Weather threating Saturday’s action; Section 1 officials prepare


I received an email this morning from Section 1 coordinator Eric Romanino indicating that they are beginning to make alternate plans in case the weather forces Saturday’s sectional action to be canceled. The forecast isn’t good, which means that sectionals for both divisions might become one day tournaments. If one school cancels, then both tourneys will move to Sunday.

If the snow is heavy and it’s determined that there cannot be any wrestling on Saturday, the entire D1 tournament will be held at Clarkstown South on Sunday with the full D2 tourney taking place at Irvington on the same day. That means no more Pace, and it means that if a wrestler wants to win a section title, he’ll have to win four matches in one day. It also means that there will be no wrestle backs out of the round of 16; meaning if you lose your first match, you’re done.

Again, nothing will be determined officially until Friday at the earliest, but the possibility of a cancellation for Saturday is real.


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  1. One day tournament would benefit the guys cutting the most weight, no 2 day weighins, no wrestling a tough semifinal match an hr after making weight. Make a much bigger difference in the outcomes than people think.

  2. Forecast calls for 2-3 inches midday Friday. You can ask my girlfriend, no one has every changed plans because of 2-3 inches lol

  3. Weather or not on

    A one day tournament would probably boost yorktowns chances and hurt north rockland. Rockland needs its team to do well in the wrestlebacks, if one day tournament you eliminate 2 rds of wrestlebacks which would really hurt n. rock.

  4. ChiefWildEagle on

    If only one school cancels…….what kind of nonsense is that. One coach, one AD or one Superintendent at home hiding under the bed destroys a whole tournament!!!!!! Doesn’t seem right.
    A few inches of snow is nothing. Once again Section 1 doing its’ best to be the laughing stock of NYS. Remember what a cluster F the football season turned out to be!!!!!!!

  5. The sectional tourney, not that long ago, used to be single elimination until the semis, with no wild cards. That means semi losers wrestled each other for 3rd. Only the winner went to states. Can you imagine how many worthy kids missed the cut?!

  6. ChiefWildEagle on

    Dcw, yes things have come a long way. However, the forecast is not looking too promising for Friday evening into Saturday early am.
    Why is the tournament not being rescheduled for the open week? I always thought that was what the extra week was for, no?

  7. Good point CWE. I can only imagine that Pace may be booked next weekend. Nothing you can do about Mother Nature though. Safety should come first. But based on the latest totals what if you started later in the morning or even early afternoon on Saturday?

  8. they still could do two days, just not with a day at Pace. If they treated Sat. Night like a Friday night and went round of 16 and quarters, and then went wrestlebacks(quarter losers), semis, next round of wrestlebacks (WB1 winners vs. Semi losers) and then 5th/6th 3/4th and finals 3 mats across. You’re still out early enough for a sunday night. If you want to watch your kid and not miss the finals tell your kid to make the finals.

  9. If the tourney gets suspended until Sunday because of snow, would everyone get an extra pound ?

  10. No extra pound S1Fan. My fingers are crossed the most we get is a delay on Saturday. My snow blower is gassed up and ready to go. I hope you all can make it to South on Saturday.