Rockland County Championship results


Team standings: 1. North Rockland (NRk) 232 points; 2. Nanuet (N) 172.5; 3. Clarkstown South (CS) 155; 4. Pearl River (PR) 147; 5. Suffern (Sf) 126.5; 6. Tappan Zee (TZ) 122; 7. Clarkstown North (CN) 107; 8. Nyack (Nk) 62; 9. East Ramapo (ER) 32.


99 — James Kelly (PR) pin Brice Artrip (Sf), 2:21; Anthony Sulla (NRk) dec. Sean McGarvey (PR), 5-0. 106 — Marlon Borge (NRk) pin Peter Oliveto (Sf), 1:14; Brian Hong (CN) pin Maxim Kutsepau (CN), 0:48. 113 — Justin Hong (CN) pin Brian McLiverty (CS), 3:20; Derek DiMarsico (NRk) maj. dec. Jake Kurzhals (PR), 13-3. 120 — Anthony Calvano (N) maj. dec. Daiton Powell (Sf), 19-5; John Muldoon (PR) dec. Blaise Benderoth (NRk), 8-2. 126 — Joe Dillon (N) dec. Mike Seligson (CN), 8-3; Alex Oliveto (Sf) dec. Khalil Harrison (NRk), 7-5 OT. 132 — Jake DiMarsico (NRk) tech fall Nick Simeti (PR), 15-0; James Giraldez (Nk) dec. Tim O’Keefe (Sf), 3-1. 138 — Matt Caputo (NRk) won by forfeit; Colby Kash (CN) dec. Noah Hovde (TZ), 6-2. 145 —  Matt Dillon (N) dec. Michael D’Agostino (NRk), 4-2; James Desimone (Sf) dec. Rob Namme (CN), 1:05. 152 — Desmond Djekovic (TZ) pin Victor Delgado (NRk), 1:54; Rob Gullo (PR) dec. Sean Maloney (CS), 4-3. 160 — Nick Didio (NRk) dec. Drew Breyfogle (CS), 14-7; Jacob Lieberman (Nk) dec. Alex Johns (N), 8-7. 170 — Hassan Auwarter (CS) dec. Pater Pjetri (Sf), 5-0 2OT; Peter Smith (N) pin Chris Flynn (PR), 1:54. 182 — Kurt Romano (TZ) dec. Billy Madigan (TZ), 2-1; Austin Maurer (CS) pin Tyler Going (ER), 1:44. 195 — Paul Okeke (CS) pin Bryan Kondracki (PR), 3:00; Colston Charles (NRk) pin Kevin Brundage (N), 2:53. 220 — Dan Breit (N) pin David Avery (PR), 0:51; John Hartnett (TZ) pin Jason Dorsainville (ER), 5:33. 285 — Mike Manni (TZ) dec. Connor Reigottie (NRk), 6-0; Charles Francois (Nk) pin Jason Levine (N), 0:22.

Third place

99 —Artrip (Sf) dec. McGarvey (PR), 6-1. 106 — Oliveto (Sf) pin Kutsepau (CN), 4:32. 113 — McLiverty (CS) maj. dec. Kurzhals (PR), 16-5. 120 — Benderoth (NRk) pin Powell (Sf), 3:24. 126 —Seligson (CN) dec. Harrison (NRk), 7-5. 132 — Simeti (PR) dec. O’Keefe (Sf), 4-1. 138 — Hovde (TZ) pin Bautista (NRk), 3:35. 145 — D’Agostino (NRk) maj. dec. Namme (CN), 8-0. 152 — Maloney (CS) dec. Delgado (NRk), 12-7. 160 — Crispino (CN) dec. Carroll (PR), 6-2. 170 — Flynn (PR) maj. dec. Pjetri (Sf), 10-2. 182 — Madigan (TZ) pin Goings (ER), 4:52. 195 — Brundage (N) pin Kondracki (PR), 1:42. 220 — Dorsainville (ER) pin Avery (PR), 3:27. 285 — Levine (N) dec. Reigottie (NRk), 1-0.


99 – Kelly (PR) maj. dec. Sulla (NRk), 10-1. 106 – Borge (NRk) dec. B. Hong (CN), 10-4. 113 – D. DiMarsico (NRk) dec. J. Hong (CN), 1-0. 120 – Muldoon (PR) dec. Calvano (Na), 10-5. 126 – Oliveto (Sf) dec. J. Dillon (Na), 7-1. 132 – J. DiMarsico (NRk) maj. dec. Giraldez (Ny), 11-0. 138 – Caputo (NRk) dec. Kash (CN), 9-2. 145 – DeSimone (Sf) dec. M. Dillon (Na), 5-2. 152 – Desmond Djekovic (TZ) dec. Rob Gullo (PR), 8-2. 160 – Nick Didio (NRk) maj. dec. Lieberman (Ny), 22-10. 170 – Auwarter (CS) dec. Smith (Na), 6-3. 182 – Maurer (CS) pin Romano (TZ), 1:56. 195 – Okeke (CS) dec. Charles (NRk), 3-1. 220 – Breit (Na) pin Hartnett (TZ), 2:54. 285 – Manni (TZ) pin Francois (Ny), 8:45 OT.


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  1. No team score, no 5th place results, no 3rd place results, an absolute disgrace for the reporter form the Journal News. Thats why we need Vince at the more competivie Rockland County championships!

  2. Could not agree more old coach. Tony P is so much better for Rockland wrestling. Journal news is a rag and the reporter Vince has no clue,

  3. wild redberries on

    OLD COACH and sammy, agree that Tony does a better job and did a better job when he worked the journal news.
    That said, Vince cannot be in 2 places at once and please stop carrying on about Rockland this and Rockland that, it is getting old. You are a small cog in a big machine. Stop being crybabies, better yet go to 9.

  4. You westchester stuck up pretty boys get your butts kicked by these “small cog” schools all the time. The county championship is worth more than your sweet sixteen. Rockland pride!

  5. Flip Him no need to insult the kids just because you have “rockland pride”. Grow up.

  6. Wild redberries is the one that insulted the kids. I am just defending the rockland wrestlers.

  7. You never have to win another race, but you’ll always be my horse. Congratulations on another great run at the counties.

  8. Pride is one thing, but really thats not the point here. Wrestlers deserve to be reported on properly, and in this case the reporter from the Journal News dropped the ball. I think the team scores from the tournament and the place finishers are a must when reporting the results.

  9. Vince is covering a major sports team and high school wrestling with diminished resources at his newspaper. You fellows from Rockland have some nerve!…he has covered Rockland and its 9 programs extensively!

  10. Again it’s not about Westchester or Rockland, it’s all about wrestling. I see that the team scores and third place results are up now. I don’t think it was too much to ask for. When I pay for a subscription to a newspaper either in print or on line, I expect to see offical results of athletic contests. Many people no longer live in the lower Hudson Valley area and like to follow our former teams. I never denied that Vince does a good job. I think Tony did a good job and still does on the Section I website. As far as Rockland vs. Westchesterand the posible movment to Section 9. Rockland was in 9 for a long time and 9 consistantly beat the section I kids. When Rockland moved over to 1 they became a better section. That was before so many of the section I kids started going to private coaches and wrestled year round. If you can recall the 1980’s when Rockland first joined 1, they dominated the others.

  11. The sec1 site is dead, Vince has made that website irrelevant. Check the results page on there nothing newer than 2009. Check the rankings oh nothing all year. Where are Tony’s rankings? Nothing in 2 years from him, It’s a job, but tony writes stories for local papers about local kids, not about section 1 wrestling as a whole. Vince does rankings, daily meet previews, team rankings, tournament seeds, what more could u ask for. Go look back in the archives when tony started the blog, Two write ups a week, if that…go look for yourself.