LoHud Wrestling Chat tonight/’Meet the Champs’ series coming


First of all, congrats to all of the wrestlers who competed in the section championships the past few days. They seem to get more exciting every year. I just wanted to remind everyone that I’ll be hosting a live LoHud Wrestling Chat tonight at 7:30 to discuss all of the postseason happenings. Come join in the discussion, and spread the word!

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, my trusty old FlipCam finally met its end yesterday, forcing me to use my iPhone to record the finals. While the quality of the video is similar, the speed at which they upload is much slower. I uploaded as many as I could last night (which you can find on my YouTube channel), but I still have more to do today. I’ll post those with reaction from the second day of D1 action this afternoon, but be sure to check out my story from today’s paper in the meantime.

I also wanted to let all of the section champs know that they’ll be receiving an email from me today with a questionnaire to fill out for this season’s ‘Meet the Champs’ series. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting profiles of every section champ from D1 and D2 leading up to the state tournament, so be on the lookout for my email!


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