Section 1 announces plan for sectionals in case of inclement weather


In an attempt to cover all bases and make sure that everyone knows what’s going on, Section 1 has announced its plans in case weather forces Saturday’s action to be canceled.

A decision to cancel or delay Saturday will be made on Friday morning, so I’ll update that as soon as I hear anything. If they cancel Saturday, then the full D1 tournament will be held at Pace on Sunday with the D2 tournament at Irvington. In that scenario, wrestling would begin at 9 a.m. for both tourneys and go straight through to the finals.

In the event that they can wrestle on Saturday, each tournament will proceed as originally scheduled over the course of two days. The D1 tourney would be at Clarkstown South on Saturday with the D2 tourney at Irvington, then both would move to Pace on Sunday for the semis and finals. Both tournaments must be completed by Sunday night, which is why they would have to do it in one day if they can’t wrestle on Saturday.


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  1. Wow that doesn’t seem right… Total discrimination against D2 I guess the D2 kids just don’t deserve the better venue in some jerks eyes maybe they do not work as hard as D1 kids. If it was flipped the other way I’m sure it would be a huge problem. Typical section 1 BS. You should be ashamed treating some wrestlers like second class citizens.

  2. it just a numbers game and a $$$ game. Pace is paid for, its getting used. More teams will compete in D1 than D2, they need the bigger venue. MSG Varsity is going to Pace, they don’t want to film D2. No one wants to travel across the bridge to see the D1 finals. No one asks will D1 finals be over early enough so I can shoot over to see D2 finals. The last time we were split D2 went Fri/Sat so they could go to Yonkers and watch D1 finals on Sunday. The Section One banner goes on the D1 side of the arena at States. There is a clause that D1 coaches must make at least 20% more than D2 coaches, and at the All-section brunch the D1 kids get the AMAZING buffet while the D2 kids get frozen waffles and a cup of OJ. Okay I made the last two up, but are you actually shocked that this would happen??? what doesn’t seem right to you ? The mats are no different at Pace, the bleachers are nicer, the money goes to PACE not to section one/home school/ wherever it goes (concessions) It’s going to be all first-class at Irvington whether we are there for two days or one.

  3. Stop it, if we were still under the original format (no D1 or D2) 75% of the D2 kids would have ended their season last week!!!!! TFS.

  4. Indian (JO) Yeah especially more talent, lets ask Drew Longo and Dan Breit, you can’t get 2 d1 kids on the mat at the same time that can beat Dan…. Lol maybe if you pay him off with all that money. Hahahaha

  5. S1 fan really ?? ? on

    you named two D2 guys… I’m a D2 guy, you aren’t winning this argument. There are more schools so easily more talent in D1.

    99-D1 lots of depth- Bathon maybe places, Aslanian is a stretch
    106-Tyler could place no one else D1 wins easy though
    113-tough call Mcliverty lost to Taino, Grant handled Barsuch, Albis hasnt wrestled the top 3 D2 kids
    120-Calvano and Trey my all fall behind Delacruz, Muldoon, and Benderoth. what happened at Rockland’s ? was Calvano at 126 ?
    126-little Dillon might place
    132-no one places
    138-longo COULD win, no one else places
    145-maybe Dillon gets into 5/6
    152-Brett fights to place (lost to Perlmutter-HH)
    160-no one places
    170-Messinger maybe wins, no one else places
    182-no one places
    195-no one places
    220-Breit wins, no one else places
    285- maybe a guy can place, doubt it

    clearly more talent in D1 but there are more teams, the points from before

  6. D2 guys have some of the best people look at the past year and this year. Breit, Longo, Trey, Tyler, Messinger… (just to name a few)