Divisionals: Weekend info


All of the wrestlers in Division 1 will have the opportunity to qualify for sectionals at four different sites in this weekend’s divisional tournaments. The top four in each weight class from each site will qualify for the sectional tournament the following weekend. I’m working on new rankings which will paint a clearer section title picture in each weight class. Those come out on Friday. In the meantime, here is what you need to know about who will be where on Saturday. All finals are scheduled to begin around 3-4 p.m.

Teams: Carmel, Harrison, Hen Hud, John Jay, North Rockland, Peekskill, Scarsdale, Suffern and Tappan Zee

Teams: Clarkstown South, East Ramapo, Eastchester, Horace Greeley, Nyack, Sleepy Hollow, Somers, Yonkers and Yorktown

Teams: Beacon, Brewster, Fox Lane, John Jay-EF, Lakeland-Panas, Mamaroneck, Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle and Ossining

Teams: Arlington, Byram Hills, Clarkstown North, Mahopac, Pearl River, Port Chester, Ketcham, Rye and White Plains


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  1. ChiefWildEagle on

    Too bad a great divisional at Sleepy will be mared by his atroucious officiating.
    Mark it down, the Mahopac divisional will not produce a single Sectional Champion.

  2. Nothing in the past matters on

    I see 6 pot sec champs at Mahopac, mark it down chiefwildeagle, you’ll be wrong

  3. No way Cheif sees Muldoon or Cash winning. He only sees Delacruz and Jimenez there. Sticks to his roots. The others are tough calls. I’ll probably look later but how has Olmeda (who lost his spot I thought?) Fared against Fay? Also the youngster from Arlington and Kelly from PR. I see 3 possible spots for a champ that could come from mahopac 99,120, 138

  4. North Rockland is the favorite in the section, line is literally filled with studs who can get the job, and will get the job done. Yorktown right behind them and if NRock is careless and doesn’t do well in their wrestle backs then Yorktown might be primed to shock the section by taking the title. But what surprises me is the fact Fox Lane is competing for a top 3 spot, if you asked anyone coming into the season if FL would be competing for a top 3 spot everyone would neglect them. They are also the youngest team in the section, and have a very bright future.

    Remember boys, no matter win or lose you are ALL winners

    Good luck to all wrestlers this weekend at divisionals!

  5. Errico might have turned it around and beat Grippi but he isn’t beating Barbaria. No shame in that though

  6. Former wrestler on

    Kash has no shot at beating caputo, not after RCC. Caputos are known for turning it up when it counts and under pressure, mike shined most in sectionals and states last year and Matt will follow suit

  7. Mark it down chief. Section champ comes out of mahopac! Any one if the 3 there is the champ.

  8. How do you say kash has no shot at Caputo? I think Caputo wins myself but kash definitely has a better than average chance at winning.

  9. Wow has anyone watched jiminez? He has no conditioning like most sleepy wrestlers and has had numerous close matxhes all year. No way he is in finals.

  10. Observer,
    I saw one day he looked a little gassed Super 16 the other time’s I seen him he looked fine. I also heard he had the flu all weekend of super 16. He’s not a pinner but winning close matches is not a bad thing especially at Sections.

  11. How many section champs has sleepy had since they went d1…..0. So stop there is a reason. Now how man kids have been dq out of the postseason since the split, at least 3. They lack discipline, and have not faced tough competition all year, which shows when u have to win 3 tough matches to win a title

  12. Sec
    you might be right about that the only great wrestler I can remember that one Div 1 & 2 was Mike Martinez he won when it was 1 Section and when he won as a Small School Champ I remember him putting a takedown clinic on Rob Mifsud in the super 16 finals, both went on to win Section Title’s 2 weeks later both at 135. Programs go through ups and down’s Fox Lane wasn’t always great! Look at School’s with most Section Champs I gotta think SLeepy is in top 3? Are you saying coach Tompkins is past his time?

  13. ChiefWildEagle on

    Perspective, I never said anything about Ossining or Sleepy.
    Make sure you come on here and apologize after the sectionals, when you have seen the light.
    I respect your opinion. we will see who is correct. You obviously have a dog in the fight and that must be clouding your judgement,
    ok hair ball.

  14. Sec
    Why don’t you call the sleepy coaches and come in there room and wrestle and bring your team and it better be your A Team.

  15. This would be the perfect time to have a nice scrimmage considering no d1 schools have any more matches left….. I say do it an let us know what Happens…. Should be intresting lol

  16. let us not forget on

    Sleepy had plenty of champs before the split. They were routinely in the top 10. Things probably came much easier while they were D2 and then when they went back to D1 and things got tough again the kids didn’t want it. The kids just don’t want to put in the work anymore (in general, there are kids willing just not as many any more)

    lets also realize that wrestling is quickly becoming like hockey and lacrosse in the way that it is turning into a wealthy town sport. Yeah there are some kids who go to club on ‘scholarship’ from districts that are struggling, and there are some individuals who do well from places not considered wealthy districts, but the schools with depth and success across the board are the wealthier ones.
    What economically struggling district has a strong team top to bottom ?

    lets face it. If you’re school doesnt have a working wrestling room all year for open mats, you don’t have a person with transportation to get you to open mats in other places, you can’t afford camps/clubs, you only go to the new ro spring tournament, you will be at a huge disadvantage against a kid who is at school who financially supports wrestling, multiple open mats per week during the year, school sends you out to the island and other places for tough competition, your school even hosts clinics, you go to club throughout the year, you go to maybe even two camps over the summer, you travel across the northeast/mid-atlantic going to tournaments all off-season.

    Some families and even communities aren’t willing/able to make that kind of commitment to wrestling, it is what it is.

    Also numbers are down and thats because there is a different mentality to kids today and a different attitude towards the sport. The way kids were recruited years ago doesn’t work today. When kids were more likely to challenge themselves it was easier to pull them into the room. If anything challenges coaches that have been around for a while its that. Recruiting is now more on the kids, younger assistants, graduates, whoever. You’d think I’m lying but i’ve heard kids say they don’t want to play a certain sport because they DON’T LIKE THE UNIFORM…. things have changed

  17. Let Us Not Forget you hit some valid points. It is beneficial to train outside of your room at a club that cost a couple thousand a year within reason. More is not always better though. Over doing it at a young age usually burns a kid out. I reccomend don’t do the expensive pay club until 7th or 8th grade earliest. Don’t waste your time with kids state or national competitions, all they do is increase the chance of burn out. Once you hit high school you have to crank it up, get into everything you can afford financially and time wise. Wrestling is a simple sport, more mat time increases you chances at getting better.

  18. Freakonmics famously claims it takes 10,000hours of hardwork to become an expert at anything you set your mind to.

  19. Master,
    Well put, always love a great business reference. Regarding the 138 Weight class, im up in the air between who we will see vs. caputo in the finals but it is obsolete. He will win and go on to the semi finals in states.

    Jiminez has 0% chance. He is a great wrestler but lacks tenacity and the will power to succeed