Meet the Champs: Pearl River’s James Kelly


You could argue that not many section champs had a path as difficult as Pearl River’s James Kelly. The Pirates’ 99-pounder pinned top-seeded Brady Robin of Arlington in the semis before taking out No. 2 Brandon Fay of Fox Lane with a 7-3 decision in the finals. One of the most impressive performances of the Division 1 tourney, no doubt, and now Kelly will have a chance to show that he can continue his hot streak on the big stage in Albany. At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised with anything that he does.

Year: Sophomore

Weight class: 99 in D1

How many years have you been wrestling for? Six.

Is this your first section title? My hard work finally paid off. I was so happy.

Describe what was going through your head when the referee raised your hand after the finals: Listening to my coaches telling me to stay more aggressive in neutral.

What was the most difficult obstacle that you had to overcome this season? My biggest obstacle this season has been staying aggressive, especially in neutral.

What area do you feel that you’ve improved in the most over the course of the season? Neutral.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of wrestling? I like to play football with friends.

What is playing in your headphones while you get ready for a match? Til’ I Collapse by Eminem and 300 Violin Orchestra.

What is your favorite TV show? Prison Break.

Name one thing that’s interesting about you that people may not know about: I like to watch hockey and my favorite team is the New Jersey Devils.

Photo by Frank Becerra, Jr./The Journal News


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  1. I like a kid who can listen to music and still be focused on his match. That I don’t listen to music so I can focus answer … So douchey…