Sectionals: Division 2 preliminary seeds


I hope everybody had an enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday! We’ve got a week filled with previews coming your way leading up to this weekend’s sectional tournaments, and to get things started, we have an early look at the preliminary Division 2 seeds. I want to note that these are subject to change, so don’t go carving anything into stone quite yet. I’ll be back later on with reaction.

1. Kyle Aslanian, Edgemont
2. James Bathon, Pleasantville
3. Thomas Barsuch, Croton-Harmon
4. Mikey Bruno, Putnam Valley

1. Tyler Aslanian, Edgemont
2. Noah Kelvas, Putnam Valley
3. Robert Levine, Westlake
4. Dylan Mateo, Nanuet

1. Stephen Samolsky, Ardsley
2. Andrew Barsuch, Croton-Harmon
3. Mark Taino, Pleasantville
4. Ryan Duffy, Westlake

1. Trey Aslanian, Edgemont
2. Anthony Calvano, Nanuet
3. Eric Boyle, Nanuet
4. Justin Jimenez, Irvington

1. AJ Mirabal, Putnam Valley
2. Joe Dillon, Nanuet
3. Stephen Paternostro, Pleasantville
4. Sumner Kataka, Woodlands

1. Sky Korek, Edgemont
2. Chris Bruno, Putnam Valley
3. Chris Santana, Pawling
4. Nick Jolly, Lourdes

1. Drew Longo, Ardsley
2. Kyle Kelvas, Putnam Valley
3. Zach Martin, Pawling
4. Will Graybeal, Edgemont

1. Matt Dillon, Nanuet
2. Andrew Horan, Croton-Harmon
3. Nick O’Hallaran, Westlake
4. Brandon Castro, Pleasantville

1. Brett Pastore, Irvington
2. Jack McCormack, Edgemont
3. Teddy Fleming, North Salem
4. Jazz Saraguro, Nanuet

1. Angelo Zegarelli, Putnam Valley
2. Edgar Solis, Westlake
3. Oliver Oks, Edgemont
4. Willie Messinger, Putnam Valley

1. John Messinger, Putnam Valley
2. Peter Smith, Nanuet
3. Tyler Estremera, Lourdes
4. Adam Rosenkranz, Dobbs Ferry

1. Chris Kim, Edgemont
2. Mike Buhlmann, Nanuet
3. Pete Salzarulo, Pleasantville
4. Matt Zefi, Westlake

1. Jacob Wiegard, Lourdes
2. Kevin Brundage, Nanuet
3. Jason Worobow, Edgemont
4. Evan Shlom, Ardsley

1. Dan Breit, Nanuet
2. Alek Pavloff, Croton-Harmon
3. Paul Sacchetti, Westlake
4. Adam Kreiger, Irvington

1. Jason Levine, Nanuet
2. Anthony DiNardo, Irvington
3. Matt Acevedo, Pawling
4. James Maher, Lourdes


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  1. Champ_knows_Best on

    Santana ranked 3rd at 132 seems wrong….the kid is better than 3rd and will look to make some serious noise and damage at Sectionals.

  2. Santana pinned Korek during the regular season and was ahead 9-3 before the pin

    Interesting rematch

  3. D2 rankings / seedings on

    These are seedings not rankings. Santana beating the 1 seed looks good but he lost to the two seed. Would have had to win two tough matches regardless between Korek, Bruno, Jolly/Guido winner. Pretty decent weight class with how tight it is 1-5. Doesn’t have the star power but pretty good.

    Seeds won’t change much. Meeting was yesterday. Head to head moves, injury waivers, all that stuff is taken care of. Someone can challenge something, someone could be a scratch next weekend, that’s about it to the best of my knowledge. No one is changing weights that’s for sure.

    What happened at 220/285 is amazing. Could be the most competitive 285 bracket in D2’s short history with everyone wanting a shot at a title, but having no chance with Breit

  4. In his last tournament Santana looked quicker/stronger/meaner than the last time that I saw him a month earlier. The matches this coming weekend will be very exciting. I don’t think he’s faced Guido, but he beat Korek/Jolly. Bruno match was close, and he should be able to make the adjustment.

    Agreed, the 285 bracket will be crazy….

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  6. Jeff that’s an awesome statement to make. Kim a finalist last year is the one seed, Buhlmann a finalist last year is the 2/3 with Salzarullo who is a decent wrestler. Certainly not the weakest weight class

  7. Thats a very disrespectful statement. Chris Kim is one of the better wrestlers in the section and I’m sure tries very hard. You are just some coward behind a computer screen. Please leave this blog.

  8. Small School Fan on

    Yea jeff all these wrestlers worked hard for their seedings. Who are you to make a comment like that?