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  1. Wow 126 really shaken up for states. Araoz goes down in the semis (still might get WC), Fabian goes down in the quarters, and then the kid who beat Fabian lost in the semis so I believe he won’t be wrestling in Albany this year.. wow.

    Looks like D Real is primed for #2.

  2. Fabian is fine on

    By Fabians kid losing in the semis it actually helps him, if Fabian comes back to take 3rd he will not be blocked for a wild card. The kid he lost to, Jamison from Huntington was also a section champ. One of those 2 won’t be at states though, my bet is Fabian beats Jamison 3-2 for 3rd and makes states.

  3. c.north won jv sections vince, not nanuet both teams should be tough in the coming years props to tappan zee coaches this year having their guys peaking at the right time

  4. Nyway Hudson Valley regional qualifier March 10th 2013. Top four in each divison qualify for Nyway states at First Arena in Elmira NY March 15-17. Nyway.org to sign up for Nyway card $17 tournament $13. No secondary upgrade to head to states. This is a split start K-12 tournament targeting sections one and 9 however it is flexible as this region is new to NYWAY. Thank you