Super 16 results


Team standings: 1. Fox Lane (FL) 144; 2. Hen Hud (HH) 137.5; 3. Center Moriches (CM) 120.5; 4. Mahopac (Ma) 112; 5. Sleepy Hollow (SH) 102; 6. Harrison (Ha) 94; 7. Yonkers (Yo) 85; 8. Ketcham (RCK) 69; 9. Yorktown (Yk) 59; 10t. Croton-Harmon (CH) 57; 10t. Irvington (Irv) 57; 12. Westlake (Ws) 45; 13. Byram Hills (BH) 36; 14. Mount Vernon (MV) 34; 15. Ardsley (Ard) 25.5; 16. Carmel (Car) 13.


99 – David Ortiz (Yo) dec. Thomas Barsuch (CH), 11-5; Mike DiPietro (HH) pin Abby Bunyea (Ma), 5:23; Frankie Barchella (Ha) pin Anthony Alexandrou (BH), 0:55. 106 – Matt Grippi (FL) pin Gideon Bernstein (Irv), 1:44; Peter Sportiello (CM) pin Robert Levine (Ws), 4:19; Kevin Knox (Car) pin Joe Ledwin (HH), 4:39; Jon Errico (BH) pin Steven Crawford (Yo), 1:45. 113 – Mike Menzer (CM) pin Matt D’Attilo (FL), 0:42; Fredy Guevara (Yo) pin James Carducci (Ha), 3:29; Mark Grant (HH) pin David Guerrero-Suarez (Yk), 1:40; Andrew Barsuch (CH) pin Elias Vera (RCK), 0:48. 120 – Scott Rodrigues (FL) tech. fall Luis Rivas (SH), 20-3; Tom Schulze (CH) dec. Chris Varian (Yk), 10-4; Justin Jimenez (Irv) dec. Joe Frezza (Ma), 7-5; Jack Wagner (HH) tech. fall Bel McFarline (CM), 15-0. 126 – Joe Maida (Ha) pin Mark Jelenek (SH), 0:35; Brendan Rose (RCK) dec. Joe Porcelli (Ma), 6-5; Chris Lazo (SH) dec. Tristan Sess (CM), 8-2; Josh Guerrero (Ha) dec. Joe Koch (HH), 4-2. 132 – Ben Ettlinger (FL) tech. fall Jared Volkommer (CM), 15-0; Gavin Menchel (Ha) maj. dec. Dan Guido (CH), 8-0; Zack Boker (Ma) pin Shane Campbell (RCK), 0:21; Andrew Indemaio (CM) tech. fall Dan Quezada (SH), 19-3. 138 – Drew Longo (Ard) pin Alec Tapia (Yk), 3:39; Steve Maltz (CM) dec. Ari Faust (FL), 4-2; Frank Surace (FL) pin Chris Cornell (Ma), 1:16; Edwin Jimenez (SH) dec. Christian Zaccaro (Yo), 7-2. 145 – Kevin McDermott (HH) pin Mike Tartaglia (Ma), 0:53; Andrew Horan (CH) pin Tyler McKenna (FL), 5:39; David Polakoff (Ha) maj. dec. Cody DeNapoli (Ma), 12-4; Nick O’Hallaran (Ws) pin Luis Hernandez (Yo), 2:29. 152 – Brett Pastore (Irv) pin Patrick Polintan (Ard), 1:22; JP Ospina (SH) pin Dan Walsh (Ma), 4:25; Josh Perlmutter (HH) maj. dec. Dave Emory (RCK), 14-3; Ibrahim Simreen (Yo) pin Steven Maldonado (Ha), 2:54. 160 – Edgar Solis (Ws) pin Jake Deminno (Ma), 3:30; Peter Jones (Irv) dec. Connor Brown (Yk), 3-1; Nick Tyson (CM) pin Kyle Consingh (MV), 1:29; Lance Perlmutter (HH) pin Jack McGovern (SH), 0:36. 170 – Aaron Gallagher (Ma) pin Dom Emory (RCK), 1:43; Markanthony Perez (Yo) pin Mike Arpi (SH), 3:48; Dom Schepis (Ha) dec. Kyle Mallory (HH), 13-10; Adam Hofling (SH) dec. Chris Manjuck (FL), 11-4. 182 – Thomas Murray (Yk) pin Matt Seputro (CH), 0:38; Murphy Wilson (RCK) pin Matt Zefi (Ws), 3:59; Justin Ayala (MV) dec. John Clune (FL), 8-6; Tim Bunyea (Ma) pin Baron Gallo (CM), 0:52. 195 – Nick Cerutti (FL) pin Khaled Dassan (Yo), 0:41. 220 – Avik Mohan (Yk) dec. Alek Pavloff (CH), 10-3; Ryan Delahanty (Ma) pin Max McMuller (Ha), 2:28; David Watkins (MV) pin Steven Abril (RCK), 1:24. 285 – Ray Strebel (CM) pin Uriel Rosales (Ma), 2:45; Branden Jaikaran (Yo) pin Nate Christin (SH), 1:11.


99 – Brandon Fay (FL) pin Ortiz (Yo), 2:32; DiPietro (HH) dec. Barchella (Ha), 7-2. 106 – Grippi (FL) pin Sportiello (CM), 4:58; Errico (BH) pin Knox (Car), 1:59. 113 – Menzer (CM) pin Guevara (Yo), 1:03; Grant (HH) maj. dec. A. Barsuch (CH), 15-4. 120 – Rodrigues (FL) maj. dec. Schulze (CH), 16-3; Wagner (HH) maj. dec. Jimenez (Irv), 12-0. 126 – Maida (Ha) maj. dec. Rose (RCK), 8-0; Lazo (SH) pin Guerrero (Ha), 3:24. 132 – Ettlinger (FL) tech. fall Menchel (Ha), 16-0; Boker (Ma) dec. Indemaio (CM), 9-8. 138 – Longo (Ard) tech. fall Maltz (CM), 16-1; Jimenez (SH) dec. Surace (FL), 2-1. 145 – McDermott (HH) dec. Horan (CH), 6-2; Polakoff (Ha) dec. O’Hallaran (Ws), 12-10. 152 – Pastore (Irv) pin Ospina (SH), 3:21; J. Perlmutter (HH) dec. Simreen (Yo), 3-0. 160 – Solis (Ws) dec. Jones (Irv), 4-1; L. Perlmutter (HH) pin Tyson (CM), 2:41. 170 – Gallagher (Ma) dec. Perez (Yo), 2-1 OT; Hofling (SH) pin Schepis (Ha), 1:29. 182 – Murray (Yk) pin Wilson (RCK), 1:12; Bunyea (Ma) pin Ayala (MV), 0:51. 195 – Joe Marji (Yo) pin Cerutti (FL), 3:37; Joe Fabrizio (RCK) pin Arben Gecaj (FL), 1:28. 220 – Ryan Lewis (CM) pin Mohan (Yk), 3:38; Watkins (MV) pin Delahanty (Ma), 3:18. 285 – Strebel (CM) dec. Anthony DiNardo (Irv), 6-3; Braendan Frazier (Yo) pin Jaikaran (Yo), 1:18.

Third place

99 – Barchella (Ha) maj. dec. Ortiz (Yo), 12-4. 106 – Knox (Car) dec. Sportiello (CM), 5-2. 113 – A. Barsuch (CH) pin Guevara (Yo), 0:35. 120 – Jimenez (Irv) dec. Schulze (CH), 6-2. 126 – Rose (RCK) dec. Guerrero (Ha), 6-4. 132 – Menchel (Ha) dec. Indemaio (CM), 7-0. 138 – Surace (FL) dec. Maltz (CM), 5-0. 145 – Horan (CH) dec. O’Hallaran (Ws), 2-1. 152 – Simreen (Yo) pin Ospina (SH), 3:15. 160 – Tyson (CM) dec. Jones (Irv), 2-1. 170 – Perez (Yo) dec. Schepis (Ha), 7-3. 182 – Ayala (MV) maj. dec. Wilson (RCK), 11-1. 195 – Cerutti (FL) dec. Gecaj (FL), 6-4 OT. 220 – Delahanty (Ma) dec. Mohan (Yk), 6-3. 285 – DiNardo (Irv) pin Jaikaran (Yo), 2:11.


99 – Fay (FL) tech. fall DiPietro (HH), 20-5. 106 – Errico (BH) pin Grippi (FL), 5:32. 113 – Menzer (CM) pin Grant (HH), 1:05. 120 – Rodrigues (FL) dec. Wagner (HH), 2-1. 126 – Maida (Ha) dec. Lazo (SH), 13-8. 132 – Ettlinger (FL) dec. Boker (Ma), 4-3. 138 – Longo (Ard) dec. Jimenez (SH), 7-1. 145 – Polakoff (Ha) dec. McDermott (HH), 10-4. 152 – J. Perlmutter (HH) dec. Pastore (Irv), 2-1. 160 – L. Perlmutter (HH) dec. Solis (Ws), 5-2. 170 – Hofling (SH) maj. dec. Gallagher (Ma), 10-2. 182 – Murray (Yk) pin Bunyea (Ma), 2:11. 195 – Fabrizio (RCK) pin Marji (Yo), 5:30. 220 – Lewis (CM) dec. Watkins (MV), 3-1. 285 – Strebel (CM) pin Frazier (Yo), 2:56.


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  1. If by poorly run you mean good concessions, ample space & security, and starting the finals two and a half hours before the scheduled time, then you’re right on the ball, buddy.

  2. Also a coaches room with food in it all day. “Super” did you also see the t-shirts for the champions, I would go back any day, you should go and see the Edgemont tournament.

  3. Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have made such a broad statement about the Tournament. The points you guys have made are right on, the concessions were run very well, lots of choices, food was hot, I didn’t see that they ran out of food early which happens at some tournaments. The Rita’s ice looked very popular. Also, I was as happy as anyone to have the Finals start early. The problem I had was something that probably wasn’t seen by most who attended the event. The awards, or more specifically who ever was in charge of organizing it. Yes I did see the t-shirts given to the champions, very nice, and I’m sure my son will proudly wear his to school tomorrow. I will ask did you see the poster size brackets that they give to the champion? If you want to give these brackets out, you need to start filling in the names as each round is completed, not start when the finals are on, or later. I felt sorry for the (approximately 12 year old) kid that was put in charge of completing the brackets by himself. after all the medals were given out he had about ten wrestlers standing around him waiting as he was working on the 138 pound card. My estimate, him working alone, completing each card, starting with round one results, would take him at least an hour to get from 138 up to 285. We just took a blank card and filled it in when we got home. Next is the Medals, they were giving out gold ones for first place, well apparently they only purchased 14(or less), my son was told that they ran out, and they would get one to his coach at the next coaches meeting. Maybe they will, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting. So Joe, and LMFAO, not sure what you do after a tournament that your son is the champion in his weight class, most people (I think)like to take a picture in the gym of their son wearing his medal, and holding up the bracket card. We took a picture of my son, no medal, and a blank card. I guess things like this happen, and it’s not the end of the world. I don’t think its the norm, and I don’t think I’m wrong in bringing it up. You may disagree

  4. It would have been better if you had brought up the few points you were upset with instead
    of acting the way you did. Why make a post criticizing the efforts of the people running the event, and also take a cheap shot at the School and area in general ?

    PS…Grats on you son’s championship. I bet you are very proud of him :)


  5. Super?? After reading your post, I am guessing that you have never been a “volunteer”. These events take many, many hours of commitment and preparation by “volunteers”; people who do this because they care about the boys and want to raise money for their program.

    When things don’t go as planned, it is because there probably wasn’t enough volunteers. There are those who “do” and those who sit on the bleachers and complain.

    I am sure that the VOLUNTEERS feel just as bad as you and your son do. Their intention is to make it a special day for all the boys.

  6. Wow, degl kids won a tournament that is 90% westchester county, when degl is pretty much the only club in westchester. Lol. How many degl kids won rockland county titles?

  7. Most of the kids who won rockland were from Olympic, and ill bet you the majority of good kids from dutchess were from ironmen. It’s about the location of the club that majority of kids go to. These kids work hard year round and would be good no matter what club they chose.

  8. I was a champion in this tournament, and they ran out of medals before they got to my weight… Instead of being snobby and stingy about the fact that your spoiled son didn’t get a pretty gold medal, be grateful that he was allowed to come from outside of the section to a Westchester/Putnam championship tournament. If you had that much of a problem with our Super 16 feel free to glue your feet to the island and leave the 16th spot for an actual Section 1 school next year.

  9. Thanks Phil, and you are right. LMFAO (offensive name, wouldn’t expect much from you) and next year we will stay on the Island, thanks for the suggestion.

  10. Note I think the Rockland club of choice is Apex. The Clarkstown South wrestlers go to the Brown & Gold Club.

  11. The good kids go to all different clubs, privates, open mats etc. The good ones follow the kids that are in the room at these places. Usually the only ones who claim a champion are the club owners.