BREAKING NEWS: Section 1 championships postponed until Sunday


With a winter storm in the forecast for Friday night, Section 1 officials have decided to cancel all wrestling activities for Saturday. The Section 1 championships for both Division 1 (large schools) and Division 2 (small schools) were originally supposed to take place over a two-day period, but will now be condensed into one day.

The entire Division 1 tourney will be held at Pace University on Sunday, with the full Division 2 tourney being held at Irvington on the same day. Wrestling at each tournament will begin at 9 a.m. and go straight through to the finals.

With the postponement now official, I think I’m going to hold my weight class predictions for another day to keep things interesting. That gives me one more night to sleep on the picks…


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  1. I agree i was not singling you out rather pointing to the fact that there were so many people complaining about the split

  2. We can get more. Just need a the seeds to be all messed up(used same pts again this year), a mahopac vs somers brawl, degl cursing out an opponents wrestler, and mr grippi throwing headgear. Sadly those are the only times I remember getting 100. Maybe all those could happen this weekend and we can eat to 1000 lol

  3. Dcw
    my question is and has nothing to do with coaches but put yourself in a 16 Seeds head you come in Sunday make weight and get pinned in 1 minute possibly and have to hang around the remainder of the day. What are most 16 seeds thinking?

  4. Well, it not unreasonable to think that with all the schedule changes + split we could have some horrific officiating, would you be surprised if an awful call costs someone a title or loses a first round match and done. 2)there are a number of crazy parents that have been mentioned on here before that can definitely make a scene this weekend (go pirates). 3)I believe Degl’s new team will be at D2 tournament —-don’t worry we can get to 100 easy with this stuff

  5. he is trying to set up his ‘ISW team’ get kids to go to Kennedy so they can all wrestle together, they may say thats not the plan, but the school is up there near ISW, its not a public school so you don’t have to live in district.. however i think 1)kids are going to want to stay in their home district, and wear their home colors 2) i think parents will keep their kids in public schools, or a school not coached by Degl. If they go to a catholic school and then he gets dismissed and they want to transfer back they have to wait a year. Hopefully parents are away of that if they are considering sending the kids there. Just keep sending them to ISW and letting them wrestle for their own school

  6. Thinking outside the box, in reference to having full wrestle backs- championship bracket and wrestle backs could be treated as two separate tournaments. I am thinking there will be four mats, standard beginning up to semi’s and then the time alternative. Progress the semi round after waiting the minimum 45 mins on two mats and the wrestle backs on two. Then conduct the finals on one mat after the minimum 45 mins and crown a champion. All while wrestle backs continue on three mats, and then when finals are complete let the boys wrestle back to completion. The only argument I have heard for eliminating first round losers in time. Well if contingency plans are the flavor of the day, it is not too late to think outside the box. This would protect the integrity of the team competition, crown champions in a timely manner and most of all provide due consideration to all wrestlers vying for all section honors!

  7. ChiefWildEagle on

    To the incoming Section One Wrestling Chairperson: 2014 Section One Wrestling Championships at THE WESTCHESTER COUNTY CENTER!!!!! Get on it.

    For all you D2 lovers, you all need to move upstate. In Sections 3, 4 and 5 D1 is treated like the JV. Section 7 only has D2.
    In 3,4 and 5 it is a numbers game like here just in reverse. Oh, and also the talent up in those sections resides in D2.

  8. ChiefWildEagle on

    Fan, Section 5 has talent across the board but without doubt their best wrestlers, in fact some of NYS best wrestlers recent have come out of Section 5 D2.

  9. the probably with wrestlebacks is if a guy loses first round and continues to win in wrestlebacks he wont be able to wrestle for 3rd place, or if he loses in consi semi for 5th place, too many matches in one day. Can’t wrestle more than 5. But it a 16 man bracket I dont know if you could have more than 5 ?

    1st match RD1[16]-lose
    2nd Match WB[8](RD16 losers) – win
    3rd Match 2ndWB[8](vs QFinal Losers)-win
    4th match 3rdWB[4] (winners face semi-final losers)-win
    5th match CONSI-Semi’s[4] – win or lose they’re all done in a 1 day tournament
    3rd/4th & 5th/6th matches would be 6th bout of the day. not to code.

    When you do just quarterfinal losers
    1st match – RD16 win
    2nd match QF loss
    3rd match – wrestleback RD of 4QF losers – win
    4th match – 2 winners of WB wrestle semi-final losers
    5th match is 3/4/5/6 place

    How many guys losing first round would really wrestle back and place? could happen sure, not very likely

    If we are worrying about guys being sad sitting around the gym all day… well then maybe we shouldnt raise the winner’s hand until the loser walks off the mat, no need to rub it in. Honestly if the kids don’t want to be in the gym after they lose hand them a basketball and send them home, if it were me I would give them a cheerleading skirt and a box of tampons. It’s wrestling, if you lose keep an eye on the guys who are still wrestling. See what they have that you don’t and better yourself from it.

  10. Because of this format….is it possible there could be some shocking upsets… because Maybe the heavily favorated wrestlers will have that added pressure knowing that if they lose that first…. they are out of tournament…… I’m new to this wrestling thing….

  11. Screw 1 and done on

    5 wrestlers last year lost first rd, and came back to place in sectionals. It happens. Using this format you would have had 5 kids who didn’t place, actually place. Makes for a totally different tournament. Remember its all about the kids. Haha