LoHud Weight Class Rankings: It’s postseason time!


With sectional qualifiers set to official begin the 2013 postseason tomorrow, it seemed to me that there would be no better time to release my final LoHud Weight Class Rankings of the season. I’ve scoured through results and videos (plus all that I’ve seen in person), while also checking out which weight class guys will officially be at based on the seeds for divisionals.

We have nine wrestlers who retained their No. 1 rankings in D1 and 10 in D2, so there is some significant turnover in terms of who the favorites are heading into sectionals. Of course, just because a guy is ranked No. 1 doesn’t necessarily mean that’s who I believe will win a section title. I’ll get to those predictions next week.


1. Brady Robin, Fr., Arlington (35-4, 14 pins) Previous ranking: Not ranked
2. Alfredo Olmedo, Jr., Arlington (36-5, 19 pins) PR: 1
3. Brandon Fay, Jr., Fox Lane (28-11, 11 pins) PR: 2
4. James Kelly, Soph., Pearl River (34-1, 9 pins) PR: 3
5. Grant Cuomo, 7th, Brewster (28-7, 15 pins) PR: 5
Notes: With North Rockland’s Alex D’Angelo out for sectionals, the top five has become pretty clearIt’s really a tough call for the top spot between Robin, Olmedo, Fay and Kelly. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the four claim section titles… Robin beat Olmedo in OT… Olmedo beat Cuomo (4-2)… Fay has no losses in Section 1 since dropping to 99… Kelly’s only loss came to Pine Bush’s Chris Cuccolo, who also beat Fay and split with Olmedo… Fay (sixth) and Olmedo (eighth) each placed at the ESC.

1. Nick Barbaria, Jr., New Rochelle (34-0, 9 pins) PR: 1
2. Jon Errico, Soph., Byram Hills (21-4, 10 pins) PR: 4
3. Matt Grippi, 7th, Fox Lane (30-6, 11 pins) PR: 2
4. Kevin Rodriguez, Sr., Port Chester (26-7, 16 pins) PR: 3
5. Marlon Borge, Soph., North Rockland (34-8, 14 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Clarkstown North’s Brian Hong and Carmel’s Kevin Knox… Barbaria is the man here with an ESC title and two wins over Grippi… Errico split with Grippi, but pinned him in convincing fashion in their most recent meeting… Grippi beat K-Rod 7-4… Borge beat Hong three times.

1. Jay Albis, Soph., John Jay-EF (30-7, 19 pins) PR: 5 at 106
2. Mark Grant, Sr., Hen Hud (30-5, 12 pins) PR: 3
3. Brian McLiverty, Sr., Clarkstown South (29-10, 14 pins) PR: 1
4. Derek DiMarsico, Soph., North Rockland (32-9, 10 pins) PR: 2
5. Justin Hong, Sr., Clarkstown North (21-9, 7 pins) PR: 4
Notes: Also look out for Brewster’s Tyler Gonska… Arlington’s Travis Becker returned in January and won some big matches over Grant and Hong, but he isn’t seeded for divisionals and appears to be out… After wrestling matches at 106 as late as Jan. 19, Albis is locked in at 113. He pinned Becker last week… Grant pinned Hong and majored Gonska… McLiverty beat DiMarsico twice… DiMarisco beat Hong twice… Hong pinned McLiverty at the RCCs.

1. John Muldoon, Jr., Pearl River (36-3, 15 pins) PR: 2
2. Alex Delacruz, Jr., Ossining (28-2, 15 pins) PR: 1
3. Blaise Benderoth, Soph., North Rockland (31-3, 12 pins) PR: 3
4. Kirby Atlas, Sr., Horace Greeley (30-8, 17 pins) PR: NR
5. Scott Rodrigues, Fr., Fox Lane (31-8, 11 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Suffern’s Daiton Powell, New Ro’s Lamont Wallace and Hen Hud’s Jack Wagner… Arlington’s Nick Tolli getting hurt and a few guys bumping up to 126 makes this class a bit less daunting, but it’s still deep with three guys at the top who could place at states… Muldoon gets the top spot after Delacruz was disqualified when they met at the ESC. Muldoon had a lead at the time of the DQ… Muldoon also beat Benderoth twice… Delacruz pinned Rodrigues and has impressive wins over top guys in NYS, which earned him the No. 1 ranking from NY Wrestling News… Benderoth pinned Rodrigues and Powell… Atlas beat Rodrigues (9-8)… Rodrigues beat Wagner twice.

1. Dylan Realbuto, Sr., Somers (30-1, 15 pins) PR: 1
2. Jimmy Kaishian, Sr., Yorktown (32-4, 12 pins) PR: 2
3. Alex Oliveto, Sr., Suffern (18-5, 7 pins) PR: 5 at 120
4. Troy Feniger, Sr., North Rockland (19-4, 10 pins) PR: 4
5. Joe Maida, Sr., Harrison (31-4, 17 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also watch out for Clarkstown North’s Mike Seligson, Brewster’s Nick McGill and Port Chester’s Diego Giron… With Oliveto and Maida bumping up to get out of the loaded 120 class, this class is starting to look very deep… D-Real is the man as a defending state champ and his only loss coming in the ESC finals… Kaishian looks like his biggest challenger. He beat McGill twice… Feniger is the wild card, as he will be returning from a hip injury this weekend. He hasn’t wrestled since Dec. 20, but majored Seligson earlier this season.

1. Ben Ettlinger, Jr., Fox Lane (35-3, 6 pins) PR: 3 at 126
2. Jake DiMarsico, Sr., North Rockland (42-5, 9 pins) PR: 1
3. Liam Erickson, Jr., Brewster (26-6, 9 pins) PR: 2
4. Luke Minasi, Sr., John Jay-EF (29-6, 16 pins) PR: 3
5. Daniel Baruch, Soph., Scarsdale (23-2, 15 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Nyack’s James Giraldez and Mahopac’s Zack Boker… Ettlinger’s decision to go 132 shakes things up a bit. He beat DiMarsico (4-3), Boker (4-3) and Erickson (med. def.) this season. He had a lead on Erickson at the time of the medical default… DiMarisco beat Giraldez twice… Erickson beat Minasi (1-0) and majored Giraldez… Minasi beat Boker (6-1).

1. Matt Caputo, Jr., North Rockland (42-4, 20 pins) PR: 2
2. Colby Kash, Sr., Clarkstown North (29-3, 14 pins) PR: 1
3. Edwin Jimenez, Sr., Sleepy Hollow (32-3, 10 pins) PR: 3
4. Danny Murphy, Soph., Ketcham (39-10, 10 pins) PR: 4 at 132
5. Mike Hodges, Sr., Scarsdale (30-6, 12 pins) PR: 4
Notes: Also look out for Fox Lane’s Frank Surace and Somers’ Larry Courtien… Caputo has seized the No. 1 spot with wins in his last two matches against Kash… Jimenez beat Hodges twice… Murphy is locked in at 138 after spending some time at 132. He beat Surace (8-4).

1. Tom Grippi, Sr., Fox Lane (41-2, 17 pins) PR: 1
2. Brad Marvin, Jr., Ketcham (41-4, 17 pins) PR: 2
3. James DeSimone, Sr., Suffern (26-4, 18 pins) PR: 3
4. Kyle Santucci, Sr., Yorktown (24-7, 19 pins) PR: 4
5. David Polakoff, Sr., Harrison (32-4, 14 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Hen Hud’s Kevin McDermott and Greeley’s Mitchell Klein… Grippi is the man here as a defending champ who took fourth at the ESC. He majored Klein… Marvin is a clear No. 2 after majoring Santucci… DeSimone gets the third spot as an RCC champ… Polakoff beat McDermott in the Super 16 finals (10-4).

1. Joe Mastro, Sr., Yorktown (35-3, 24 pins) PR: 1
2. Desmond Djekovic, Sr., Tappan Zee (31-1, 17 pins) PR: 3
3. Gino Gioielli, Jr., Brewster (29-6, 11 pins) PR: 4
4. Josh Perlmutter, Sr., Hen Hud (22-4, 7 pins) PR: 5 at 145
5. Rob Gullo, Jr., Pearl River (31-8, 19 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Yonkers’ Ibrahim Simreen and Clarkstown South’s Sean Maloney… Mastro is the favorite here after taking fifth at the ESC. He beat Gioielli (12-9) and Perlmutter (5-0)… Djekovic’s only loss came against Mamaroneck’s Ben Miller, who bumped up to 160. He beat Gullo twice and Maloney (8-4)… Gioielli beat Perlmutter (10-4)… Perlmutter beat Simreen (3-0)… Gullo beat Maloney (4-3) and Simreen (5-3).

1. Dale White, Sr., John Jay-EF (6-0, 1 pin) PR: 1
2. Ben Miller, Sr., Mamaroneck (30-1, 18 pins) PR: 2 at 152
3. Joe Koshakow, Sr., Scarsdale (35-4, 15 pins) PR: 2
4. Lance Perlmutter, Sr., Hen Hud (13-2, 6 pins) PR: 3
5. Nick Didio, Jr., North Rockland (27-7, 3 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Nyack’s Jacob Lieberman and Somers’ Mark Lasar… White has gotten in his six matches to be eligible for sectionals and is seeded No. 1 at John Jay-EF on Saturday. He’s only actually wrestled two matches, but he placed at states last year and is still the favorite here… Miller has decided to go 160 instead of 152. He split with Koshakow, winning the most recent match in OT… Koshakow beat Lasar (7-5)… Perlmutter missed time with a head injury, but returned to win a title at the Super 16. He beat Lasar (6-2) and majored Lieberman… Didio is an RCC champ and beat Lieberman three times.

1. Brett Perry, Jr., John Jay-EF (37-4, 23 pins) PR: 1
2. Adam Hofling, Soph., Sleepy Hollow (27-4, 16 pins) PR: 2
3. Dion Duran, Sr., Mamaroneck (21-4, 14 pins) PR: 3
4. Hassan Auwarter, Jr., Clarkstown South (27-9, 17 pins) PR: 5
5. Aaron Gallagher, Sr., Mahopac (23-6, 11 pins) PR: 4
Notes: Also look out for Ossining’s Leo McCarthy… Perry is the favorite here with no losses in Section 1 and a fifth-place finish at the ESC. He pinned Auwarter… Hofling bounced back from a rough Kohl tourney to major Gallagher in the Super 16 finals. He also beat Duran (9-5)… Auwarter won at the RCCs and beat McCarthy (8-5).

1. Thomas Murray, Sr., Yorktown (36-3, 25 pins) PR: 1
2. Andrew Grella, Jr., Beacon (24-3, 13 pins) PR: 2
3. Tyler Goings, Sr., East Ramapo (28-9, 19 pins) PR: 5
4. Kurt Romano, Sr., Tappan Zee (26-7, 18 pins) PR: NR
5. Robert Hanaburgh, Sr., Arlington (22-9, 7 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Mahopac’s Tim Bunyea and Greeley’s Brock Cvijanovich… Murray is the clear favorite here after taking fifth at the ESC and pinning Bunyea three times… Grella took sixth at the ESC, but never got a chance to see Murray due to an injury. He pinned Bunyea and majored Cvijanovich… After the top two, it’s anyone’s game… If you go by process of elimination, Goings pinned Romano, who beat Hanaburgh (10-6)… Hanaburgh majored Cvijanovich… Bunyea split with Hanaburgh.

1. Steven Sabella, Sr., Yorktown (30-3, 18 pins) PR: 1
2. Scott Wymbs, Sr., Horace Greeley (31-5, 20 pins) PR: 2
3. Austin Maurer, Jr., Clarkstown South (29-5, 16 pins) PR: NR
4. Colton Charles, Sr., North Rockland (30-8, 20 pins) PR: 4
5. Billy Madigan, Sr., Tappan Zee (24-11, 13 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for John Jay’s Billy Gossett… Sabella keeps the No. 1 spot after nearly upsetting Johnson City’s Reggie Williams, who is ranked No. 1 in NYS, at the ESC. That was his only real loss this season (the other two are injury defaults). Sabella pinned Maurer and teched Gossett… Wymbs has no losses in Section 1 and beat Gossett (3-0)… Maurer beat Charles twice and has come on strong late in the season… Charles pinned Madigan twice… Madigan has pinned Maurer and Gossett.

1. David Watkins, Sr., Mount Vernon (20-1, 15 pins) PR: 2
2. Trent Lofaro, Sr., Ossining (32-3, 19 pins) PR: 3
3. John Hartnett, Jr., Tappan Zee (26-4, 21 pins) PR: 1
4. Paul Okeke, Sr., Clarkstown South (30-7, 11 pins) PR: 5
5. Ryan Delahanty, Soph., Mahopac (25-8, 13 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for East Ramapo’s Jason Dorsainville, John Jay’s Louis Talia and Yorktown’s Avik Mohan… Watkins ascends to the top spot after beating pretty much everyone in the top five. He pinned Okeke, Delahanty and Mohan, and beat Lofaro (3-2)… Lofaro split with Hartnett, but beat him in their most recent meeting. He also beat Mohan (2-1) and Talia (1-0)… Hartnett beat Okeke (4-0) and pinned Dorsainville… Okeke beat Talia (3-2) and Dorsainville (6-2)… Delahanty beat Mohan three times and Talia (3-2).

1. David Varian, Sr., Yorktown (35-3, 18 pins) PR: 1
2. Michael Manni, Jr., Tappan Zee (30-0, 18 pins) PR: 2
3. Brent Lobien, Sr., Horace Greeley (26-5, 10 pins) PR: 3
4. Justin Douglas, Sr., New Rochelle (18-7, 6 pins) PR: 4
5. Charles Francois, Sr., Nyack (21-5, 16 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for North Rockland’s Conner Reigottie… Varian beat Lobien (3-1)… Manni beat Francois three times, Reigottie twice and Lobien (3-2)… Lobien beat Douglas (3-2) and Francois (12-7).


1. Kyle Aslanian, Fr., Edgemont (29-5, 15 pins) PR: 1
2. James Bathon, Fr., Pleasantville (31-1, 19 pins) PR: 2
3. Robert Levine, Fr., Westlake (17-8, 11 pins) PR: 3
Notes: It’s shaping up to be a potentially great final between Aslanian and Bathon… They both beat Levine; Aslanian via pin and Bathan by major decision.

1. Noah Kelvas, 8th, Putnam Valley (22-8, 17 pins) PR: 1
2. Dylan Mateo, 8th, Nanuet (20-12, 12 pins) PR: 2
3. Gideon Bernstein, Soph., Irvington (16-16, 4 pins) PR: NR
Notes: I’m somewhat surprised that Bathon didn’t stick at 106 after wrestling there earlier in the season, because he likely would have been No. 1 here… Kelvas pinned Bernstein… Mateo majored Bernstein… Bernstein beat Croton’s Rob Corveddu (5-2), who was previously ranked third.

1. Tyler Aslanian, Jr., Edgemont (8-2, 2 pins) PR: 1
2. Stephen Samolsky, Sr., Ardsley (26-3, 12 pins) PR: 3 at 120
3. Andrew Barsuch, Jr., Croton-Harmon (35-2, 25 pins) PR: 2
Notes: Also look out for Pleasantville’s Mark Taino… This is shaping up to be one of the most competitive classes in D2… Aslanian missed over a month, but returned to Edgemont’s lineup on Jan. 25. He’s a defending section champ and majored Barsuch earlier in the season… Samolsky beat Taino twice and Barsuch (4-1).

1. Trey Aslanian, Sr., Edgemont (33-2, 18 pins) PR: 1
2. Joe Dillon, Jr., Nanuet (27-5, 12 pins) PR: 1 at 126
3. Justin Jimenez, Sr., Irvington (22-9, 16 pins) PR: NR
Notes: I spoke to Nanuet coach Carmine Serra on Wednesday, and he was still playing it a bit coy about where Dillon and Anthony Calvano would go. They have been going back and forth between 120 and 126 all season, and both are eligible for sectionals in either class. They gave themselves some options, but based on Calvano being at 126 this week, I’m going to assume that’s the plan… It would be a great final with Trey and Calvano, but Dillon is no slouch. He pinned Jimenez.

1. Anthony Calvano, Sr., Nanuet (32-3, 14 pins) PR: 2 at 120
2. Adam Mirabal, Jr., Putnam Valley (27-4, 16 pins) PR: 2
3. Stephen Paternostro, Jr., Pleasantville (25-5, 15 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Whether it’s Calvano or Dillon here, either one would be No. 1… Both Mirabal and Paternostro have had strong seasons, but no head-to-head meetings.

1. Chris Bruno, Sr., Putnam Valley (24-7, 7 pins) PR: 3
2. Christopher Santana, Soph., Pawling (28-4, 18 pins) PR: 1
3. Sky Korek, Sr., Edgemont (13-5, 5 pins) PR: 2
Notes: Also watch out for Nanuet’s Billy Thompson and Lourdes’ Nicholas Jolly… This is maybe the most difficult class to pick in D2. A lot of quality and parity… Bruno takes over the top spot thanks to two wins over Jolly and a win over Santana (5-3)… Santana beat Jolly (4-2) and pinned Korek… Korek missed time at the end of December, but has been back for most of January. He beat Bruno (2-0) and Thompson (9-6).

1. Drew Longo, Sr., Ardsley (31-2, 20 pins) PR: 1
2. Kyle Kelvas, Sr., Putnam Valley (25-5, 11 pins) PR: 3
3. Jon Spiegel, Sr., Nanuet (10-19, 6 pins) PR: NR
Notes: As expected, a lot of guys have moved around to avoid Longo. He’s the hands-down favorite here, and should be in the mix to damage at states… Kelvas is the clearly the No. 2 guy, but then it’s a pick ‘em… Spiegel’s record doesn’t jump off the page, but he’s experienced and has wrestled a tougher schedule than anyone else in this class besides Longo.

1. Colin Hopkins, Jr., Edgemont (22-6, 10 pins) PR: 1
2. Matt Dillon, Sr., Nanuet (24-8, 8 pins) PR: 2 at 138
3. Andrew Horan, Sr., Croton-Harmon (31-6, 17 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Also look out for Westlake’s Nick O’Hallaran… Hopkins hasn’t wrestled since Jan. 15, but he’s expected to be back for sectionals. He earned the top spot earlier in the season with a win over Dillon (4-2)… Dillon went to 138 for a bit, but is back at 145, where he has a better shot at a title… Horan beat O’Hallaran (2-1) at the Super 16.

1. Brett Pastore, Sr., Irvington (32-4, 21 pins) PR: 1
2. Jack McCormack, Sr., Edgemont (9-8, 4 pins) PR: 3
3. Jazz Saraguro, Sr., Nanuet (16-10, 11 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Pastore is the clear favorite here as a defending champ. He pinned Saraguro… McCormack missed significant time this season, but returned to the Edgemont lineup this week. He beat Saraguro (8-2) and is a two-time section finalist.

1. Edgar Solis, Sr., Westlake (23-7, 16 pins) PR: 2 at 152
2. Oliver Oks, Sr., Edgemont (30-9, 16 pins) PR: 1
3. Angelo Zegarelli, Jr., Putnam Valley (28-9, 10 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Irvington’s Peter Jones… It looks like Solis has settled here instead of going 152, where he’ll have a better shot at a section title. He beat Jones twice… Oks teched Jones.

1. John Messinger, Sr., Putnam Valley (29-4, 15 pins) PR: 1
2. Peter Smith, Sr., Nanuet (23-8, 14 pins) PR: 2
3. Chris Kim, Jr., Edgemont (22-8, 11 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Messinger is a defending section champ with notable wins over ranked D1 wrestlers such as Yorktown’s Thomas Murray and Hen Hud’s Lance Perlmutter… Smith beat Kim (3-2).

1. Peter Salzarulo, Sr., Pleasantville (28-5, 22 pins) PR: 2
2. Jason Worobow, Sr., Edgemont (24-9, 15 pins) PR: 3
3. Mike Buhlmann, Sr., Nanuet (15-10, 6 pins) PR: 1
Notes: Salzarulo has been getting stronger as the season goes on and has the strongest overall resume, but he does have a head-to-head loss to Buhlmann (7-4).

1. Jacob Wiegard, Sr., Lourdes (22-1, 16 pins) PR: 2
2. Kevin Brundage, Sr., Nanuet (26-6, 15 pins) PR: 1
3. Matt Haney, Jr. Nanuet (5-2, 1 pin) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Ardsley’s Evan Shlom and Guy Backlund… It looks like a two-horse race here between Wiegard and Brundage. Wiegard has pinned Shlom and Backlund… Haney is Brundage’s backup, which explains why he has so few matches, but he has wins over the other guys I was considering here, Shlom (4-1) and Backlund (4-3).

1. Dan Breit, Sr., Nanuet (33-0, 20 pins) PR: 1
2. Matt Acevedo, Jr., Pawling (24-6, 13 pins) PR: 2
3. James Maher, Sr., Lourdes (25-3, 16 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Also look out for Hastings’ Christopher Minozzi… Breit is not only the best guy in this weight class in D2, but in the entire section. He won a title at the ESC… While Breit is the man here, this weight class is deep… Acevedo majored Maher… Maher pinned Minozzi.

1. Jason Levine, Jr., Nanuet (17-10, 7 pins) PR: 1
2. Anthony DiNardo, Jr., Irvington (25-8, 17 pins) PR: 2
3. Joe Morello, Sr., Dobbs Ferry (13-7, 6 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Levine retains the top spot thanks to an early season pin of DiNardo… DiNardo pinned Morello.


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  1. Is head to head only counted in sectional seeding? I notice in divisional seeding that some kids are ranked behind kids that they beat.

  2. Head to head is considered in the seeding, but I do not think you can leap frog over someone to go ahead of that wrestler that you beat. Take a look at the placement. Hope this helps. The other variable is if a coach did not present the head to head info at the seeding meeting (very unlikely, the coaches do a great job looking out for their kids!)

  3. Why is varian ranked higher then Manni? Manni would kill varian i think. The 285 this year is so easy especially for states. Sean Barry of hen hud who graduated last year would kill everyone in states and section this year. To bad douglas stalled the whole match against him last year which resulted in Barry tripping in overtime.

  4. Wrestler101. Sean Barry was something, but nothing compared to a Malcolm Allen. Sadly, heavyweights in section 1 have not been strong lately. Varian is a returning section champ, no one can take that number 1 spot from him until they beat him. It’ll be a potentially fun final to watch at sectionals.

  5. Should have waited for preliminary seedings. So you know where guys will be come sectionals. I would think Calvano goes wherever he feels better for States, likely later so he doesn’t have to worry about getting muscled. Some big 126 kids upstate. Matt Dillon I would think is more worried about a section championship he will go up and try and get revenge. Although Hopkins had his arm in a sling last I saw. Wouldn’t be surprised if 220 empties with guys going 285 to get away from Breit. DiNardo only goes about 240, much better matchup and not too much size. If that happens no way DiNardo beats multiple athletic kids in one tournament.

  6. Large school seeding is done on Tuesday obviously based on divisional results. Small School seeding this Sunday and until then we really don’t know where a lot of these guys are going.
    Large school thoughts:
    99 – should be a fun sectional tournament, the top few guys are pretty even
    106- Errico is better than people give him credit for, but won’t beat Barbaria
    120- Just an awesome weight class, can’t remember anything this deep in a really long time. Delacruz probably tops here if he’s on his game. Their all gonna have to win at least 2 really tough matches to win in.
    126- Kaishian is tough and aggressive and can give Realbuto a real good match
    138-Caputo v Kash has been well documented back and forth
    145-All grippi but Marvin, Desimone, Santucci, Polakoff, Klein and McDermott are good quality competition, nice deep class
    152- Another deep weight class of quality guys but if wrestles his style, Mastro will win
    160- Yet another deep class, who knows where White is physically – prohibitive favorite but Miller, Koshakow, Didio and Perlmutter are pretty even all could win
    182-Murray should beat Grella in the finals
    195-Based only on the Reggie Williams match – Sabella could win a state title
    220-Watkins vs anyone else is usually a pretty crazy match to watch,
    285- Any of the top 4 could win, probably Varian in 2-1 win against someone, could easily be Manni though

  7. Small school (based only on the rankings)
    99- Bathon is a huge 99, definitely can beat aslanian
    106- 2 tough 8 graders at the top, not really sure about them, weakest weight class ?
    113- Deepest weight in D2, Aslanian’s been out a while, Samolsky is a beast and can win it. Taino Cipriano, Barsuch are tough but probably won’t win.
    120-Probably Aslanian over Dillon final, could be Aslanian over Calvano
    126-Calvano or Dillon probably win it, not sure about Marabil but Put Valley guys are usually pretty tough at sections
    132-Santana can beat Bruno but who knows
    138- Longo over Matt Dillon or Kelvas
    145- Thought Hopkins was in a sling and out?? Either Dillon O’Hallaron final or O’Hallaron over Horan
    152-Pastore over Saraguro
    160- Sollis over Oks though could go either way
    170- Messinger hands down
    182- Buhlman over salzarulo
    195-No idea about Lourdes, brundage is tough
    220-Breit without breaking a sweat
    285- Not a great group — ?Levine over Dinardo

  8. 99, coin flip with alot of bright futures
    106, barbarian
    113, grant him the title
    120, delacruuuuz
    126, da real deal
    132, been there did that dimarsico
    138, caputo takes the cash
    145, gripping final, grippi the victor
    152, mystro will orchestrate
    160, white on rice, all the way to state finals
    170, perry over hofling in a classic to be replayed next year
    182, gorilla grella and they meet again at states
    195, sabella going for 2
    220, heartnett shows it
    285, coin flip and whoever lands on tails

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  10. Section 1 Fan, that was hilarious. Wouldnt be 100% on White tho. Kid has not wrestled and the competition is peaking. He may win it, but I think missing a whole season takes him out of any contention for a state title. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  11. Wrestling Question on

    How do they decide what schools are at what Divisonals (Division 1, 2, 3, 4) not Division 1 and Division 2

  12. Small School thoughts:
    Couple things to consider that differ from the rankings: Tyler Aslanian is going 106, Calvano going 120 and Dillon 126, Acevedo bumped to 285

    99- Assuming Vince hasn’t seen Bathon yet this year, he’s a lot better/bigger than Aslanian…Bathon majors K. Aslanian
    106- Tyler Aslanian pins Kelvas…weakest weight class
    113- Samolsky dec Taino…. wouldn’t be surprised to see Barsuch in the finals either
    120- Tough call here, Calvano dec Trey Aslanian in a close one…both go to states
    126- Dillon dec Mirabal, Mirabal is tough though
    132- Santana dec Bruno, could go either way
    138- Longo pins Kelvas
    145- Hopkins dec Dillon, another close one
    152- Pastore pins Saraguro, easy class for Pastore
    160- Solis dec Zegarelli, Solis looked solid late in season…stacked weight class
    170- Messinger pins Kim, not even close
    182- Whoever wins Buhlman/Salzarulo semi match over Worobow.. ill go with Buhlman dec Worobow
    195- Brundage dec Weigard…Lourdes kids are always huge unknowns
    220- Breit pins Maher, Breit coasts through this bracket
    285- Levine pins Acevedo…Dinardo could sneak in here as well

  13. Maher also at 285, most of 220 at 285 Breit pins Pavloff

    Barsuch beats Taino, Taino only beats kids he can pin, Barsuch hasn’t been pinned yet this year

    like Calvano over Trey

    think maybe Paternostro or whatever from Pville can sneak into 126 if he is 3/6 seed

    like someone other than Bruno/Santana to steal 132

    i dont think Hopkins is healthy, Horan would make final, can hang with these guys

    Saraguro no slouch, could stay off his back, Brett could def pin him, just wouldnt be my prediction

    Saw Solis dominate Oks but Oks didnt look right, but still see Solis winning this

    Hopkins looked even worse that day with arm in sling

  14. Small School Fan on

    Barsuch v. Taino will be a very good match, but hard to predict the winner. And I really think that Calvano will beat Trey in the finals. Is Tyler Aslanian definitely going 106?

  15. time to update D2 seeds are out
    every left 220 to run from Breit and take on DiNardo and Levine.
    Tyler is at 106
    Calvano is at 120
    Dillon 126
    M.Dillon is at 145
    Hopkins is out

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  17. Former,

    99 Little aslannian
    106 Tyler
    113 Samolsky
    120 Trey
    126 Mirabel
    132 Santana
    138 Longo
    145 Dillon
    152 Pastor
    160 Solis
    170 Messinger
    182 Kim
    195 Weigard
    220 Breit
    285 Dinardo