Host Arlington emerges from deep Mid-Hudson field


Only matches involving Section 1 wrestlers. Click here for a look at the full brackets from Day 2

Team standings: 1. Arlington (Arl) 214.5; 2. Wallkill (Wall) 175.5; 3. Longwood (Lw) 170.5; 4. Hewlett (Hew) 157; 5. Cornwall (Cw), 146.5; 6. Saugerties (Sau) 140.5; 7. Valley Central (VC) 133.5; 8. Pine Bush (PB) 99; 9. Clarkstown South (CS) 94; 10. Newburgh (NFA); 11. Highland (High) 78; 12. Ketcham (RCK) 69.5; 13. Kingston (King) 62.5; 14. Beacon (Bea) 57.5; 15. Red Hook (RH) 53; 16. Rondout Valley (RV) 41; 17. John Jay-EF (JJEF) 37.5; 18. Ossining (Oss) 35; 19. Lourdes (OLL) 27; 20. Onteora (Ont) 25; 21. Monticello (Mont) 18.


99 – Alfredo Olmedo (Arl) dec. Anthony Stramiello (PB), 6-0. 113 – John Stramiello (PB) dec. Brady Robin (Arl), 7-0. 126 – Alex Delacruz (Oss) dec. Da’Mani Burns (NFA), 16-9. 132 – Nick Tolli (Arl) dec. Owen Bachelder (Hew), 3-0. 145 – Dan Storer (Cw) maj. dec. Mike Chirasello (Arl), 11-0; Danny Murphy (RCK) maj. dec. Nick Jolly (OLL), 11-2. 160 – Mike Peterson (Arl) pin Alex Gordon (Hew), 3:59. 182 – Jon Silveri (Arl) pin Vincent Feliciano (Lw), 0:46; Hassan Auwarter (CS) maj. dec. Matt Materson (Cw), 16-6. 195 – Andrew Grella (Bea) pin Rob Cuomo (Sau), 1:01. 220 – James Bethel (Sau) pin Andrew Anthony (JJEF), 0:45. 285 – Matt St. Onge (CS) dec. Nick Holahan (CS), 2-1 OT.

Fifth place

106 – Ulises Olmedo (Arl) dec. Dylan Ross (Ont), 5-0. 120 – Dan Romano (VC) maj. dec. Dennis Peckron (Bea), 10-2. 138 – Corey Cummings (VC) dec. Adam Ortiz (Arl), 5-4. 152 – Mario Zeppetelli (Arl) dec. Joe Schupp (High), 10-2. 170 – Brandon White (JJEF) dec. Brandon Badger (Arl), 10-7. 195 – Dustin McKenzie (Ont) pin Dom Emory (RCK), 4:04.

Third place

113 – Robin (Arl) dec. Gabe Campbell (VC), 5-0. 145 – Chiraesllo (Arl) pin Jolly (OLL), 4:50. 220 – Brandon Mascaro (Wall) pin Anthony (JJEF), 4:45. 285 – Holahan (CS) pin Paul Lane (Hew), 2:25.


99 – Olmedo (Arl) dec. Tyler Lynch (VC), 6-0. 126 – Delacruz (Oss) dec. Andrew North (PB), 7-2. 132 – Tolli (Arl) dec. Hussain Hasan (VC), 8-5. 145 – Murphy (RCK) dec. Dan Storer (Cw), 7-3. 160 – Peterson (Arl) maj. dec. Mike Fekishazy (Wall), 11-3. 182 – Silveri (Arl) dec. Auwarter (CS), 4-2. 195 – Grella (Bea) pin Erik Jassell (Cw), 0:43. 285 – St. Onge (CS) dec. Mike Curiel (Hew), 2-1 OT.


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  1. Why didnt you just print all the semis and finals results. You gave us semi final matches from pearl river that involved 2 section 9 wrestlers. But not midhudsons???? I guess there was too many 106lbs compared to pearl river tournament.

  2. Thank you very much. Hopefully grella goes for a workout today because it doesn’t look like he broke a sweat against some pretty good competition. What happend to mauer, hopefully he bounces back.

  3. Great journalism on

    Vince did you just take someone else’s hard work in getting those brackets, paste them up on your blog and not quote your source? Niiiiccceeee

  4. How does longwood finish third?
    Did they send the JV?
    Unusual not to see a Sec XI power house not win a tourney like this.
    Maybe Sec I is becoming more dominant.

  5. CWE,

    Longwood did not send all their starting wrestlers, including Corey Rasheed. The coach said they have their league matches this week and wanted to rest a few guys. Both their 120 lb wrestlers and their 126 pounder were tough.

  6. Longwood isn’t the same longwood of the past or even 2-3 years ago. They aren’t even a top 10 team in their county anymore. Their coaching staff left last year and while still tough isn’t the same. Rasheed and James 220lb (younger bro of Ernest James) didnt wrestle this weekend. With both guys in the lineup, they would have beaten Arlington. Which says a lot about how good sec 11 is.

  7. What about arlingtons Jon Silveri upset win over #3 ranked Aurwater in the finals at 182? The kid is 14-1 on the year and still unranked

  8. Rankings mean nothing just ask Alabama! Silveri is very tough riding on top and will be in the mix for a section place come Feb. Auwarter should not be ranked above a top 5. He has yet to win a tournament this season and did not place in section 1 last year.

  9. After Brett Perry 182 is very open and silveri seems to be the guy that will make it to the finals, went from 32-82 and is still adjusting to the weight change

  10. Perry is an absolute monster and IMO winning states this year but no one has even escaped the first period agaisnt grella..

  11. Rockland on the Rise on

    Fat Guy. Don’t Know much about Perry but Grella is also a monster. I have watched Andrew a lot and he reminds me of a 185 pound Delacruz. When the whistle blows he comes after you like a runaway train. He won’t break a sweat with anyone in this section. Eastern’s will be a good test for him. Does Beacon go to the Shoreline?

  12. Eastern states is not only a test, it is a barometer, a learning opportunity, a humbling experience, a record killer and most all the most exciting tournament of the year. In all likelihood Grella gets no better than a 5th seed, with 2 nationally ranked kids and 2 other state qualifiers. With levi taking down Reggie this past weekend, all the boys at 95 will come away with a great feeling of where they are in the state title run.