Scarsdale tourney results

Team standings: 1. Garden City 223.5; 2t.Stepinac 122; 2t. Harrison 122; 4. Scarsdale 109.5; 5. Nyack 98.5; 6. Yorktown 78; 7. Mount Vernon 71; 8. Eastchester 70; 9. Rye 60; 10. Carmel 52; 11. Pawling 51; 12. White Plains 37; 13. Dobbs Ferry 36; 14. Ossining 25.
99- Dylan Hughes (GC) pin 1:15 over Dorian McMath (Car). 106-Frankie Barchella (HHS) 13-0 dec. over Jacob Risi (EHS). 113-Mike Dabramo (Scar) 11-0 dec. over Ben Morris (Step). 120- J.P. Moran (GC) dec. over Robbie Keltz (Scar). 126- Chris Repetti (GC) 5-2 dec. over Prakash Thakur (Nyack). 132-Max Lukaswitz (HHS) 3-0 dec. over Chris Varian (York). 138-Chris Santana (Paw) pin 2:20 over Greg Barton (GC). 145- James Giraldez (Nyack) 11-6 dec. over Zach Martin (Paw). 152-Nick Driscol (York) pin 4:54 over Liam Barry (Step). 160- Matt Jones (GC) 7-3 dec. over Rob Lalli (EHS). 170- Nunzio Crowley (EHS) 4-2 dec. over Dom Schepis (HHS). 182-Justin Ayala (MV) pin :28 over Adonis Alaime (Nyack). 195- Anthony Fontanello (Step) 4-3 dec. over Mike Guashpa (DF). 220- Maguire Horl (GC) 3-2 dec. over Steven Marji (Step). 285- Alex Dago (Oss) 6-4 def. over Jordan Frankenthaler (Scar).
Third place
99-Clayton Frances (Oss) pin :36 over Max Nevola (Ny). 106-Bobby Menges (GC) 9-0 dec. over Joey Ballon (Scar). 113-Pat Patierno (York) pin 1:13 over Christian Irwin (GC). 120- Franz Francois (Nyack) pin. Connor Thomas (York). 126-Brian Gardner (Rye) pin :34 over Nick Cipriano (DF). 132- Walter Florio (Rye) def. over Henry Terry (MV). 138- Philip Goldberg (Scar) 3-2 dec. over Javier Vicuna (WP). 145- Daniel Baruch (Scar) 9-6 dec. over Jack Keenan (GC). 152- Jackson Kilgerman (Rye) 5-1 dec. over Paul Guimareas (HHS). 160- Koray Turhan (Step) 8-6 dec. over Derek Attardi (GC). 170- Angelos Paradisis (Step) pin 1:00 over Alex Reisner (Rye). 182- Luke Wright (Car) pin :53 over Albert Sousis (GC). 195- Lucas Hildreth (GC) pin 1:22 over Manuel Castrillo (WP). 220- Terrell Ruff (Oss) def. over Joe Jiminez (HHS). 285- Andrew Marini (Step) dec. over Rafael Bertozzi (EHS).
Fifth place
99-Josh Anderson (Step) dec. Stephen Moran (GC). 106-NO MATCH. 113-Dan Fraud (Paw) 8-6 dec. over Juan Benavidez (WP). 120-Zach Klein (WP) def. over James Carducci (HHS). 126-Max Uretta (HHS) pin 1:43 over David Fears (MV). 132- Ross Mandel (York) 9-7 dec. over Lamar Harris (Nyack). 138- Bruno Medina (HHS) pin 4:42 over Kosta Bobalokis (Scar). 145- Philip Capriglione (EHS) pin 3:32 over Tyler McMath (Car). 152- Kyle Lindsay (DF) 5-2 dec. over Bret Bello (GC). 160- Ramon Robles (MV) pin :26 over John Guercio (Car). 170- Dayshawn Fields (MV) def. over Alex Raynor (Rye). 182- Kristian Prenga def. over Ian Scott (GC). 195- Jasmir Black (MV) pin 2:05 over Kevin Linderman (Nyack). 220- Chris Moscatello (GC) 6-2 dec. over Anthony Sciacca (Step). 285- NO MATCH.

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  1. Scarsdale Tournament? Vince how was anyone to know there even was a Scarsdale Tournament?
    Why has The Jounal News stopped listing all upcoming wrestling events in what is left of the local sports page? Why was this tournament not at least listed on this blog?
    Inquiring minds and SUBSCRIBERS want to know!

  2. Vince I am sorry to inform you that you spelled Mike DaBramos name wrong. You put it as Debramo when it is actually DaBramo. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you

  3. Vincent Mercogliano on

    I just fixed the mistake.
    To everyone else,
    I simply copied and pasted the results that were sent to me by Scarsdale coach Barney Foltman. As I’m sure you know, I was at Eastern States all weekend and not at Scarsdale to report on the results myself, so I just went with the information that was provided. If there is a mistake in terms of who placed where, please have coach Foltman reach out to me.

  4. You people need to ease up!
    So a name was slightly misspelled, the results are only 98% correct and you didn’t get a personal phone call to let you know about every event happening in section one.

    Vince, you do a great job covering our beloved sport for section one. I for one find all the info I need through this sight and the links you provide in a reasonable amount of time. Your rankings for all the weight classes is spot on.
    Most of us are only focused on one or two weight classes that our kids or grand kids are involved in. You on the other hand must take equally into consideration all of the weight divisions.

    Keep the faith brother.

  5. Vince, learn how to spell names right!!!! Geeze. I’m sure no one ever misspelled your last name, so you don’t know what it’s like lol Keep up the good work Vince