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The Section 1 Dual Meet Championships will begin today with a couple of outbracket matches, followed by the busiest day of the tournament on Tuesday. In anticipation of the biggest regular season dual meet tourney of the year, I decided to breakdown the brackets and offer up some predictions. I encourage you all to do the same in the comments section, and if you outdo me, I’ll give you a nice shout out on the blog.

I’ll be all over each round, starting with a trip to Harrison for that D1 quad meet tomorrow. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @vzmercogliano for updates on the action from all over the section, and of course, check back here on the blog for box scores and complete coverage.

Good luck to all of the teams!


Tuesday, Dec. 10
Opening round

Quad at Mahopac
Brewster over Carmel
Mahopac over Lakeland/Panas
Final: Brewster over Mahopac
NOTES: It would a huge shocker if Brewster doesn’t emerge from this pack and reach the quarterfinals, but who will meet the Bears in the final is very much up in the air. I’m taking Mahopac, but Lakeland/Panas proved on Saturday at the Bernie Miller Invitational that it has a strong, up-and-coming dual meet team.

Quad at John Jay
Ketcham over John Jay
Fox Lane over Byram Hills
Final: Fox Lane over Ketcham
NOTES: Hard to see any team but the Foxes come out of this group, but there are some potential must-see matches — such as Byram’s Jon Errico and Fox Lane’s Matt Grippi, assuming that Grippi’s ear wound has healed up. Ketcham could do some damage in the upper weights, but the Foxes are just too strong in the light-to-middle range.

Quad at Hen Hud
Arlington over Hen Hud
Ossining over Somers
Final: Arlington over Ossining
NOTES: Arlington is the clear favorite here with the deepest team in the bunch. I’ll bet that Somers wins more matches than it loses against Ossining, but the Tuskers have no one certified above 170 pounds, so the late forfeits will be too much to overcome.

Quad at Beacon
Horace Greeley over Beacon
John Jay-East Fishkill over Yorktown
Final: JJEF over Greeley
NOTES: This is one of the more difficult quads to pick. Greeley will have the advantage from 160 up, but I think that JJEF will be able to build up enough of a lead in the 99-152 range to outlast the Quakers. Plus, the Patriots have All-State wrestler Brett Perry looming at 182 to stop any potential losing streaks.

Quad at Yonkers
North Rockland over Eastchester/Rye winner
Clarkstown North over Yonkers
Final: North Rockland over Clarkstown North
NOTES: No disrespect to the other programs, but I don’t think that much of an explanation is required here.

Quad at Clarkstown South
Port Chester over Nyack
Clarkstown South over Scarsdale
Final: Clarkstown South over Port Chester
NOTES: South took second overall last season and is simply too deep to go out this early. The Vikings are the obvious pick here.

Quad at Suffern
Suffern over Mount Vernon/White Plains winner
New Rochelle over Sleepy Hollow
Final: Suffern over New Rochelle
NOTES: The New Ro-Sleepy dual has the potential to be a good one, but I’m giving a slight nod to the Huguenots. No matter which team wins, I don’t see either making it past the Mounties.

Quad at Harrison
Tappan Zee over Harrison
Pearl River over Mamaroneck
Final: Pearl River over TZ
NOTES: It may seem obvious to pick both Rockland teams, but I wouldn’t consider it an upset if Harrison slips past TZ. The Huskies have been improving and look like they have a strong dual meet team, whereas the Dutchmen are probably better suited for tournament settings with their big boys up top. That one will be a slugfest, but I ultimately see Pearl River as the deepest team in the group.

Wednesday, Dec. 11 
Quarterfinals (at higher seed)

Fox Lane over Brewster
Arlington over John Jay-EF
North Rockland over Clarkstown South
Pearl River over Suffern
NOTES: It’s pretty neat how this could shake out. In one quarterfinal, you’d have the best team in Westchester vs. the best from Putnam. In another, you’d have the two best teams in Dutchess duking it out. And then the four best teams in Rockland would battle for the final two spots. I feel pretty confident picking North Rockland and Pearl River, but the other two duals are very tough to decide on. Fox Lane and Brewster would be about as close as it gets. If the Foxes are fully healthy, I like their chances, but missing even one of their key guys could be the difference in the match. On paper, it looks that tight. As for the Dutchess throwdown, I also see it being decided by a few swing matches. And while I ultimately think that JJEF will be the better tournament team, Arlington might have just a bit more depth in a dual meet format.

Tuesday, Dec. 17
Final four (at North Rockland HS)

Pearl River over Arlington
North Rockland over Fox Lane
Third place: Fox Lane over Arlington
Final: North Rockland over Pearl River
NOTES: I’ve said all along that North Rockland is the favorite to repeat with a dual meet title and a section title, and I’m not about to change my mind now. There will be some juicy individual matchups, but top-to-bottom, I don’t think any team in Section 1 can hang with the defending champs. What will be interesting is to see how the rest of the top four shake out. Fox Lane, Arlington and Pearl River all look pretty even.


Outbracket quad meets

Monday, Dec. 9
Quad at Woodlands
Westlake over Dobbs Ferry
Woodlands over Lourdes
Final: Westlake over Woodlands
NOTES: In recent years, none of these teams have fielded especially competitive dual meet lineups, but Westlake has probably been the best of the bunch. As far as I can tell, the Wildcats will bring the most experienced and complete lineup to this quad.

Tuesday, Dec. 10
Quad at Irvington
Pawling over Hastings
Irvington over Ardsley
Final: Irvington over Pawling
NOTES: The top two teams will advance from this quad, so what happens in the final will only determine which team goes where. I’m pretty confident in picking Irvington and Pawling to emerge.

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Quad at Nanuet
Putnam Valley over Pawling
Nanuet over Croton-Harmon
Final: Put Valley over Nanuet
NOTES: My main concern for Put Valley was how complete its lineup will be, but as far as I can tell, the Tigers will only be forfeiting at the super heavyweight spot. Nanuet is the defending champ and looks like it will fill all of its weight classes, but looking at the individual matchups, I think PV has the advantage in some key swing matches. It’ll be close — you could argue that these are the two best dual meet teams in D2 — but this could be the Tigers’ year to get over the hump.

Quad at Pleasantville
Edgemont over Irvington
Pleasantville over Westlake
Final: Edgemont over Pleasantville
NOTES: Both Edgemont and Pleasantville will have some holes in their lineups. Edgemont doesn’t appear to have anyone from 195 up, while Pleasantville had three forfeits in its dual with Harrison on Friday. That tells me that the forfeits will pretty much cancel each other out, and when I looked at how the rest of the matches will line up, I counted more wins for Edgemont. It certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise if Pleasantville finds a way to pull it out, but I’m taking Edgemont to make it back to the final.

Wednesday, Dec. 18
Final (at higher seed)

Putnam Valley over Edgemont
NOTES: While it will probably be a double forfeit at 285, Edgemont looks like it will be giving up free points at 195 and 220. Against a team that’s as deep and experienced as the Tigers, that could spell doom for the Panthers. This one could feature some matches that we’ll also see in a couple of months in the sectional finals.

NOTE TO COACHES: Unless you see me at your duals, I encourage you all to email all of your tourney results to, and please be sure to CC me at!


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  1. Rokland on the Rise on

    Vince. I’m sorry if you posted this already but would it be possible for you to list the top ten seeds in order. I would love to know where each team was seeded by the committee. Does the lower seed in the final four face N. Rockland or is it bracket style? Either way, N. Rockland wins. Not one weakness in that lineup.

  2. Vincent Mercogliano on

    Rockland on the rise,
    They seed the top 8 on each side of the bracket in D1. Here it is:

    Right side
    1. North Rockland
    2. Pearl River
    3. Suffern
    4. Clarkstown South
    5. Port Chester
    6. New Ro
    7. TZ
    8. Yonkers

    Left side
    1. Brewster
    2. JJEF
    3. Arlington
    4. Fox Lane
    5. RCK
    6. Somers
    7. Greeley
    8. Lakeland/Panas

  3. They dont rank the teams 1-32 then wrestle that way. The brackets are worked so that teams are wrestling teams in their general area. New rochelle isnt going to arlington, and brewster isnt going to suffern.

    Vince, they redraw the final 4 so there is no way foxlane can wrestle north rockland in the finals. That would be a semis match

  4. Rokland on the Rise on

    Guy who knows: I think you might be right. Didn’t South Wrestle N. Rockland in the finals?

  5. Vincent Mercogliano on

    guy who knows,
    You’re right about them reseeding for the final four. There is a note on the bracket that I was sent about that, but it only mentions reseeding for the final four. There will be no reseeding before then. With the teams that I picked to make the final four, North Rockland would be the top seed and would take on fourth seeded Fox Lane. Pearl River would be the two and Arlington would be the three, so I made the appropriate changes to my predictions.

  6. Possible matchups on

    Here’s some possible matchups from Vince’s rankings at each site

    Knox (car) vs gonska (brew)

    John jay cr
    Rodrigues (fl) vs kirschner (jjcr)
    Surace (fl) vs Murphy (rck)
    Ettlinger (fl) vs Marvin (rck) one weight difference

    Hen HUD

    Delacruz vs tolli one weight difference please please please
    Tolli vs demura (somers)
    Tolli vs courtien one weight difference
    Wagner (HH) vs courtien
    Peterson (arl) vs celli (som)

    Cvijanovich (hg) vs Wakefield (Jjef)

    Dimarsico vs seligson 1 weight difference

    Clarkstown south
    Karas (pc) vs atuwater (cs) one weight difference

    Pjerti (suff) vs Ayala (MTV)

    Please give me tolli vs Delacruz tomm! Everyone lose can dodge eachother as long as we see that match

  7. @ JD,

    If a school is closed, they cannot compete. If one can’t compete, none will. It gets bumped to another day.