Tuesday’s results: Fox Lane takes down Ketcham


There were only two duals on the schedule for Tuesday, and here they are:

Hen Hud 42, Croton-Harmon 32
At Croton-Harmon
Thomas Barsuch (CH) tech. fall Daniel Forero, 0:00 19-2. 106— Rob Corveddu (CH) dec. Joseph Ledwin, 16-12. 113— Andrew Barsuch (CH) pinned Samuel Zilker, 0:54. 120— Mark Grant (HH) dec. Tom Schulze, 10-4. 126— Joe Koch (HH) won by forfeit. 132— Jack Wagner (HH) dec. Dan Guido, 4-3. 138— Roberto Rosario (HH) won by forfeit. 145— Kevin McDermott (HH) dec. Andrew Horan, 7-1. 152— Josh Perlmutter (HH) won by forfeit. 160— Lance Perlmutter (HH) won by forfeit. 170— Sam Goldsmith (CH) won by forfeit. 182— Kyle Mallory (HH) dec. Devin Lewis, 14-8. 195— Matt Seputro (CH) won by forfeit. 220— Alek Pavloff (CH) won by forfeit. 285— Dareen Belvu (HH) pinned Chris Dreier, 0:54.

Fox Lane 48, Ketcham 28
At Fox Lane
Brandon Fay (FL) won by forfeit. 106— Matt Grippi (FL) won by forfeit. 113— Matt D’atillo (FL) won by forfeit. 120 — Scott Rodrigues (FL) tech. fall Brandon Rivera, 17-0, 3:24. 126— Brandon Rose (RCK) dec. Steven Robare, 6-1. 132— Danny Murphy (RCK) dec. Frank Surace, 8-4. 138— Ari Faust (FL) tech. fall Grant Mcgeery, 16-1, 5:24. 145— Ben Ettlinger (FL) tech. fall Justin Morales, 16-1, 4:53. 152— Tom Grippi (FL) pinned Dave Emory, 1:14. 160— Logan Mongelli (RCK) maj. dec. Tyler McKenna, 12-3. 170— Chris Manjuck (FL) pinned Dominik Emory, 3:30. 182— John Clune (FL) dec. Austin Hassett, 7-3. 195— Murphy Wilson (RCK) pinned Arben Gecaj, 2:29. 220— Joe Fabrizio (RCK) pinned Nick Cerutti, 0:45. 285— Steven Abril (RCK) pinned Alejandro Lopez-Vega, 2:28.


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  1. So Ettlinger weighed over 134 today if he went 145? 6 lbs up for 128. do not miss cutting weight one bit haha unless he is staying at 132 like the rumors Vince has heard

  2. Croton almost pulled it off. Hoping for barsuch / grant match but didn’t happen. Hen HUD L. Perlmuter won’t be cleared till next Wednesday so he could only get forfeit. Too many forfeits

  3. Guys are banged up, I have had 3 sectional qualifiers who are out for the year. Simpfenderfer at 38 is one of those, my 113, and 285 are the others. The Rest will be back for post season.

  4. TigerStyleWrestling on

    Croton had a chance, the super threw the hen hud kid to his back but couldnt finish and then got thrown himself. But could have gotten the pin himself. @ 182 Lewis had Mallory on his back 3 times, and Mallory had Lewis on his back, either of them could have picked up the pin at some point. But if those two Croton wrestlers got the pin the score flips. BUT… Hen Hud didn’t have DiPietro at 99 and couldn’t bump Lance up to 170 to pin that kid so there is that too. Much better showing second time around anyhow. Wins for youngsters at the bottom. Signs of life from the big guys.

  5. That’s got to be tough. I’ve seen their names bounce around a lot this year as contenders. Is Marvin going 45 or 52 for the post season? Seems to me he is the biggest threat to the top guys in both those weights.

  6. That would be a tough statement to make. Grant just didn’t cut weight that day it would seem. He is a big 113 probably walks around at 120+