Section 1 Duals: Finals breakdowns and projections



Since there’s no wrestling on the schedule for Monday, I figured I’d take a crack at breaking down all of the matchups that we’ll see in the next few days as we close out the Section 1 Dual Meet Championships. Using the lineups that we saw from each team last week, I listed what the matchups should be in each weight class. To the right of each match, I put either the team of the wrestler who I believe is the favorite to win it, or I listed it as a swing match. As is usually the case in duals of this magnitude, whichever team can claim more of the swing matches will likely be the winner.

I’ll be at North Rockland on Tuesday for the D1 final four and at Edgemont on Wednesday for the D2 finals, so follow me on Twitter @vzmercogliano for live updates, videos and reaction. Then on Thursday, I’ll be hosting our first live LoHud Wrestling Chat of the season at 7:30 p.m., so spread the word and be sure to stop by to submit your questions!



Fox Lane vs. Arlington
99: Brandon Saxton (FL) vs. Alfredo Olmedo (Arl) – ARLINGTON
106: Ben Singer (FL) vs. Jeffrey Coachman (Arl) – SWING
113: Brandon Fay (FL) vs. Brady Robin (Arl) – SWING
120: Matt D’Attilo (FL) vs. Chris Gresis (Arl) – SWING
126: Matt Grippi (FL) vs. Dillon Sforza (Arl) – FOX LANE
132: Dillon Medd (FL) vs. Nick Tolli (Arl) – ARLINGTON
138: Scott Rodrigues (FL) vs. Adam Ortiz-Gonzalez (Arl) – FOX LANE
145: Frank Surace (FL) vs. Michael Chirasello (Arl) – FOX LANE
152: Ben Ettlinger (FL) vs. Taylor Hebert (Arl) – FOX LANE
160: Alex Alexanderov (FL) vs. Michael Peterson (Arl) – ARLINGTON
170: Sebastian Osorio (FL) vs. Brandon Badger (Arl) – ARLINGTON
182: Nick Cerutti (FL) vs. Jon Silveri (Arl) – SWING
195: John Clune (FL) vs. Nicholas Basso (Arl) – FOX LANE
220: Arben Gecaj (FL) vs. Tanner Nielson (Arl) – SWING
285: Alejandro Lopez-Vega (FL) vs. Antonio Albano (Arl) – SWING
Projected score: Arlington 39, Fox Lane 35
NOTES: Let me preface this by stating that I think this dual will be incredibly close. I see a total of six swing matches that could go either way and will ultimately determine which team moves onto the final. In terms of matches that I think clearly favor one team, I have Fox Lane with five and Arlington with four, but I do see a distinct advantage for the Admirals from 160-285 pounds. The guys that I’m projecting wins for from the Foxes – Grippi, Rodrigues, Surace, Ettlinger and Clune – all look like pretty safe bets, and I also like Fay’s chances of getting a win. It’ll be interesting to see how he’s used. He’s been wrestling at 113 pounds, where Arlington has a returning All-Section wrestler in Robin. That could be a very interesting matchup, but if Fay gets down to 106, I would assume we’d see Olmedo bump up to wrestle him there. Fay beat Olmedo by one point in the sectional semis last season. A win from Fay would be big for Fox Lane, but it’s hard to identify many others after that – particularly in the upper weights. If Arlington wins four or five out of six in that 160-285 range, it will be very difficult for Fox Lane to overcome.

North Rockland vs. Suffern
99: Ethan Hollenbaugh (NRk) vs. Will Marin (Sf) – SWING
106: Anthony Sulla (NRk) vs. Brice Artrip (Sf) – SWING
113: Alex D’Angelo (NRk) vs. Peter Oliveto (Sf) – SWING
120: Marlon Borge (NRk) vs. Luis Cuevas (Sf) – NORTH ROCKLAND
126: Derek DiMarsico (NRk) vs. Tommy Delgago (Sf) – NORTH ROCKLAND
132: Christopher Bonanno (NRk) vs. Daiton Powell (Sf) – SUFFERN
138: Justin DuBoff (NRk) vs. Stephen Lauro (Sf) – SWING
145: Matt Caputo (NRk) vs. Mike Koodin (Sf) – NORTH ROCKLAND
152: Blaise Benderoth (NRk) vs. Jason Bottamedi (Sf) – NORTH ROCKLAND
160: Alex Schelmety (NRk) vs. Gray DeSimone (Sf) – SWING
170: Nick Didio (NRk) vs. Kenny Gu (Sf) – NORTH ROCKLAND
182: Mike Vogel (NRk) vs. Henry Chau (Sf) – SWING
195: Dante Restaino (NRk) vs. Peter Pjetri (Sf) – SUFFERN
220: Randy Tavarez (NRk) vs. Tyrick Jackson (Sf) – SWING
285: Conner Reigottie (NRk) vs. TJ Groesbeck (Sf) – NORTH ROCKLAND
Projected score: North Rockland 48, Suffern 24
NOTES: There will be some interesting matches in the lower weight range, but it’s hard to see Suffern keeping this one very close for long. North Rockland has been flat out dominant in every dual so far, and while this will probably be tougher than any of its previous duals, it’s still very likely that the Red Raiders will at least double the scoring output of the Mounties. I listed the first three matches as swings, but if I had to pick, I definitely like the North Rockland guys in most of them.


Fox Lane vs. Suffern
99: Brandon Saxton (FL) vs. Will Marin (Sf) – SWING
106: Ben Singer (FL) vs. Brice Artrip (Sf) – SUFFERN
113: Brandon Fay (FL) vs. Peter Oliveto (Sf) – FOX LANE
120: Matt D’Attilo (FL) vs. Luis Cuevas (Sf) – SWING
126: Matt Grippi (FL) vs. Tommy Delgado (Sf) – FOX LANE
132: Dillon Medd (FL) vs. Daiton Powell (Sf) – SUFFERN
138: Scott Rodrigues (FL) vs. Stephen Lauro (Sf) – FOX LANE
145: Frank Surace (FL) vs. Mike Koodin (Sf) – FOX LANE
152: Ben Ettlinger (FL) vs. Jason Bottamedi (Sf) – FOX LANE
160: Alex Alexanderov (FL) vs. Gray DeSimone (Sf) – SUFFERN
170: Sebastian Osorio (FL) vs. Kenny Gu (Sf) – SWING
182: Nick Cerutti (FL) vs. Henry Chau (Sf) – SWING
195: John Clune (FL) vs. Peter Pjetri (Sf) – SWING
220: Arben Gecaj (FL) vs. Tyrick Jackson (Sf) – SWING
285: Alejandro Lopez-Vega (FL) vs. TJ Groesbeck (Sf) – SWING
Projected score: Fox Lane 42, Suffern 33
NOTES: I see this one being very close in the 99-132 range, but once they get to Rodrigues, Surace and Ettlinger in the middle of Fox Lane’s lineup, I think the Foxes could create some distance. On paper, those three guys should be worth 18 straight points, which could be tough to overcome for Suffern. In my eyes, there is no clear winner in any match from 170-285, so the Mounties will have a chance to make a run, but I think Fox Lane will have built up a significant lead by that point. Clune and Pjetri at 195 is definitely a match to watch.


North Rockland vs. Arlington
99: Ethan Hollenbaugh (NRk) vs. Alfredo Olmedo (Arl) – ARLINGTON
106: Anthony Sulla (NRk) vs. Jeffrey Coachman (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
113: Alex D’Angelo (NRk) vs. Brady Robin (Arl) – SWING
120: Marlon Borge (NRk) vs. Chris Gresis (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
126: Derek DiMarsico (NRk) vs. Dillon Sforza (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
132: Christopher Bonanno (NRk) vs. Nick Tolli (Arl) – ARLINGTON
138: Justin DuBoff (NRk) vs. Adam Ortiz-Gonzalez (Arl) – SWING
145: Matt Caputo (NRk) vs. Michael Chirasello (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
152: Blaise Benderoth (NRk) vs. Taylor Hebert (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
160: Alex Schelmety (NRk) vs. Michael Peterson (Arl) – ARLINGTON
170: Nick Didio (NRk) vs. Brandon Badger (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
182: Mike Vogel (NRk) vs. Jon Silveri (Arl) – ARLINGTON
195: Dante Restaino (NRk) vs. Nicholas Basso (Arl) – SWING
220: Randy Tavarez (NRk) vs. Tanner Nielson (Arl) – SWING
285: Conner Reigottie (NRk) vs. Antonio Albano (Arl) – NORTH ROCKLAND
Projected score: North Rockland 48, Arlington 30
NOTES: The real drama will be which team gets to take the final to take a crack at North Rockland, but there shouldn’t be much suspense once they get there. There are some potential interesting matches down low, and I’m also curious to see if North Rockland decides to bump DiMarsico up to take a shot at Tolli, but I’m pretty confident in saying that I think the Red Raiders will capture their second straight dual meet title.



Nanuet vs. Edgemont
99: Aleif Ahmad (Nan) vs. George Mellor (Edg) – SWING
106: Karl Burnich (Nan) vs. Chris Eppolito (Edg) – NANUET
113: Kevin Lynn (Nan) vs. Kyle Aslanian (Edg) – EDGEMONT
120: Dylan Mateo (Nan) vs. James Hammond (Edg) – NANUET
126: Joe Dillon (Nan) vs. Tyler Aslanian (Edg) – SWING
132: Eric Boyle (Nan) vs. Max Worobow (Edg) – SWING
138: Chris Lowery (Nan) vs. Brian Evans (Edg) – NANUET
145: Chris Rooney (Nan) vs. Will Graybeal (Edg) – SWING
152: Frank Tito (Nan) vs. Clifton Wang (Edg) – EDGEMONT
160: Frank Paratore (Nan) vs. Colin Hopkins (Edg) – EDGEMONT
170: Alex Slaybaugh (Nan) vs. Marc Ficuciello (Edg) – NANUET
182: Connor Breit (Nan) vs. Tommy Jachemczyk (Edg) – NANUET
195: Jarrett Bravo (Nan) vs. Chris Kim (Edg) – EDGEMONT
220: Dennis Van Dunk (Nan) by forfeit
285: Max Rabinowitz (Nan) by forfeit
Projected score: Nanuet 46, Edgemont 26
NOTES: For the third straight year, it will be Nanuet and Edgemont matched up in the D2 finals, and I think the results will be very similar. The Achilles’ heel for the Panthers has been giving up points up top, and that trend will continue this season. With Edgemont handing the Golden Knights 12 points via forfeits at 220 and 285, it’s tough to imagine a scenario in which the Panthers can pull off the upset. Nanuet’s ability to put out a complete lineup year after year is a big reason for the program’s continued success.  A big match to watch will be Dillon and Aslanian at 126. They’re both section title contenders, and Dillon got the better of Aslanian when they met in the Section 1 duals last season.

Photo by Peter Carr/The Journal News


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  1. Why are they reseeding the final four in Division I? If you are in a tournament and the number 7 seed upsets the number 3 seed they don’t reseed before the semi-finals. Suffern should be wrestling Arlington and Fox lane should have North Rockland. What are they afraid of, another all Rockland final like last year?

  2. Those seeds are not the “true seeds for sec 1″. The first two rounds are brackets mostly by location, If you look northern westchester, Putnam, dutchess are on one side. Southern westchester and rockland are on the other. Fox lane was the 4th ranked in one side, suffern 3 on their side. But overal fox lane was a higher seed.

    Financial logic comes into play.
    Imagine if rye, somers, Arlington, and clarkstown north were one quad and had to go to c.north. It’s why you see the early rounds decided by locality and not true seed.

  3. True, but in a real tournament the 6th seeded team isn’t placed as the 4 seed because where their school is located.

  4. The secondary aspect of the Section I Duals is to give the teams an opportunity to wrestle different opponents. Suffern and North Rockland are already scheduled for a dual meet later in the season, wouldn’t it be more logical for them to wrestle Fox lane or Arlington first if it could be arranged? The same held true with Pearl River and Tappan Zee in the first round and North Rockland and Clarkstown South. In the future they should try to avoid match ups of league opponents as long as possible.

  5. Trees don't grow on money on

    In an ideal world they would seed everyone 1-32 and let the bracket fall where it is. Ex one quad would be 1 vs 32 and 16 vs 17. But as was stated earlier you have to keep your costs down these days. These kids are also students going from Yonkers or suffern up to Arlington or ketcham, wrestle 2 matches then come home doesn’t make financial sence.

    You can’t just look at this through the eyes of a wrestling fan, but look at it from a principal, ad, or superintendent. When they decided to go to a d1 and d2 division for the section duals (it used to be one big tournament). They also made the first few quad rounds regional sites to save money.

  6. wonder if we’ll see some lineup moves from Alrington and others. I didnt look through all of it because i have to think some coaches will make moves… Why wrestle Tolli against Medd when you can bump him up to beat little Rodrigues. and other similar moves

  7. Why wouldn’t coaches make moves in the line-up, it’s a dual meet match not a tournament. Coaches can move their wrestlers from one weight class to the other from one match to the other. Thats what makes the difference between a smart championship coach and everyone else.

  8. Not so fast my friend. on

    Only problem is this is one continuous dual tournament, so guys have to weigh in where they weighed in the first round of the tournament. So Vince’s talk about Fay dropping down vs Arlington. Or other types of moves can’t happen.

  9. Interesting point, the smart coach would have known that and weighed his kids in to his best advantage. I look at the final four and all of the programs are deep in tradition and knowledge. I’m sure the head coaches have examined all the angles and are ready for everything that can happen. May the best team win, whenever they get to wrestle.

  10. but we dont know where these guys weighed-in. They may have already bumped up in these matches from where they weighed in. Happens all the time with the 50% rule