Section 1 Duals: Semi dates set; finals still TBA



I hope everyone had a pleasant and enjoyable Christmas Day! I spent mine with three generations worth of family at my uncle’s house, where the food, drink and Christmas cheer was plentiful…

The next couple days will be quiet before a few tournaments are held over the weekend (I’ll have more on that tomorrow), but I did receive some info from North Rockland coach Jeff Swick on the pending status of the Division 1 final four in the Section 1 Dual Meet Championships. It’s become a bit of a mess thanks to some messy weather — no pun intended — and as a result, we’ll no longer have the semis and the finals on the same day.

North Rockland will host Suffern in one semi on Tuesday at 9 a.m. I’m leaving for a brief New Year’s Eve vacation that day, but since the start time is so early, I will be able to cover it. The other semi, unfortunately, won’t be held until Jan. 22, when Arlington will host Fox Lane. The date for the finals has still yet to be announced.

Why there is such a gap between the two semis is still unclear, but it’s probably because that’s the first time when each team has an opening. I love having all four teams in the same place to do the semis and the finals in one day, but a wrench has been thrown into those plans. The bottom line is that a champion will be crowned — it just won’t come until the end of the regular season.

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  1. Why even bother to finnish the tournament if the dates are so far apart? North Rockland and Suffern will not be the same team a month later when Fox lane and Arlington wrestle each other. We don’t even know when the finals will be held, if at all. Will the losers be able to wrestle for 3rd place? The whole idea of the tournament was to get the season going with a good start, now it will drag on all season.

  2. Just think of it the same as getting Christmas presents delivered by FedX and UPS days or maybe even weeks after Christmas :)