the Carlucci Dual Meet Tournament) and I really wanted to get some revenge. That was a really close match and I felt like I could have had him. Knowing that I may have him at sectionals, I just wanted to see where I am and prepare my mind for the big match.”

Barchella won his match by technical fall, while Fay followed with a pin, helping Fox Lane hold off the Huskies with a 47-39 win.

Fay was also disappointed about not wrestling his rival, but it should ensure that he will have a better seed than Barchella for the sectional tournament thanks to his previous head-to-head win.

“I’m going to wrestle Frankie again,” Fay said. “I’ve wrestled him already once, and I wrestle him all of the time at the club that we go to. It sucks – I wanted to wrestle him, and he definitely wanted to wrestle me, and he’s a great competitor. But it is what it is.”

barchella5Fay was a known commodity coming into the season after reaching the section finals last year, but Barchella has taken some big strides to thrust himself into the section title conversation.

“I think the big thing is confidence,” Harrison coach Vin Nicita said. “He wrestled all summer. He went to mat clubs all summer; he worked out with all of the best kids – including Fay and (Matt) Grippi and all of those guys. He’s got the confidence that he can hang with them, and I really think that first match with Fay was huge for him. He bumped up in that match to wrestle him, too, and I think he was a little hesitant going in. Then he saw, ‘OK, wait. I can hang with this kid. I’m right there with him.’ And since then, he’s been a different wrestler.”

Fay’s win started a string of pins for the Foxes, whose strength is their middleweights. Grippi (126 pounds), Scott Rodrigues (138), Frank Surace (145) and Ben Ettlinger (160) also won via pin to build a 35-15 lead, but Harrison would rally.

Wins from Paul Guimaraes (152), Dom Schepis (170) and Rob Donohue (182) cut Fox Lane’s lead to 35-27.

“All of a sudden, I’m looking at the scoreboard and we’re in the match,” Nicita said. “Really, that 220 was the pivotal match. We had to at least not get pinned there, but my guy just kind of tired out. But the kids have nothing to be ashamed of. We hung right with them.”

After Arben Gecaj picked up a crucial pin for the Foxes at 195 pounds, John Clune bumped up to 220 and sealed the win with his pin of Joe Jimenez.

“Coach told me that my match was the most important match, and I had to go out there and do a good job,” Clune said. “I felt really comfortable. I felt comfortable on my shots that I could control the match.”


• 113 pounds: Frankie Barchella (Harrison) vs. Gonzalo Castillo (Fox Lane)

• 120 pounds: Brandon Fay (Fox Lane) vs. Anthony Tiso (Harrison)

• 132 pounds: Max Lukaswitz (Harrison) vs. Nick Hayden (Fox Lane)

• 138 pounds: Scott Rodrigues (Fox Lane) vs. Bruno Medina (Harrison)

• 170 pounds: Dom Schepis (Harrison) vs. Alex Alexanderov (Fox Lane)

• 220 pounds: John Clune (Fox Lane) vs. Joe Jimenez (Harrison)

Here are the box scores that we’ve received so far tonight:

Fox Lane 47, Harrison 39
At Fox Lane
106 – Ben Singer (FL) pin Daniel Choe, 1:08. 113 – Frankie Barchella (Har) tech. fall Gonzalo Castillo, 16-1. 120 – Brandon Fay (FL) pin Anthony Tiso, 1:00. 126 – Matt Grippi (FL) pin Max Uretta, 3:26. 132 – Max Lukaswitz (Har) pin Nick Hayden, 0:26. 138 – Scott Rodrigues (FL) pin Bruno Medina, 4:26. 145 – Frank Surace (FL) pin Jake Ullerick, 3:41. 152 – Paul Guimaraes (Har) pin Ben Sesustine, 3:12. 160 – Ben Ettlinger (FL) tech. fall Jonny Lofranco, 15-0. 170 – Dom Schepis (Har) maj. dec. Alex Alexanderov, 14-4. 182 – Rob Donohue (Har) pin Sebastian Osario, 3:13. 195 – Arben Gecaj (FL) pin Derrick Infante, 2:34. 220 – John Clune (FL) pin Joe Jimenez, 4:17. 285 – Max McMullen (Har) pin Josh Martin, 5:40. 99 – Jay Martins (Har) pin Kevin Lopez, 5:05.

Edgemont 57, Hastings 9
At Edgemont
106 – Chris Eppolito (Ed) by forfeit. 113 – Kyle Aslanian (Ed) pin Trevor Hayden, 0:49. 120 – James Hammond (Ed) pin Gailyn Rawls, 1:12. 126 – Sam Klein (Ed) pin Moise Romano, 4:31. 132 – Zach Mohamed (Ed) dec. Joel Fuentes, 7-4. 138 – Max Worobow (Ed) forfeit. 145 – Brian Evans (Ed) pin Jeremiah Reeve, 1:01. 152 – Will Graybeal (Ed) pin Eduard Fay, 1:34. 160 – Miles Gencarelli (H) dec. Marc Ficuciello, 11-6. 170 – Nik Simonlacaj (Ed) pin Greg Hart, 3:33. 182 – Chris Kim (Ed) by forfeit. 195 – double forfeit. 220 – double forfeit. 285 – double forfeit. 99 – Damian Carrera (H) pin George Mellor, 2:59.

Pleasantville 59, Byram Hills 15
At Byram Hills
99 – James Bathon (Pl) by forfeit. 106 – Carlos DeJesus (Pl) by forfeit. 113 – Tim Stelzl (Pl) pin Harry Lucas, 1:40. 120 – Anthony Alexandrou (BH) dec. Steven Montes, 3-2. 126 – Liam Marmo (Pl) by forfeit. 132 – Stephen Paternostro (Pl) tech. fall Holden Summers, 18-1. 138 – Benjamin Ratner (BH) pin Dan Gottlieb, 3:27. 145 – Brandon Castro (Pl) pin Sean John Oconnell, 4:25. 152 – Lou Quintanilla (Pl) pin Andrew Smith, 1:08. 160 – Doug Crocitto (Pl) by forfeit. 170 – Thomas Marrone (Pl) pin Brandon Gundersen, 3:23. 182 – Devon Cummings (BH) pin Omeed Ansari, 3:45. 195 – Tom Sulli (Pl) by forfeit. 220 – Double forfeit. 285 – Double forfeit.

Woodlands 57, Ardsley 12
At Woodlands
99 – Ethan Brown (Wd) by forfeit. 106 – Nicholas Borges (Wd) by forfeit. 113 – Joshua Rucker (Wd) by forfeit. 120 – Adam Samolsky (Ard) dec. Richard LaRocca, 8-5. 126 – Antonio Espada (Wd) by forfeit. 132 – Awa Nyambi (Wd) by forfeit. 138 – Daniel Kraemer (Wd) pin Andrew Oks, 2:50. 145 – Miguel Lopez (Wd) dec. Brendan Smith, 4-0. 152 – Christian Vivaldo (Wd) by forfeit. 160 – Patrick Polintan (Ard) dec. Elder Calim, 11-5. 170 – Marshawn Dickson (Wd) dec. Andrew Weiss, 10-4. 182 – Giovanni Betances (Wd) by forfeit. 195 – Houston Porter (Wd) dec. Evan Shlom, 9-6. 220 – Guy Backlund (Ard) by forfeit. 285 – Double forfeit.

Brunswick 39, Hackley 30
At Hackley
132 – Jimmy Bell (Bru) tech. fall Steven Zak, 23-7. 138 – Owen Schubert (Bru) pin Michael Tarantino, 1:48. 145 – Evan Jonokuchi (Bru) pin Elias Germankos, 3:07. 152 – Lucas Bell (Bru) dec. Daniel Shaw, 5-2. 160 – Elijah Ngbokoli (Hk) dec. Gregg Nabhan, 5-2. 170 – Rodrigo Mejias (Hk) pin Michael Keating, 2:33. 182 – Alex Russell (Bru) dec. Milo Lempert, 5-4. 195 –Xavier Carmona (Hk) pin Gregg Nabhan, 3:45. 220 – Matt Marvin (Bru) pin Michael Fess, 1:25. 285 – Joe Fervil (Bru) by forfeit.99 – Double forfeit. 106 – Gabe Welch (Hk) pin Andrew Hennessy, 1:46. 113 – Rohan Das (Bru) maj. dec. Julio Sanchez, 13-2. 120 – Germankos George (Hk) dec. Alex Tucker, 6-0. 126 – Tyler Meyer (Hk) pin Jack Jones, 0:36.

Mahopac 45, John Jay 31
At Mahopac
99- Garrett Sementz (Mah) pin Ethan Kaplan, 1:01. 106- Abby Bunyea (Mah) by forfeit. 113- Louie Cree (JJCR) maj. dec. Mike Muldoon, 13-0. 120- Mike Scauzillo (Mah) by forfeit. 126- Joe Frezza (Mah) dec. Chris Kelly, 9-2. 132- Connor Melbourne (JJCR) dec. Chris Cornell, 9-2. 138- Brian Kershner (JJCR) pin Joe Porcelli, 4:39. 145- Ari Fay (JJCR) dec. Seamus Kenny, 4-0. 152- Miles Frank (JJCR) dec. Alex Padavoni, 6-4. 160- Mike DiNardo (Mah) pin Evan Frank, 2:25. 170- Billy Greene (JJCR) pin Jon Bondi, 1:37. 182- Liridon Hasanramaj (Mah) pin Ethan Zimiles, 0:40. 195- Billy Patti (JJCR) pin Jack Hofman, 1:39. 220- Ryan Delahanty (Mah) pin Sawyer Fischer, 1:15. 285- Valon Brahimi (Mah) by forfeit.

Nanuet 42, Clarkstown South 33
At Clarkstown South
99 -Michael Alvarado (CS) pin Akif Ahmad 3:31. 106 – Karl Burnich (N) tech fall Ben Lockey 16-1. 113 – Dylan Matteo (N) pin Jeff Mellick 1 :21. 120 – Joe Dillon (N) pin Marcelo Vergara 1:02. 126 – Eric Boyle (N) pin Chris Philippe 1:39. 132 – Chris VanShaik (N) pin Alec Sorio :34. 138 – Chris Lowery (N) pin Mike McIndoe 3:53. 145 – Chris Rooney (N) dec Paul Moiseau 9-2. 152 – Casey Gedeiko (CS) pin Frank Toto 5:36. 160 – Cody Moore (CS) pin Alberto Vacca 1:20. 170 – Alex Slaybaugh (N) major dec Augustin Pagan 14-3. 182 – Hassan Auwarter (CS) dec. Connor Breit 11-5. 195 – Austin Maurer (CS) pin Jarrett Bravo 1:01. 220 – Jason Fortugno (CS) dec. Dennis Van Dunk 4-1. 285 – Matt St. Onge (CS) major dec Max Rabinowitz 11-2.

Carmel 45, Somers 31
At Somers
99-Vlad Panchishak (Ca) dec. Graham Roediger, 5-2. 106-Dorian McMath (Ca) by forfeit. 113-Double forfeit. 120-Kevin Knox (Ca) pin Adam Reda 3:21. 126-Tristan Welton (Ca) pin Robert Evens 1:37. 132-Anthony DiMauro (So) dec. Ahken Chu, 4-2. 138-Dominic Caporale (Ca) pin Joe Palumbo, 3:27. 145-Larry Courtien (So) maj. dec. Alex Leone, 21-8. 152-Liam Heine (So) pin Robert Schaniel, 1:05. 160-Andrew Gross (So) inj. def. Tom Pulley 1:15. 170-Luke Roediger (So) pin John Guercio, 2:29. 182-Domenico Celli (So) pin Jonathan French, 1:29. 195-Luke Wright (Ca) by forfeit. 220-Anthony Schneider (Ca) pin Nick Mignoli, 3:59. 285-Jeremy Shiwardes (Ca) by forfeit.

Photos by Joe Larese/The Journal News


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