States: Videos from quarters and semis


By scrolling through each video below, you can see everything that we’ve shot so far this weekend (click on the little box with the arrows in the right hand corner to go full screen). There are a handful of quarterfinals matches, plus pretty much every semifinal involving a local wrestler. The finals are scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., so I’ll be back later with videos of both Ossining’s Alex Delacruz (120-pound finalist in D1) and Edgemont’s Trey Aslanian (120-pound finalist in D2).


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  1. Delacruz state champ on

    Sali, poor looser you! Where did Delacruz cheat??? He won a tough match and then another and won the state championship!
    Westchester 2-0 vs Rockland with state champs and 9-6 with place finishers!
    I thought Rockland was the power in section 1 ! Guess I was wrong.
    Have a happly Saint Patricks Day!

  2. gramby to loose on

    Congrats to both Delacruz and Aslanian.

    Thanks to Vincent for great coverage and video!!

    Cannot believe Peacock gramby’s while Aslanian has a half nelson!! Big mistake from a seasoned wrestler..Wow!!

  3. 4 schools in Putnam 1 placer = 25%

    5 schools in dutchess 2 placers = 40%

    9 schools in rockland 6 placers (not counting the 6/7 place) = 67%

    32 schools in westchester 9 placers = 28%

    Gonna be tough if rockland decides to go to section 9

  4. Rockland has great wrestling and its awesome to see the passion their coaches and athletes have, seeking great competition and working hard in the off season. Hats off to all the wrestlers the schools and counties they represent and remember be proud that we are all representing section 1.

    As for the person who was ripping alex, Its unbelievable to me that someone would be talking so harshly about a 16 year old kid. If you knew Alex you would understand that he is an outstanding Human being, and far from a cheater or being nasty. No need to put down Pearl River or Muldoon either. He is a great kid also. We should be proud to have two of the best wrestlers in the state competing with each other. Take some advice from mothers across the world, if you dont have something nice to say, dont say anything at all.

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  6. Congrats to Delacruz and Aslainian on becoming state champs. Winning the NYS title is incredible and they should be very proud. Here is something to think about for next year, imagine if all of the D1 studs split apart into different weight classes? You know 120, 126, 132 and who knows possibly 138 how much power that will give section 1 next year. Wow! A couple of these boys need to hit a growth spurt and it could happen. Have a great offseason section 1. Side note is that next year may be Rockland Counties last year in section 1 so let’s try to get along and make it a good one.