BREAKING NEWS: Division 1 semis and finals moved to Monday night


Here is a press release from Section 1 coordinator Eric Romanino confirming that the Division 1 semis and finals will now be held at Pace on Monday night. The entire Division 2 tourney will still be completed at Irvington on Sunday as scheduled:

Members of the wrestling committee, Eric Romanino and Co-wrestling Chairman Jamie Block and Section One Executive Director Jennifer Simmons met to discuss wrestling sectionals.

Division Two Wrestling Sectionals will be at Irvington on Sunday starting at 9 am. Champion Finals are tentatively scheduled for 6 PM.

Due to a scheduling conflict at PACE because of the weather, Division One Wrestling Sectionals will now be a two day tournament, Sunday and Monday at PACE. The wrestling schedule for the tournament is as follows:



Weigh In                                                                              7:30 – 8:30 AM

Round of 16                                                                        9 -12:30 PM                        4 Mats

Round of 8                                                                          12:30 – 2:30                        4 Mats

WB ¼                                                                                  2:30 – 4 PM                         4 Mats

Monday (plus 1 pound)

Weigh Ins                                                                            2 -3 PM

Semi Final                                                                            3 -4 PM                                 4 Mats

Consi Semi                                                                          4 – 5 PM                               4 Mats

Championship Finals – 3rd/4th – 5th /6th                      6 PM                                      3 Mat


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  1. Wrestlebacks from the 1st rd are huge confidence boosters and are very important for the younger kids even if they dont place.. Potential studs can be put off of the sport by losing in the 1st rd

    A few years back i remember Delacruz and mastro lost in the first rd and wrestled all the way back to place.. Who knows if they lose in the first round and lose interest because all their hard word went to waste?

    Also bad draws can happen, like All section guevarra getting the 14 seed last yr and beating the 5 seed boker and then boker goes on to be the only wrestler last yr who lost in the 1st rd to take 5th place. he would have missed that chance this yr all because he got a tough first round draw…

  2. Back in the ’70s only the top three from Divisions qualified. Division Champs got a bye first round in Sections and were the automatic top four seeds. You had to make semis to wrestle for 3rd place. Semi’s losers for third was used as recently as 1999. We’ve come a long way since then, providing more match experiences for non-titleists. Let’s get some perspective on this. The current point system reasonably seeds wrestlers in the Section Tournament. Weather impacts the schedule of facilities. Nobody wants to eliminate rounds of wrestling, but reality sets in when you’re managing the event. Even Marc Fiore (Har ’03) had his chance to win. Wrestling back may be an ego stroke and produce team points, but it is not a necessity.

  3. Suck it up D1…..wasn’t that the general attitude towards the D2 wrestlers when they were told there would be no Pace for them because D1 had all the money and the more talented kids. Karma is a bummer. I heard MSG will also be busy Monday night in Long Island Section 8 where there is even more money and more talent. But don’t worry Stoney is available to do your finals. LMFAO