Shoreline provides big tests for some of Section 1’s best



NEW ROCHELLE — Being a wrestler in the Grippi household can’t be easy.

Three of the most accomplished Fox Lane wrestlers in the past decade have already come through the program, which left the fourth and youngest brother Matt with big shoes to fill. The eighth-grader took a step towards living up to that legacy at the 50th annual Shoreline Invitational on Saturday with his 4-2 decision over Byram Hills’ Jon Errico in the 120-pound final.

“Me and all of my brothers – Pete, Joey and Tommy – they were all champions at this tournament, so they know what it takes to win,” Matt Grippi said. “We all sat down together and watched the film, and we created a game plan to beat him.”

Grippi had lost his previous two meetings with Errico – once at last year’s Super 16 and again earlier this season – but he was able to come through with a statement win thanks to a late reversal that broke a 2-2 tie.

The only other final at the Shoreline which featured two Section 1 wrestlers came at 160 pounds, where Horace Greeley’s Mitch Klein proved that he may be the top contender in that weight class with a convincing 7-0 decision over Sleepy Hollow’s Adam Hofling.

“I feel like this really shows that I am (the guy to beat at 160),” Klein said. “I was put down as the underdog, and I come up and I dominate him. I really want people to see in the section that I am the No. 1 kid in my weight.”

grippi4The toughest weight class in the tournament was at 132 pounds, which featured four defending section champions – Pearl River’s John Muldoon (Section 1), Commack’s Mike D’Angelo (Section 11), Warwick’s Joe Ginley (Section 9) and Hewlett’s Owen Bachelder (Section 8).

It came down to Muldoon and D’Angelo in the final, with the Pirates’ senior coming out on top with a 3-2 decision in what may have been a state final preview.

“He used to tune me up when we were younger,” Muldoon said of D’Angelo. “I didn’t remember that, but my dad had to remind me that he stuck me years ago. It was cool to finally beat him.”

The only defending state champ from Section 1 is Ossining’s Alex Delacruz, who wasn’t really tested throughout the day on his way to the 126-pound title.

The senior recently returned after missing time earlier in the season with a knee injury.

“It’s a little pain,” Delacruz said. “I always feel it – it’s always there – but I’m going to have to fight through. It’s just something that’s going to bother me. It’s an annoying thing, but you have to wrestle your match,”

The only other local champs were Fox Lane’s Ben Ettlinger (145 pounds) and Edgemont’s Chris Kim (182).

In a surprise, both of Tappan Zee’s defending section champs – John Hartnett (220) and Mike Manni (285) – were upset in the finals.

“It’s dangerous when you say that you always expect someone to win,” TZ coach Peter Dene said. “Just because they’ve done certain things already doesn’t mean that they’re going to win, and they know that. They don’t wrestle taking anything for granted. I think they just ran into some tough kids today, and maybe it was a little bit of a wakeup call.”

Team standings: 1. John Glenn (JG) 224.5; 2. Walt Whitman (WW) 161; 3. Hewlett (Hew) 146.5; 4. Warwick Valley (War) 131.5; 5. Fox Lane (FL) 130.5; 6. Fordham Prep (FP) 123; 7. New Rochelle (NR) 121; 8. Pine Bush (PB) 110; 9. Greenwich (Gw) 96; 10. Pearl River (PR) 91.5; 11. Commack (Com) 83.5; 12. Horace Greeley (HG) 82; 13. Tappan Zee (TZ) 82; 14t. Edgemont (Edg) 62; 14t. Ossining (Oss) 62; 16. Byram Hills (BH) 56; 17. Harrison (Har) 54; 18. Iona Prep (IP) 40; 19. Mamaroneck (Mk) 33; 20. Nyack (Ny) 30; 21. Putnam Vocational (PV) 28; 22. Sleepy Hollow (SH) 26; 23. Lourdes (OLL) 23.5; 24. Kennedy (JFK) 21; 25. Port Chester (PC) 16.5.


99 – Stefan Lindblom (FP) tech. fall Jay Martins (Har), 16-1; Jake Shore (NR) pin Brendan Henry (TZ), 1:13; Sean Wieck (JG) pin Angel Alvarez (Mk), 0:55; Anthony Stramiello (PB) pin Arthur Condor (FP), 1:29. 106 – Zach Ancewicz (JG) pin Charlie Saez (Mk), 4:59; Nick Munsch (Com) maj. dec. Jordan Wallace (NR), 9-0; Greg Witthuhn (JG) dec. Donald Cassidy (Com), 9-7 OT; Frankie Barchella (Har) maj. dec. Myles Bennett (PB), 12-1. 113 – Joe Calderone (WW) pin Alex Margeotes (Gw), 2:40; Stephen Fahy (IP) dec. Moises Tera (NR), 8-6; James Kelly (PR) maj. dec. Alfredo Zavala (PC), 12-4; John Stramiello (PB) dec. Joe Colucci (IP), 13-6. 120 – Jon Errico (BH) pin Anthony Alexandro (BH), 1:40; Lamont Wallace (NR) dec. Tyler Aslanian (Edg), 4-2 OT; Andrew North (PB) dec. Lucas Pincus (Hew), 8-6; Matt Grippi (FL) tech. fall Jack Benenson (Gw), 15-0. 126 – Alex Delacruz (Oss) maj. dec. Kyle McManus (WW), 17-5; Prakash Thakur (Ny) maj. dec. Rubin Martori (PV), 11-0; Chris D’Amico (JG) tech. fall Michael Carnavale (Oss), 16-1; Chris Martorello (FP) maj. dec. Nick Ferriera (War), 11-2. 132 – John Muldoon (PR) tech. fall Joe Gedeiko (TZ), 15-0; Adam Santoro (FP) maj. dec. Owen Bachelder (Hew), 11-1; Joe Ginley (War) maj. dec. Max Lukaswitz (Har), 8-0; Mike D’Angelo (Com) tech. fall Elvin Campos (WW), 19-4. 138 – Scott Rodrigues (FL) tech. fall Bruno Medina (Har), 15-0; Hekmat Naeemi (WW) dec. Nick Simeti (PR), 11-5; Oran Revivo (Hew) dec. Ben Ratner (BH), 5-4; Ben Peck (FP) dec. Robby Valdez (JG), 8-3. 145 – AJ Aeberli (War) tech. fall Max Marie (PB), 19-3; Colin Hopkins (Edg) dec. James Giraldez (Ny), 5-0; Ryan Ferro (War) dec. Anthony Feola (WW), 7-3; Ben Ettlinger (FL) pin Nick Jolly (OLL), 1:04. 152 – Thomas Wightman (War) dec. Charles Tsakh (Hew), 6-2; Derek O’Brien (JG) pin Paul Guimaraes (Har), 1:00; Vince Citriniti (PB) dec. Alexander Claudio (PV), 10-4; Frank Surace (FL) pin Jack Freiheit (Gw), 1:40. 160 – Adam Hofling (SH) pin Eric Segota (War), 4:40; Alex Melikian (JFK) dec. Chris Olberding (WW), 7-2; Rob Gullo (PR) dec. Alex Gordon (Hew), 5-3; Mitch Klein (HG) pin Artem Morozov (Gw), 2:36. 170 – Terhon Legros (WW) dec. Liam Mercer (HG), 7-3; Tyler Estremera (OLL) maj. dec. Dom Schepis (Har), 11-3; Brandon Gunderson (BH) dec. Michael Citriniti (BH), 8-1; Demetrius Rodriguez (NR) dec. Gil Bonilla (JG), 3-2. 182 – Chris Kim (Edg) maj. dec. Phil Kersting (War), 11-3; Thomas Williams (Gw) pin Tommy Williams (Mk), 1:40; Dan Kohout (JG) pin Stephen Salerno (Hew), 3:00; Razeeq Brown (FP) dec. Jonathan Rodriguez (PC), 7-1. 195 – Gabe Papadatos (FP) pin Daniel Mendoza (NR), 1:12; Steven Milo (Com) dec. Kiandre Wright (WW), 11-4; John Clune (FL) dec. Ian Cange (JG), 5-3; Brock Cvijanovich (HG) pin Mitchell Nethercott (Gw), 1:47. 220 – John Hartnett (TZ) dec. Joe Jimenez (Har), 4-2; Pierre Vital (Ny) pin Billy Marino (HG), 3:08; Vin Feola (WW) pin Anthony Pino (JG), 5:24; Matt Kaminer (Hew) dec. Erik Menchaca (Gw), 8-1. 285 – Mike Manni (TZ) pin Alson Vaughn (PV), 0:26; Mike Curiel (Hew) dec. Terron Robinson (WW), 6-1; Alex Dago (Oss) dec. Luis Rubio (Mk), 2-1 OT; Edwin Rubio (JG) maj. dec. Paul Lane (Hew), 13-2.


99 – Lindblom (FP) dec. Shore (NR), 6-3; Stramiello (PB) dec. Wieck (JG), 5-2. 106 – Ancewicz (JG) dec. Munsch (Com), 2-1; Barchella (Har) maj. dec. Witthuhn (JG), 11-3. 113 – Calderone (WW) pin Fahy (IP), 3:49; Stramiello (PB) maj. dec. Kelly (PR), 12-4. 120 – Errico (BH) dec. Wallace (NR), 2-0; Grippi (FL) dec. North (PB), 5-4. 126 – Delacruz (Oss) pin Thakur (Ny), 3:41; D’Amico (JG) dec. Martorello (FP), 7-4. 132 – Muldoon (PR) dec. Santoro (FP), 15-10; D’Angelo (Com) tech. fall Ginley (War), 23-8. 138 – Naeemi (WW) dec. Rodrigues (FL), 11-4; Revivo (Hew) dec. Peck (FP), 5-4. 145 – Aeberli (War) inj. def. Hopkins (Edg); Ettlinger (FL) tech. fall Ferro (War), 16-0. 152 – Wightman (War) dec. O’Brien (JG), 6-2; Surace (FL) maj. dec. Citriniti (PB), 10-0. 160 – Hofling (SH) dec. Melikian (JFK), 5-4; Klein (HG) maj. dec. Gullo (PR), 15-3. 170 – Legros (WW) pin Estremera (OLL), 3:02; Rodriguez (NR) maj. dec. Gunderson (BH), 16-6. 182 – Kim (Edg) pin Williams (Gw), 3:47; Kohout (JG) pin Brown (FP), 1:55. 195 – Papadatos (FP) pin Milo (Com), 2:41; Cvijanovich (HG) dec. Clune (FL), 5-4. 220 – Hartnett (TZ) pin Vital (Ny), 3:00; Feola (WW) dec. Kaminer (Hew), 3-0. 285 – Manni (TZ) pin Curiel (Hew), 0:30; Rubio (JG) pin Dago (Oss), 3:59.

Third place

99 – Wieck (JG) dec. Shore (NR), 3-2. 106 – Munsch (Com) pin Witthuhn (JG), 3:24. 113 – Fahy (IP) dec. Kelly (PR), 4-2. 120 – Wallace (NR) inj. def. North (PB). 126 – Martorello (FP) dec. Thakur (Ny), 4-0. 132 – Santoro (FP) inj. def. Ginley (War). 138 – Rodrigues (FL) dec. Peck (FP), 1-0. 145 – Ferro (War) inj. def. Hopkins (Edg). 152 – O’Brien (JG) tech. fall Citriniti (PB), 19-4. 160 – Melikian (JFK) dec. Gullo (PR), 7-4. 170 – Estremera (OLL) dec. Gunderson (BH), 7-3. 182 – Williams (Gw) dec. Brown (FP), 8-3. 195 – Clune (FL) dec. Milo (Com), 2-0. 220 – Kaminer (Hew) pin Marino (HG), 1:13. 285 – Curiel (Hew) inj. def. Dago (Oss).

Fifth place

99 – McGarvey (PR) pin Fullerton (Mk), 1:33. 106 – Wallace (NR) dec. Aguda (Gw), 3-0. 113 – Tera (NR) dec. Colucci (IP), 3-2. 120 – Aslanian (Edg) dec. Kenny (Com), 7-6. 126 – Ferriera (War) dec. McManus (WW), 3-0. 132 – Bachelder (Hew) by forfeit. 138 – Ratner (BH) dec. Simeti (PR), 9-4. 145 – Hovde (TZ) dec. Marie (PB), 6-1. 152 – Tsakh (Hew) pin Freiheit (Gw), 2:15. 160 – Gordon (Hew) by forfeit. 170 – Ramson (Mk) dec. Bonilla (JG), 3-2. 182 – Reynoso (NR) dec. Kersting (War), 6-4. 195 – Cange (JG) pin Mendoza (NR), 3:40. 220 – Pino (JG) dec. Lynch (War), 6-0. 285 – Lane (Hew) pin Robinson (WW), 0:21.


99 – Stramiello (PB) maj. dec. Lindblom (FP), 13-1. 106 – Ancewicz (JG) dec. Barchella (Har), 1-0. 113 – Calderone (WW) dec. Stramiello (PB), 5-2. 120 –Grippi (FL) dec. Errico (BH), 4-2. 126 – Delacruz (Oss) maj. dec. D’Amico (JG), 13-5. 132 – Muldoon (PR) dec. D’Angelo (Com), 3-2. 138 – Naeemi (WW) dec. Revivo (Hew), 3-0. 145 – Ettlinger (FL) dec. Aeberli (War), 4-1. 152 – Wightman (War) dec. Surace (FL), 8-2. 160 – Klein (HG) dec. Hofling (SH), 7-0. 170 – Legros (WW) dec. Rodriguez (NR), 6-2. 182 – Kim (Edg) dec. Kohout (JG), 9-5. 195 – Papadatos (FP) dec. Cvijanovich (HG), 3-2. 220 – Feola (WW) dec. Hartnett (TZ), 7-4. 285 – Rubio (JG) dec. Manni (TZ), 4-2 OT.

Photos by Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News


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  1. Fahy of iona prep is a great wrestler. He’s got a great career ahead of him. He’s got a chance to win the chsaa this year

  2. Thank you for all the coverage during the day today. Much appreciated, and well done as always.

  3. Winning today preserves the chance for Grippi to become only the second wrestler to ever win 5 individual championships at Shoreline. I know it’s a long way off, but you have to win once as a middle schooler to even have a chance :)


  4. Not that tough on

    Too much is made is this being the best tournament in section 1, but mid Hudson’s might have been better. Hewlett went to both took 3rd at shoreline, 4th at midhudsons. While some weights ex 132 were loaded at shoreline others were very weak. Midhudsons had good kids at almost ever weight.

    While a great point to bicker about, I wish we could find out what was tougher in the hewlett coaches opinion. In my mind midhudsons was deeper and tougher to place in, but easier to win. But shoreline was tougher to win, but easier to place in.

    Pretty even and its nit picking 1&2 as far as best tournament.

  5. Not that tough,

    You may be right but please provide results from Quarters on from the mid hudson so we can take a deeper look. I saw a fordham prep kid destroy Owen Bachelder 11-1. He was the section 8 champ last year and pinned a National champ to earn that title. He took 5th in this tournament. But I wouldn’t ask his coach because… he is from Hewlett.

    “In my mind midhudsons was deeper and tougher to place in, but easier to win.”

    If it were deeper and tougher it certainly would not be easier to win. Help me out with that logic.

  6. Not that tough on

    Owen bachelder was 3rd at mid Hudson’s, 5th at shoreline. Stramiello 99 3rd at midhudsons, 1st at shore line. I already said 132 was a freakish weight at shoreline. Go look at 152 and above at shoreline compare it to midhudsons.

    Better weights at midhudsons
    99, 120 (all state kid finished 2nd), 170, 195

    Better weights at shoreline 113, 132, 285

    Wieghts u could argue 106, 138, 145, 152, 160, 182, 220

    Delacruz won 126 at both.

    All I said was they are pretty even tournaments, deeper and tougher to win are two totally separate things. If I have to explain that concept your not worth arguing with. But for some stupid reason I will.

    If your at a tournament and Kyle dake is at 160 lbs and the rest of the kids are junior high wrestlers, 160 is tougher but not as deep. But if you have 6-8 kids that placed 2nd or 3rd in their section at 160. The second tournament is tougher to place in but easier to win.

  7. Not that tough on

    FYI bachelder also lost to ettinger and kashian last year, and the off season national champ he beat never placed in his own state tournament.

  8. You are all wrong, the toughest tournament historicly in Section I is the Kohl Tournament held in Suffern. More State and national champs have come out of that tournament than any other. With Port Jervis, Huntington, Monroe Woddbury, and Suffern perennial participants there is a good base. Usually if a team has an outstanding individual they come to the tournament to test themselves, like Somers did with Realabuto.

  9. Well the other Stramiello walked through the Mid-Hudson tournament but took second at Shoreline.

  10. Last year at shoreline….

    106 – Barbaria (NR) dec. M. Grippi (FL), 9-3

    The older brother did win though. :)


  11. Here are the brackets from mid hudson

    At first glance I think Shoreline is tougher to both place and win. I think there are weight classes that it may be more difficult at mid hudson but overall I give the nod to Shoreline,

    Manni who placed 5th at states last year lost in the finals as well as his teamate hartnett at 220. Just 2 examples above 152. And how about Klein at 160. The kid looked good

  12. Bethel the 220lber from saugerties who won midhudsons, was 3rd in Fargo.

    I think it’s pretty even tournament between the two. Both are tough, both are good. I think someone wanted more coverage for midhudsons like the shoreline had. But the tournament wasnt held in the journals coverage area. This blog has become the section 1 blog, but dutchess still isn’t in the coverage area. Tough line as far as what to cover and not cover. Who knows dutchess my go to sec 9 sooner or later.