Section 1 Duals: Tuesday’s action snowed out


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As expected, a snow storm that blanketed the lower Hudson Valley this morning has caused all of today’s Section 1 Dual Meet Championship action to be postponed until tomorrow. That means that all nine of the quad meets that were supposed to take place on Tuesday — eight in Division 1 and one in Division 2 — will now be on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.

As a result, the D1 quarterfinals have now been pushed back to Thursday. And since the Irvington outbracket quad in D2 will now be held on Wednesday, the D2 quarterfinals are also being moved back to Thursday. My plan remains the same: I’ll be at the Harrison D1 quad meet tomorrow, and then the Nanuet D2 quad meet on Thursday.

Enjoy the snow day!

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  1. Question-Since Two days of practice have been missed will it be qone pound or two allowed on Wed.? Rule book does not clarify
    “A 1 lb. allowance is granted when a competition is postponed for one calendar day for reasons beyond the control of the participating school(s) or if one
    teams practice (the day before a competition) is cancelled due to school policy
    (Example: Superintendent cancels after school activities due to weather). In
    these situations, the other school should be made aware of the extra pound
    as soon as the first school learns of the cancellation

  2. coaches have /will be informed. it’s my belief if any team involved is getting 2lbs then all teams throughout the tournament get 2lbs. Not just quad-by-quad. Some teams i know are getting two, so they are all getting two. (wouldnt be surprised if that changes though lol never know with this section)

    I mean they pushed everything back when they could have easily waited until 12/ and realized travel this afternoon wouldnt be an issue. Unless other parts of the section were actually slammed. What fell in westchester was a joke. Weather looks fine the next couple days but plenty of teams have competition scheduled for Friday and Saturday. So can’t push these anymore. Then you start to move into the next week and teams have duals scheduled, things get real messy.

    I also think there should be some kind of ‘honor code’ amongst coaches. I think a lot of this tournament is a waste of time and resources. If your school cant fill at least 10 weight classes, or some other set number, you should eliminate your team from competing. Thin the field, the amount of rounds, the stress of scheduling. I assume any coach who doesn’t want to isn’t required to enter his team into the tournament. But I’m suggesting that coaches should be expected not to enter if they can’t compete. I don’t want to hear the argument that its more chances for your kids to wrestle. If you can’t fill a lineup you dont have that many kids. Also if you can’t compete you’re only going to get two duals, so at best two matches. Your kids would be better suited at practice. If the D1 bracket was trimmed down to around 16 teams, and the D2 bracket down around 6 (Nanuet, Put Valley, Edge, Pleasantville, anyone else with at least 10 weights) things could run smoother and quicker.

  3. 1. North Rockland vs Lakeland panas
    2. Brewster vs Yonkers
    3. Pearl river vs greely
    4. Jjef vs tapan zee
    5. Suffern vs somers
    6. Arlington vs new Rochelle
    7, clarkstown south vs rck
    8. Fox lane vs port Chester

    Winner of 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5

    N.rock vs fox lane
    Brewster vs clarkstown south
    Pearl river vs Arlington
    Jjef vs suffern

    That’s what it would look like if they only took the top 16 teams in sec 1

  4. I was saying the schools jumped the gun on closing. It wasn’t snowing the early AM. It wasn’t snowing in the early afternoon (dismissal) it only snowed mid-day. And some schools actually did early dismissal during the snow lol