Sectionals: Division 1 semis and finals results


Team key/standings: 1. North Rockland (NRk) 162.5; 2. Yorktown (Yk) 124.5; 3. Fox Lane (FL) 105.5; 4. John Jay-East Fishkill (JJEF) 90; 5. Tappan Zee (TZ) 81; 6. Pearl River (PR) 74.5; 7. Suffern (Sf) 74; 8. Horace Greeley (HG) 73; 9. Clarkstown South (CS) 68.5; 10. Somers (S) 63.5; 11. Hen Hud (HH) 57.5; 12. Brewster (Bw) 57; 13t. Arlington (Arl), Clarkstown North (CN), Ossining (O) 49; 16. Mahopac (M) 48; 17. New Rochelle (NR) 41; 18t. Port Chester (PC), Sleepy Hollow (SH) 32; 20t. East Ramapo (ER), Ketcham (RCK) 29; 22. Mamaroneck (Mk) 28.5; 23. John Jay (JJCR) 26; 24t. Beacon (Bc), Harrison (H) 22; 26. Byram Hills (BH) 21.5; 27. White Plains (WP) 19; 28. Scarsdale (Sc) 18; 29. Nyack (Ny) 14; 30. Carmel (Ca) 8; 31t. Lakeland/Panas (Lk/P), Mount Vernon (MV), Yonkers (Yo) 4; 34. Rye (R ) 0.


99 – James Kelly (PR) pin Brady Robin (Arl), 4:00; Brandon Fay (FL) dec. Alfredo Olmedo (Arl), 3-2. 106 – Nick Barbaria (NR) dec. Kevin Rodriguez (PC), 8-2; Jon Errico (BH) dec. Matt Grippi (FL), 9-2. 113 – Derek DiMarsico (NRk) dec. Tyler Gonska (Bw), 4-1; Mark Grant (HH) dec. Jay Albis (JJEF), 8-6. 120 – John Muldoon (PR) pin Kirby Atlas (HG), 1:53; Alex Delacruz (O) dec. Blaise Benderoth (NRk), 4-2. 126 – Dylan Realbuto (So) pin Diego Giron (PC), 3:15; Alex Oliveto (Sf) dec. Jimmy Kaishian (Yk), 5-1. 132 – Jake DiMarsico (NRk) dec. Ben Ettlinger (FL), 6-4; Liam Erickson (Bw) dec. Luke Minasi (JJEF), 5-1. 138 – Matt Caputo (NRk) pin Mike Hodges (Sc), 3:05; Colby Kash (CN) dec. Edwin Jimenez (SH), 4-3. 145 – Tom Grippi (FL) maj. dec. James DeSimone (Sf), 9-0; Brad Marvin (RCK) dec. Mitch Klein (HG), 3-2. 152 – Joe Mastro (Yk) pin Josh Perlmutter (HH), 1:47; Desmond Djekovic (TZ) dec. Gino Gioielli (Bw), 6-3. 160 – Dale White (JJEF) dec. Joe Koshakow (Sc), 9-4; Ben Miller (Mk) dec. Mark Lasar (So), 7-2. 170 – Brett Perry (JJEF) maj. dec. Dion Duran (Mk), 13-3; Adam Hofling (SH) dec. Leo McCarthy (O), 6-4. 182 – Thomas Murray (Yk) pin Brock Cvijanovich (HG), 1:24; Andrew Grella (Bc) dec. Tim Bunyea (Ma), 10-3. 195 – Steven Sabella (Yk) dec. Colton Charles (NRk), 3-2; Scott Wymbs (HG) dec. Austin Maurer (CS), 7-2. 220 – Trent Lofaro (O) dec. Ryan Delahanty (Ma), 9-3; John Hartnett (TZ) dec. Paul Okeke (CS), 5-1. 285 – David Varian (Yk) dec. Justin Douglas (NR), 3-2 OT; Mike Manni (TZ) dec. Brent Lobien (HG), 5-3.

Fifth place

99 – Sulla (NRk) dec. Cuomo (Bw), 4-3. 106 – Knox (Ca) dec. Borge (NRk), 2-1. 113 – McLiverty (CS) tech. fall Gonska (Bw), 15-0. 120 – Atlas (HG) by forfeit. 126 – Maida (Ha) dec. Giron (PC), 5-2. 132 – Menchel (Ha) dec. Giraldez (Ny), 7-5. 138 – Jimenez (SH) dec. Hodges (Sc), 5-2. 145 – McDermott (HH) maj. dec. D’Agostino (NRk), 14-2. 152 – Gioielli (Bw) maj. dec. Maloney (CS), 16-2. 160 – Koshakow (Sc) maj. dec. Lieberman (Ny), 15-6. 170 – McCarthy (O) pin Duran (Mk), 1:11. 182 – Cvijanovich (HG) pin Bunyea (Ma), 2:15. 195 – Billy Gossett (JJCR) pin Fabrizio (RCK), 3:35. 220 – Dorsainville (ER) dec. Okeke (CS), 3-1. 285 – Lobien (HG) dec. St. Onge (CS), 3-1.

Third place

99 – Robin (Arl) dec. Olmedo (Arl), 3-2. 106 – Grippi (FL) pin Rodriguez (PC), 2:03. 113 – Albis (JJEF) pin Hong (CN), 1:36. 120 – Benderoth (NRk) maj. dec. Powell (Sf), 10-1. 126 – Kaishian (Yk) pin Seligson (CN), 2:03. 132 – Ettlinger (FL) pin Minasi (JJEF), 4:56. 138 – Courtien (So) dec. Surace (FL), 4-0. 145 – Klein (HG) dec. DeSimone (Sf), 12-8. 152 – Perlmutter (HH) dec. Gullo (PR), 3-1. 160 – Didio (NRk) dec. Lasar (So), 11-9. 170 – Gallagher (Ma) dec. Pjetri (Sf), 8-2. 182 – Goings (ER) dec. Hanaburgh (Arl), 6-4. 195 – Maurer (CS) pin Charles (NRk), 3:49. 220 – Cantori (WP) dec. Delahanty (Ma), 4-3. 285 – Douglas (NR) dec. Reigottie (NRk), 8-5.


99 – Kelly (PR) dec. Fay (FL), 7-3. 106 – Barbaria (NR) dec. Errico (BH), 6-3. 113 – Grant (HH) dec. D. DiMarsico (NRk), 7-5. 120 – Muldoon (PR) dec. Delacruz (O), 10-7. 126 – Realbuto (So) pin Oliveto (Sf), 0:58. 132 – Erickson (Bw) dec. DiMarsico (NRk), 6-4. 138 – Caputo (NRk) dec. Kash (CN), 7-3. 145 – Grippi (FL) dec. Marvin (RCK), 6-2. 152 – Mastro (Yk) tech. fall Djekovic (TZ), 15-0. 160 – White (JJEF) maj. dec. Miller (Mk), 17-6. 170 – Perry (JJEF) dec. Hofling (SH), 6-2. 182 – Murray (Yk) dec. Grella (Bc), 3-0. 195 – Sabella (Yk) dec. Wymbs (HG), 3-2. 220 – Hartnett (TZ) dec. Lofaro (O), 7-1. 285 – Manni (TZ) dec. Varian (Yk), 5-3 OT.


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  1. Varian should get a wild card. If so he’ll be wrestling with Manni in practice the next two weeks!

  2. Depends on how many wild cards Section 1 gets. Delacruz will definite get one, A few others should get them too. You got to remember that it runs on a point system. I don’t think Varian deserves a wild card because the same thing that happened last year at states to him will happen this year. He will lose right away. Give it to someone else so section 1 has a better chance.

  3. I can see Dela Cruz, benderoth, varian, and possibly wymbs and dimarsisco getting them too with last year section title

  4. “Rock on Rise”maybe on Deangelo, I think he wrestled Kelly pretty tough earlier in year. Feniger certainly would’ve been in final. Would’ve given Realbuto a tougher match than Olivetto. Point being NR pretty deep.

  5. Homer. He broke his hip. Hadn’t practiced or wrestled for six weeks. Look at his wins b4 injury and last two years. Wasn’t supposed to wrestle only gave it a shot because he was senior. Teched Seligson in December and had beaten Olibetto many times in a row.

  6. Section 1 Champs on

    Generals comments are accurate. Feniger was hurt and has a track record of wins over Oliveto. The other thing to keep in mind, especially considering NR’s performance (or rather dominance) of this tournament, is that NR usually has their guys peaking at the right time. Anyone who knows Troy, knows he would have been one of those guys. Nonetheless, Kashian and Oliveto were formidable opponents, but my money was on Feniger.

    I think I had seen a comment earlier that NR graduates a lot of guys this season. The truth of the matter is that NR was a young team this year all things considered. Out of the 10 place winners, they graduate only 3 (Jake, Colton, D’agostino, (as well as Troy)). They have 7 All-Section wrestlers returning next season, not including D’Angelo (who surely would have placed and contended for a title this season). They also have some studs on the JV team that couldn’t break the line up. It will be interesting to see the team they put on the mat next year, especially with the monkey finally off their backs.

  7. In the 132 match Rockland kid didnt blow the match,he got beat by the better wrestler.Sometimes things comeback to bite u.U have to wrestle on tthe Mat not on the blog????????????????

  8. ChiefWildEagle on

    @101 all supers stall. It is like Mr J said take what the ref will give you. If the refs in Section One are going to allow the big kids to waltz around on their feet and nap and body surf on the mat then a smart wrestler, especially at 285, will take full advantage of that.
    The refs need to have the big kids pick up the tempo. When was the last time you saw anyone in this section give a double stall warning or award double stall points? It has been years.
    In closing, do the finals alone on one mat with the main clock and horn so garbage like this will not happen again!!!!

  9. Manni didn’t attempt a single move other than a sit-out. Not in the finals anyway. Not that Varian did either. But lets not make it sound like Varian waltzed around while Manni attempted high crotches and single legs. Manni wrestled in 10 second bursts from bottom. Varian did much less.

    Sad to think there are states that don’t have the 99lb weight class for lack of numbers, usually because they dont allow middle school kids to wrestle varsity, but I believe every state has 285. Think about the wonderful wrestling we saw, and the depth at 99. Any of 4 guys could have won, 5 if you buy into the invincible North Rockland dynasty. By the way saw a lot of NRock guys wrestling for 5th/6th. So to say its the most guys you’ve seen place in a long time is misleading (Vince said this in his latest post) Used to only place 4 guys. Two extra spots makes it easier to place more guys. And no wrestleback from 16 this year but wrestlebacks from quarterfinals is still more than you used to get.

    time to get rid of the 285 weight class. would we really be missing that much??

  10. Funny stuff 285 has high school aged wrestlers, 99lbs consists of middle and high school aged wrestlers. I would like to see NYS go to the federation weight classes and cut down to 14 weight classes with the starting point 106. Eliminate selective classification and let the middle school kids stay in middle school athletics. If you don’t like 285 in high school you won’t like it in college. 99lbs high school wrestlers don’t have much of a chance to even make it into college wrestling because the big time starts 125lbs. Something to think about.

  11. Brendan (Old Friend),
    Eliminating 285 is a joke, I agree. Super heavyweights were 250 in my day in HS and unlimited in college (think Chris Taylor or Jimmy Jackson).
    But I wouldn’t be too anxious to drop New York’s unique 15th lightest weight class or eligibility for middle schoolers. It is a hard weight class to fill for many programs, but it affords an opportunity to compete for those who have come up through the peewee ranks and far outclass fellow middle schoolers. If you’re ready for varsity while in middle school, why not compete? I remember Joe Mazzurco hitting sick duck-unders during Divisions & Sections as a 7th grader @96 lbs. Little Grippi is a very impressive 106 as a 7th grader with great potential for future state placings. Should his only outlet for competition be off-season tournaments until he’s in 9th grade?

  12. Tom it is what they do in NJ and their wrestling is very tough. Under their rules you can wrestle 4 years of hs only. You have school in section 1 that won’t allow selective classification, JJCR and Arlington are two that come to mind. If middle school wrestlers stayed on the middle school level the middle school level would become better. What other state has 99lbs?

  13. What other state doesn’t allow team score to be kept at jr high level? Or have school sanctioned jr high tournaments?

  14. Brian Realbuto took 2nd in sectionals as a 7th grader and 4th in states in 8th. Why hold athletes like that back?