College update from Iowa Style Wrestling: Week 12


Here is this week’s press release from Iowa Style Wrestling:

Messiah Open

Mike Parise (Brewster HS) placed at his first college tournament as just a freshman for University of Maryland. At 125 lbs Parise wrestled very strong going 4-1, taking third place, and only dropping one match to the eventual champion. Parise beat Kevin O’hagan of Brockport 14-9 in the consolation finals.

NEWA Duals

Derrick Longo (Ardsley HS) went 3-0 at 165 lbs to help his team, Springfield College, take first at the New England Wrestling Association dual meet championship. Longo pinned Torin Zonfrelli of WPI, then beat Sean Prell of Johnson & Wales 9-4. In the finals Longo beat Taran Carr 17-5 for a 19-18 win against the extremely strong team of Wesleyan.

Duals Meets

Steven Rodrigues (Fox Lane HS) made a statement in his debut match in the starting lineup for Illinois. Rodrigues beat Alex Gregory 14-4 at 141 lbs.

Another Big 10 wrestler Jacob Berkowitz (Scarsdale HS), who wrestles for Northwestern, as a true freshman lost a close 3-0 match against 16th-ranked John Rizqallah, with some questionable calls in the first period. Berkowitz wrestles at 184 lbs.

James Brundage (Ossining HS) of Rider beat Coleman Gracey of Army by a score of 9-7.

Dan Graff (Arlington HS) beat Justin Patus of Oswego 8-0 at 157 lbs. Graff wrestles for Oneonta. Graff then lost to Troy Sterling of Cortland by just one takedown, 7-5.

Derrick Longo won a close 3-2 decision over Dave Pinto from Norwich.

Vin Grella (Beacon HS) of Binghamton lost 4-3 to Brett Miller from Old Dominion at 165 lbs.

Henry Stauber (John Jay-Cross River HS) had a very strong week going 3-0 for Johns Hopkins at 149 lbs. Stauber beat D.J. Albonico of NYU 2-0, Matt Howell of Washington and Lee 13-0 and Cody Keane of Gettysburg 15-0.

Danny Ventura (Fox Lane HS) of Ursinus continued his stellar freshman year, despite injuries, teched Thomas Healey of Merchant Marine at 133 lbs.

Andrew Lenzi (Fordham Prep) of UPenn lost 5-1 against 14th-ranked Chris Villalonga of Cornell at 141 lbs. Later in the week, Lenzi came back to beat Adam Healey 11-6 from Bucknell.

Sam Speno (Fox Lane HS) of NC State lost a hard fought 6-1 battle against 11th-ranked George DiCamillo of Virginia at 133 lbs.

Billy Watterson (John Jay-Cross River) of Brown pinned Hunter Wood of Army at 125 lbs.

James Brundage beat Marcus Johnson from Old Dominion by a score of 7-3.

Penn Gottfried (Ardsley HS) from Columbia lost to 16th-ranked Steve Bonanno of Hofstra at 125 lbs., with a final score of 4-2.


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  1. There’s more kids that wrestle in college then just kids from degl, why are you only giving credit to kids who degl claims are his

  2. what does the post say slick on

    I could care less about Degl as much as the next guy… but its info sent to Vince from Iowa Style Wrestling. Is it Degl, is it an ISW parent, who knows. But they are reporting the info they have on the kids who went/go to ISW. Why would they spend the time to go researching what everyone else did??? Vince can’t unless he does it out of the kindness of his heart.. his job is to report on high school wrestling.

    If someone wants to go and research other guys (just go on NWCA) and report to Vince maybe he will post those too, if he doesn’t then come on here and complain, and post what you find so we know you found something and he is choosing not to post it.

    otherwise shut it!

    DFZ (both DFZ’s)

  3. I’m pretty sure Degl gives these reports to Vince.. I could be wrong here but I don’t think Vin’s the one typing these up or giving kids credit, just reporting facts as a secondary source. Let’s take the heat off a great reporter.

  4. ChiefWildEagle on

    If you all could read Vince prints clear that it is “this weeks press release from Iowa…”
    You may not like Degl but at least he is taking the time to do the work and put out these releases every week. I am glad he is doing his part to keep us informed and more importantly I cannot remember when so many Westchester kids have gone on and done this well at the next level. Hats off to all involved.

  5. Matt Spano and Chris Gogatz had some big wins over the weekend as well. Both beat nationally ranked wrestlers.

  6. Thanks for the up date. Whether D3 or D1 great to see these young men still competing

    Having said that, the D3 college level holds no comparison to D 1. Last years national D 3 141 national champ was nearly teched by a D 1 wrestler who has never AA in D 1.

    When I see Lenzi, Osleeb, Rodrguiz, Speno, Brundage, watterson have near winning to winning records in D 1 I would imagine all would be D 3 AA. Wonder if they wish they had gone D 3??

    btw- Joe Grippi is ranked # 1 nationally in D 3 at 141….