Sectionals: Division 2 results


Team key/standings: 1. Nanuet (Na) 263.5; 2. Putnam Valley (PV) 210; 3. Edgemont (Ed) 189; 4. Pleasantville (Pl) 153; 5. Irvington (Irv) 108; 6. Westlake (Ws) 100.5; 7. Pawling (Pa) 100; 8. Croton-Harmon (CH) 99; 9. Lourdes (OLL) 88.5; 10. Ardsley (Ard) 88; 11. Woodlands (Wd) 37; 12. Kennedy (JFK) 20; 13. Hastings (Hs) 13; 14. North Salem (NS) 12.5; 15. Dobbs Ferry (DF) 10.

First round

113 – Tyler Wexler (Irv) dec. Connor Fay (Pa), 6-4; Max Worobow (Ed) by forfeit; Ryan Duffy (Ws) pin Trevor Rudolph (Irv), 4:54; Jonathan Fleischmann (Ed) med. def. Nick Cipriano (DF); Adam Samolsky (Ard) by forfeit. 120 – Liam Marmo (Pl) dec. Brendan Birkelbach (Ws), 5-0; Justin Jimenez (Irv) pin Owen Cunningham (Pa), 1:05; Tom Schulze (CH) pin Moise Romano (Hs), 0:25; Eric Boyle (Na) pin Sam Kimak (Irv), 0:27; Mathew Powell (NS) pin Christian Murphy (OLL), 0:33; Steven Montes (Pl) pin Awa Nyambi (Wd), 1:24. 126 – AJ Mirabal (PV) pin Carmine Raucci (Hs), 1:13; Coleman Deanda (Irv) pin Chris Marino (NS), 3:48; Sam Klein (Ed) by forfeit; Brian Luciano (OLL) pin Rich Dosin (Hs), 0:50; Stephen Paternostro (Pl) pin Jose Santiago (Pa), 0:29; Rikesh Mistry (Ed) pin Mariano Ring (Irv), 0:39; Chris Lowery (Na) by forfeit; Joe Dillon (Na) pin Matt Liscia (PV), 5:20. 132 – Christian Gonzales (PV) maj. dec. Nicholas Padilla (Hs), 16-7; Dan Guido (CH) pin Matt Kuhlman (Pa), 2:45; Nick Jolly (OLL) pin Patrick Anderson (JFK), 1:01; Billy Thompson (Na) maj. dec. Joseph Hadley (Wd), 10-1; Jeremy Kogan (Ard) pin Matthew Montarulli (Irv), 1:31. 138 – Drew Longo (Ard) pin Tucker Clair (JFK), 1:25; Jon Spiegel (Na) pin John Pachonte (Wd), 2:33; Cliffton Wang (Ed) pin Mitchell Toolan (Irv), 0:42; Will Graybeal (Ed) pin Brendan Smith (Ard), 1:03; Zach Martin (Pa) pin Spencer Knowles (Ws), 1:24; Tyler Smith (Pa) pin Joel Fuentes (Hs), 4:43; Dan Gottlieb (Pl) dec. Zach Dolgetta (Ws), 4-3; Kyle Kelvas (PV) pin Matt Keller (JFK), 2:20. 145 – Sam Honors (PV) by forfeit; Jeremy Onuma (Pl) pin Jonathan Alania (Ws), 1:08; Brandon Castro (Pl) by forfeit; Marc Ficuciello (Ed) by forfeit; Daniel Kraemer (Wd) pin Ed Fay (Hs), 1:04. 152 – Kelmend Muriqi (PV) dec. Kyle Lindsay (DF), 18-14; Thomas Marrone (Pl) pin Fayssal Saleh (Ed), 1:02; Jazz Saraguro (Na) pin John Longest (JFK), 1:39; Joseph Vasquez (Ws) by forfeit; Frank Paratore (Na) dec. Patrick Polintan (Ard), 6-3. 160 – Angelo Zegarelli (PV) pin Brendan Clair (JFK), 1:22; Alex Johns (Na) pin Lou Quintanilla (Pl), 5:53; Bryce Walker (Pa) by forfeit; Ross Kantor (Ed) pin Kyle Ramos (DF), 1:19; Willie Messinger (PV) by forfeit; Peter Jones (Irv) pin Terry Taylor (DF), 3:10; John Deegan (OLL) dec. Marshawn Dickson (Wd), 7-2; Edgar Solis (Ws) pin Alex Slaybaugh (Na), 0:49. 170 – Zachary Silverhardt (Irv) dec. Sam Goldsmith (CH), 6-1; Andy Weiss (Ard) pin Mikhail Garcia (Hs), 5:22; Dennis Devey (JFK) pin Adam Rosenkranz (DF), 2:53; Tyler Estremera (OLL) pin Matt Tensor (DF), 0:50; Omeed Ansari (Pl) by forfeit. 182 – Michael Minieri (Irv) by forfeit; Frank Tirri (Pl) pin Joey Stallupia (DF), 3:09; Matt Zefi (Ws) pin Melvin Ward-Johns (Ard), 1:44; Peter Salzarulo (Pl) dec. Daniel Longest (JFK), 5-1; Denis Kelly (PV) pin Matt Seputro (CH), 1:17; Devin Lewis (CH) pin David Saravia (DF), 1:28. 285 – Andreas Fell (Hs) pin Brett Van Buren (OLL), 1:45; Daniel Zapata (Wd) pin Rob Drake (Pa), 2:24.


99 – Mikey Bruno (PV) by forfeit; Dan Fraad (Pa) dec. Thomas Barsuch (CH), 9-6. 106 – Tyler Aslanian (Ed) pin Brian Devey (JFK), 0:51; Dylan Mateo (Na) dec. Rob Corveddu (CH), 8-2; Jared Eliopoulous (PV) pin Robert Levine (Ws), 5:39; Noah Kelvas (PV) pin Gideon Bernstein (Irv), 1:16. 113 – Stephen Samolsky (Ard) pin Wexler (Irv), 0:28; Duffy (Ws) maj. dec. Worobow (Ed), 16-8; Mark Taino (Pl) pin Fleischmann (Ed), 0:48; Andrew Barsuch (CH) pin A. Samolsky (Ard), 2:49. 120 – Trey Aslanian (Ed) pin Marmo (Pl), 0:27; Jimenez (Irv) dec. Schulze (CH), 5-2; Boyle (Na) pin Powell (NS), 3:45; Anthony Calvano (Na) pin Montes (Pl), 1:22. 126 – Mirabal (PV) pin Deanda (Irv), 1:03; Luciano (OLL) dec. Klein (Ed), 17-10; Paternostro (Pl) pin Mistry (Ed), 2:46; J. Dillon (Na) dec. Lowery (Na), 4-2. 132 – Korek (Ed) dec. Gonzales (PV), 9-3; Guido (CH) dec. Jolly (OLL), 6-4 OT; Santana (Pa) dec. Thompson (Na), 6-2; Bruno (PV) maj. dec. Kogan (Ard), 18-4. 138 – Longo (Ard) tech. fall Spiegel (Na), 24-9; Graybeal (Ed) dec. Wang (Ed), 5-3; Martin (Pa) dec. Smith (Pa), 4-3; Kelvas (PV) pin Gottlieb (Pl), 1:18. 145 – Matt Dillon (Na) pin Honors (PV), 1:50; Castro (Pl) dec. Onuma (Pl), 3-0; Nick O’Hallaran (Ws) pin Ficuciello (Ed), 0:34; Kraemer (Wd) dec. Andrew Horan (CH), 4-2. 152 – Brett Pastore (Irv) pin Muriqi (PV), 0:51; Marrone (Pl) dec. Saraguro (Na), 1-0; Teddy Fleming (NS) tech. fall Vasquez (Ws), 16-0; Jack McCormack (Ed) pin Paratore (Na), 0:30. 160 – Zegarelli (PV) pin Johns (Na), 2:56; Kantor (Ed) pin Walker (Pa), 1:03; W. Messinger (PV) dec. Jones (Irv), 7-0; Solis (Ws) tech. fall Deegan (OLL), 17-2. 170 – John Messinger (PV) pin Silverhardt (Irv), 0:58; Devey (JFK) pin Weiss (Ard), 4:53; Estremera (OLL) by forfeit; Peter Smith (Na) pin Ansari (Pl), 0:34. 182 – Chris Kim (Ed) pin Minieri (Irv), 0:31; Zefi (Ws) pin Tirri (Pl), 0:25; Salzarulo (Pl) dec. Kelly (PV), 5-3; Mike Buhlmann (Na) maj. dec. Lewis (CH), 17-5. 195 – Evan Shlom (Ard) pin Guy Backland (Ard), 2:25; Jason Worobow (Ed) dec. Michael Guashpa (DF), 7-2; Kevin Brundage (Na) pin Houston Porter (Wd), 3:13. 220 – Adam Kreiger (Irv) pin Ed Foster (Pa), 1:48. 285 – Jason Levine (Na) pin Fell (Hs), 0:43; James Maher (OLL) pin Chris Minozzi (Hs), 4:27; Matt Acevedo (Pa) pin Joe Morello (DF), 2:06; Anthony DiNardo (Irv) dec. Zapata (Wd), 11-8.


99 – K. Aslanian (Ed) maj. dec. M. Bruno (PV), 9-0; Bathon (Pl) pin Fraad (Pa), 0:38. 106 – Ty. Aslanian (Ed) pin Mateo (Na), 5:55; N. Kelvas (PV) pin Eliopoulous (PV), 1:04. 113 – S. Samolsky (Ard) pin Duffy (Ws), 3:19; A. Barsuch (CH) pin Taino (Pl), 3:43. 120 – Tr. Aslanian (Ed) pin Jimenez (Irv), 0:47; Calvano (Na) pin Boyle (Na), 1:08. 126 – Mirabal (PV) pin Luciano (OLL), 1:09; Paternostro (Pl) dec. J. Dillon (Na), 6-5. 132 – Guido (CH) dec. Korek (Ed), 5-4; Bruno (PV) dec. Santana (Pa), 8-5. 138 – Longo (Ard) tech. fall Graybeal (Ed), 26-11; K. Kelvas (PV) dec. Martin (Pa), 7-2. 145 – M. Dillon (Na) tech. fall Castro (Pl), 15-0; O’Hallaran (Ws) pin Kraemer (Wd), 1:44. 152 – Pastore (Irv) pin Marrone (Pl), 3:55; McCormack (Ed) pin Fleming (NS), 1:24. 160 – Zegarelli (PV) maj. dec. Kantor (Ed), 13-5; Solis (Ws) pin W. Messinger (PV), 2:29. 170 – J. Messinger (PV) pin Devey (JFK), 1:30; Smith (Na) dec. Estremera (OLL), 7-2. 182 – Kim (Ed) dec. Zefi (Ws), 13-6; Salzarulo (Pl) pin Buhlmann (Na), 3:50. 195 – Jacob Wiegard (OLL) pin Shlom (Ard), 1:15; J. Worobow (Ed) dec. Brundage (Na), 5-3. 220 – Dan Breit (Na) pin Kreiger (Irv), 0:47; Alek Pavloff (CH) pin Paul Sacchetti (Ws), 0:19. 285 – Maher (OLL) by disqualification Levine (Na); Acevedo (Pa) dec. DiNardo (Irv), 1-0.

Fifth place

99 – T. Barsuch (CH) by forfeit. 106 – Levine (Ws) maj. dec. Corveddu (CH), 13-5. 113 – A. Samolsky (Ard) dec. M. Worobow (Ed), 5-4. 120 – Schulze (CH) dec. Montes (Pl), 8-4. 126 – Klein (Ed) pin Luciano (OLL), 3:40. 132 – Jolly (OLL) pin Korek (Ed), 2:17. 138 – Spiegel (Na) dec. Graybeal (Ed), 9-4. 145 – Castro (Pl) dec. Honors (PV), 7-0. 152 – Paratore (Na) by forfeit. 160 – W. Messinger (PV) by forfeit. 170 – Silverhardt (Irv) dec. Ansari (Pl), 5-1. 182 – Kelly (PV) dec. Tirri (Pl), 7-3. 195 – Guashpa (DF) by forfeit. 220 – Sacchetti (Ws) by forfeit. 285 – Minozzi (Hs) dec. Levine (Na), 7-4.

Third place

99 – M. Bruno (PV) dec. Fraad (Pa), 7-3. 106 – Mateo (Na) dec. Eliopoulous (PV), 4-2 OT. 113 – Taino (Pl) pin Duffy (Ws), 0:47. 120 – Jimenez (Irv) dec. Boyle (Na), 4-3. 126 – J. Dillon (Na) dec. Lowery (Na), 5-2. 132 – Santana (Pa) dec. Thompson (Na), 5-3. 138 – Smith (Pa) dec. Martin (Pa), 7-5. 145 – Horan (CH) dec. Kramer (Wd), 8-3. 152 – Marrone (Pl) dec. Saraguro (Na), 1-0. 160 – Jones (Irv) dec. Johns (Na), 2-1. 170 – Devey (JFK) dec. Estremera (OLL), 12-9. 182 – Buhlmann (Na) dec. Zefi (Ws), 8-3. 195 – Brundage (Na) pin Shlom (Ard), 2:30. 220 – Kreiger (Irv) pin Foster (Pa), 0:31. 285 – Zapata (Wd) dec. DiNardo (Irv), 4-2 OT.


99 – Bathon (Pl) dec. K. Aslanian (Ed), 3-0. 106 – Noah Kelvas (PV) dec. Ty. Aslanian (Ed), 3-1. 113 – S. Samolsky (Ard) dec. A. Barsuch (CH), 4-3. 120 – Tr. Aslanian (Ed) dec. Calvano (Na), 3-1. 126 – Paternostro (Pl) pin Mirabal (PV), 0:15. 132 – Bruno (PV) dec. Guido (CH), 5-3. 138 – Longo (Ard) maj. dec. K. Kelvas (PV), 16-3. 145 – M. Dillon (Na) dec. O’Hallaran (Ws), 3-1. 152 – Pastore (Irv) pin McCormack (Ed), 1:12. 160 – Solis (Ws) dec. Zegarelli (PV), 8-2. 170 – J. Messinger (PV) pin Smith (Na), 4:47. 182 – Kim (Ed) maj. dec. Salzarulo (Pl), 14-5. 195 – Wiegard (OLL) pin J. Worobow (Ed), 0:16. 220 – Breit (Na) pin Pavloff (CH), 0:30. 285 – Acevedo (Pa) dec. Maher (OLL), 3-2.


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  1. Whats the story?
    doesn’t DeFran know how to post on the blog. Where are the d1 early results. That why Vince needs to be at the d1s or teach his flunky how to report things

  2. Vincent Mercogliano on

    Not to worry, guys. I just spoke to Dan and he’s typing up the results for the first round and quarters now. He was busy filming matches and conducting interviews, whereas I’m saving that for later here at Irvington. They’ll be posted soon.

  3. Nanuet just finished cruising to a 3rd straight D2 team title.
    I wouldn’t say they looked terrible.


  4. Yea sorry to say there is not much competition out look at all the Nanuet kids placements 3 in the finals and two section champs. I say that is pretty bad a s far as a team tittle of course when you enter two or more in a weight class. Pretty obvious watch next year.

  5. Nanuet didn’t look great, neither did Edgemont. Put Valley was really impressive but Nanuet clearly had the numbers to cruise to the win.
    -Paternostro from P’Ville was MOW and REALLY impressive. Beat Joe Dillon in semis, basically great on top for over 2minutes and then pinned Mirabell in 15sec in the finals
    99-Bathon proved to be a little big for Aslanian, held on for the win
    106-Kelvis looked good from top, again hanging on a really close match from Tyler Aslanian
    113-Samolsky is really tough, stocky and strong, nice win, another 1point match over Barsuch
    120-Excellent match as was expected Aslanian picked up a single on the edge of the mat from a low single in the last minute of the 3rd period to pick up a tough win.
    126-See above- Paternostro picked up Mirablel from a double and put him right to his back
    132-Bruno pretty much in control the entire match over Guido despite the close score
    138-Longo looked very sharp, really aggressive from his feet today, definitely gearing up to place at states
    145-In maybe the best final – Matt Dillon beat O’halloran 3-1 in a really close match. At one point Dillon was on his back but was able to roll through otherwise may have gone the other way. Horan lost in the quarters to the Woodlands kid, not really sure if he was at his best.
    152-Pastore handled McCormack, not sure what clarification was needed
    160-Sollis was very aggressive from his feet, got a few nice takedowns, then spladled Zegarelli. Ok’s from Edgemont was a scratch, not sure why.
    170-Messinger handled Smith, didn’t see how he pinned him. Don’t think Messenger was really challenged much overall
    182- Chris Kim put on a takedown clinic in the Semis and Finals
    195- Not sure what happened here, I just know the Lourdes kid won very quickly, had 2 matches both ended quickly
    220-Not sure that Breit broke a sweat, literally
    285-Acevdo is a 2 times section champ. he wrestled a couple of quick matches.

  6. The Woodlands kids name is Daniel Kraemer…..and wait till next year….other Woodlands kid Joseph Hadley will be a real force.. 132 lbs… first time wrestler…who is a natural….has speed… strength… high pain tolerance… and will have technique down by then…..thank you for all the wrestlers….. it was a total joy to be apart of this wonderful sport….. I’m very grateful….. God Bless.!!

  7. For a program that’s only like 3-4 yrs old Lourdes is looking pretty good. If they can fill out their roster in upcoming years I can see some noise coming from them. Good job on their coach

  8. What’s the deal with D2 team scoring ? Does only the top scoring entry count like at states ? And most dual entry tournaments? D1 your’re still only allowed to enter 16 kids? But they all get scored ? Who is in the know. I know we have posters that know every word said at every meeting so I know we can answer this

  9. Patenostro was the cinderella story of the day what a great double leg to half in the finals amazing. The crowd erupted . Also have to give props to Aslanian who had a nice win against Calvano

  10. just so everyone knows on

    Jeff im sure you have a last name, going to single kids out don’t be a coward

    wild card possibilities

    99: not sure he placed ? maybe 6th last year? not much of a shot for a wild card, although being at 99 helps, not a lot of experienced guys with lots of points
    106:Tyler. has a good shot at a WC
    113: Barsuch, has a strong record, was an alternate last year, but at 99, its tougher at 113 more SRs and JRs with better resumes than at 99
    120: Calvano – hard to see him not getting one. Would have to be a handful of guys that have either placed at states are also have multiple top 2 finishes
    126: Mirabal: not likely
    132: Guido: not likely
    138: Kelvas: not likely, some top 3’s but you will have guys up state who were champs and didnt win this year
    145: same story
    152: Not likely (missed time this season so his season wins are low.
    160: not likely, weaker resume than the last couple
    170-285: same story..

    good shot at WC: Calvano and Tyler Aslanian
    decent shot: Barsuch
    slight shot: Kyle Aslanian

    just my opinion of knowing the system and having a decent idea of where guys placed the last couple years

    here is last year’s wild cards for D2
    Division 2

    Wild cards
    99: Joe Dillon, Soph., Nanuet – has a better shot than i thought originally, lost to Paternostro the champ so Mirabal doesn’t have to get in. He can get in on his own. 1&3 would go. Not as easy to get in at 126 though depending on what weight the upstate guys are at. You could have state place finishers at lightweights that got heavy and didnt win the section.

    138: Matt Dillon, Jr., Nanuet – won this year he is in

    99: Andrew Barsuch, Soph., Croton-Harmon (No. 6) – but now adding a 2nd and a 37-4 record
    113: Sky Korek, Jr., Edgemont (No. 6) – had a rough tournament, looked banged up
    there were a couple graduates, i deleted them for ya

    if you want your head to explode here is a link to what i believe is the current at-large selection process, long island knows there stuff so i think this is up to date. unfortunately for section 1 division 1 is just below level A(15.4%) when you need to be at 16% and division 2 is just below level B(5.4%) when you need to be at 6%. If we had a few more schools in each division to make the brackets larger are guys would get so more points. Also D1 with 167 points is the top ‘mid-level’ section for power points behind section 2 with 204 pts. Couple more years with strong finishes and MAYBE we can get into the top 4. D2 has NO CHANCE at the top 4, but look pretty safe for staying mid-level.

  11. Agree completely with above, having dealt with this a few yrs ago. For your borderline guys (ie..2nd this year, 3/4 last year – Kelvas, Ohalloran) you need a perfect storm. All returning section champs and any state placers need to win their sections. If that happens, then you are basically in a point counting exercise. 1)A lot of the upstate guys will get the Max 35 points (win-loss), Sect 1D2 gets less powerpoints as explained above. 2)most will be pretty close on prior placement points. 3)competition points for beating state placers. Then there’s a long list of tie-break criteria.

    If one prior champ/placer places 2nd this year then there likely goes 1 wild card spot. If another section has 2 guys at a weight that placed at states last year – there goes a spot.

    So……not easy for D2guys to get wildcards

  12. the D1 guys will get a few more points for the size of the D1 tourney in our section. A 2nd this year 3rd last year will be worth 35 pts (15,20) in D1 and worth 25pts in D2 (10,15) those 10pts are pretty big. Surprisingly D1 and D2 in section 1 get the same 5 power pts. Unfortunately for D2 there are so many better kids up state taking wildcards. Unfortunately for D1 there are so many LI kids taking wildcards. but it balances out, in D2 its easier to place because there is less talent, so its easier to rack up placement points.