States: Seeds are out; Seven locals come in at No. 2


The seeds for both the Division 1 and Division 2 state tournaments came out tonight, with seven locals getting No. 2 seeds, but none receiving top seeds. I’ll have more reaction to the seedings posted tomorrow, but here are the locals that are seeded in the top eight in their respective weight class (at least based on the how the seeds are laid out on the brackets):

Division 1 (click here for the full D1 brackets):

106 – New Rochelle’s Nick Barbaria (No. 2)
120 – Pearl River’s John Muldoon (No. 2), Ossining’s Alex Delacruz (No. 3) and North Rockland’s Blaise Benderoth (No. 4)
126 – Somers’ Dylan Realbuto (No. 2)
132 – North Rockland’s Jake DiMarsico (No. 4), Fordham Prep’s Sam Melikian (No. 5), Brewster’s Liam Erickson (No. 6)
138 – North Rockland’s Matt Caputo (No. 4) and Clarkstown North’s Colby Kash (No. 5)
145 – Fox Lane’s Tom Grippi (No. 4)
152 – Yorktown’s Joe Mastro (No. 8)
170 – John Jay-EF’s Brett Perry (No. 3)
182 – Yorktown’s Thomas Murray (No. 5)
195 – Yorktown’s Steven Sabella (No. 4) and Horace Greeley’s Scott Wymbs (No. 6)
220 – Tappan Zee’s John Hartnett (No. 2) and Ossining’s Trent Lofaro (No. 7)
285 – Tappan Zee’s Mike Manni (No. 2) and Yorktown’s David Varian (No. 3)

Division 2 (click here for the full D2 brackets):

106 – Putnam Valley’s Noah Kelvas (No. 5)
120 – Edgemont’s Trey Aslanian (No. 2) and Nanuet’s Anthony Calvano (No. 4)
126 – Pleasantville’s Stephen Paternostro (No. 8)
138 – Ardsley’s Drew Longo (No. 6)
220 – Nanuet’s Dan Breit (No. 2)
285 – Pawling’s Matt Acevedo (No. 6)


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  1. 99-kelley no place this year
    106: Barbaria good shot at winning (places top 2)
    113: No place
    120: All 3 place (Delacruz/muldoon top 4, Benderoth 5/6)
    126: Realbuto wins it
    132: Dimarsco 5/6 erickson not this year
    138: Caputo 3/4 kash no place
    145: Grippi Champ marvin no place
    152: Mastro …got a crappy draw, I see placing 3/4
    160: White 3/4 …tough seeding for him too, hopefully back doesnt act up on him
    170: Brett Perry 5/6
    182: murray 5/6
    195: Sabella 3/4 wymbs no place
    220: Hartnett no place (…got way overseeded with the 2 seed)
    285: Manni 5/6 got a good seed as well, varian no place

  2. Wow lots of good seeds for d1, But I think maybe overrated overall. 17 kids top 6 seeds not including dale white. Anyone think we will get 17 all state kids in d1?

    D2 long way to go. Top 3 kids tre, calavano, longo all srs. Future doesn’t look great, lets see what these young kids can do.

  3. spiked kool-aid on

    Very possible that Vince listed the wrong guy as the higher seed, don’t pull names off the brackets, you should want the list of seeds

  4. WOW, I know he didn’t wrestle much but Dale White got screwed 5th last year 12th seed spot this year, go figure… If healthy I see him in the finals, Perry too. Marvin has a tough pull but still could make All-State good for that program… GO DUTCHESS…..

  5. I could see Grippi making the finals but I don’t see him beating lewandowski or almaviva, almaviva is a Fargo all American

  6. 145 could be won by any of those kids, the 1 seed Hernandez, beat almavia at easterns on his way to winning it, however he only beat Marvin 1-0. Grippi beat almavia last year 1st match at states, then almavia won 6 straight. Those grippis love the first round upset. Tommy lost to almavia at easterns by 2 and lewandowski by 2. I think 120 and 126 are the most interesting weights it states but 145 isn’t far behind.

  7. I know this has nothing to do right now with the states, but does anyone one know anything about when/where the section breakfast/brunch is? This is the first time my son has made it and don’t have any info on it.

  8. Almost positive its not in February so you have some time. the coaches get the info out. all i remember is that it wasn’t quite warm out, but not exactly jacket weather either lol. Someone will have more info I’m sure.

  9. bracket vs. seeds on

    I think on the brackets the 1 & 4 seeds are listed on top, and then the higher seeds 2-8 are listed on bottom. i believe they only seed 1-8 not sure on that though

  10. Messinger PValley?

    I am surprised to see that not only was Messinger from PV not seeded at 170, but that he drew first seed round 1. (a freshman seeded one??) Any thoughts to why he was not seeded? I thought he was a contender for a place finish.

  11. ok found some info on

    wrestler one. I will supply a link with all the info on how seeds are done. Briefly you only get points for beating state place finishers and state qualifiers. Wins, placing in the section multiple times, none of this matters. the only points are where you have placed at states. and who you beat that placed at states last year or that qualified this year. Messinger placing last year gives him some points. You can only be seeded if you have 16 pts. Messinger is a returning qualifier (19pts) and he beat Murray section champ (+10, 29 pts) I dont know how deep D2 170 is but he either didnt make the top 8 or his coach messed up.

    it is possible to have over 100pts, Delacruz isnt even a state champ and I think he has 50/60+pts. Dylan gets 100/120 for being a state champ ( i think 100 he won at 113 ? 2 wt classes up is only 100)

    if you want your brain to explode go right ahead. it explains how the bracket looks (what seed on what line.

    Line 1 – # 1 seed
    line 2 – unseeded

    line 3 – unseeded (#9 if tie for 8 seed)
    line 4 – #8 seed (if seeded)

    line 5 – #5 seed
    line 6 – unseeded

    line 7 – unseeded
    line 8 – #4 seed

    line nine #3 seed
    line 10 – unseeded

    line 11 – unseeded
    line 12 #6 seed

    line 13 #7 seed
    line 14 – unseeded

    line 15- unseeded
    line 16 #2 seed

  12. seeds still baffling on

    we have a lot of guys who are first time qualifiers seeded pretty high, must be some good wins over state place finishers or head-to-heads. very easy to jump head to heads. if 8 seed beat 1 seed and didnt wrestle 2-7 he jumps all the way up

  13. Messinger is behind 6 seed Radoncic (lost 5-1 at Eastern States), and designated 9th seed Filipkowski was a 7th/8th place last year (as noted in seeding criteria).

    170 is a deep weight with 9 returning wrestlers, but John’s wrestling at a high level and can definitely place. I’m looking forward to seeing him wrestle.

  14. thanks for the seeding info……looks like John will have to take the tough route to place. Looking forward to seeing him knock off the 1 seed. Coach Carano will have him ready!
    Go Section one!!

  15. Hartnett got a bad draw…the 15 seeded kid lost by a point, in the section 11 final, to number one seeded kid???

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