31st annual Edgemont Panther Tough tourney results


Team key: 1. Edgemont (Ed) 167.5; 2. Pearl River (PR) 162.5; 3. New Fairfield (NF) 143.5; 4. Mamaroneck (Mk) 142; 5. Scarsdale (Sc) 134; 6. Horace Mann (HM) 129; 7. Yonkers (Yo) 121.5; 8. Croton-Harmon (CH) 112; 9. Stoney Brook (SB) 97; 10. Salesian (Sa) 94; 11. Tuxedo (Tux) 76.5; 12. Westlake (Ws) 75; 13t. Eastchester (Ea) 64; 13t. Rye (Rye) 64; 15. Mount Vernon (MV) 62.5; 16. Monticello (Mon) 50.5; 17. Dobbs Ferry (DF) 40; 18. Fox Lane (FL) 30; 19. Woodlands (Wd) 23.


99 – James Kelly (PR) pin David Ortiz (Yo), 0:22; Kyle Aslanian (Ed) pin Sean McGarvey (PR), 5:20. 106 – Matt Bock (HM) pin Jon Arena (Rye), 5:25; Ayan Mandal (SB) pin Rob Corveddu (CH), 0:51. 113 – Andrew Barsuch (CH) pin Nick Cipriano (DF), 1:37; Jake Kurzhals (PR) maj. dec. Robbie Keltz (Sc), 10-1. 120 – Trey Aslanian (Ed) tech. fall Dylan Lynn (Tux), 20-5; Taylor Shay (NF) pin Tom Schulze (CH), 1:20. 126 – Hunter Hulse (SB) maj. dec. Walter Florio (Rye), 11-3; Steven Fabiano (Mk) dec. Brian Gardner (Rye), 4-2 OT. 132 – Nick Simeti (PR) dec. Danny Amorando (NF), 8-1; Daniel Baruch (Sc) pin Max Futterman (HM), 1:32. 138 – Mike Hodges (Sc) tech. fall Christian Zaccaro (Yo), 15-0; Zach Rico (Sa) pin Will Graybeal (Ed), 3:30. 145 – Tom Grippi (FL) pin Rob Lalli (Ea), 1:46; Andrew Horan (CH) dec. John Doherty (Mon), 9-4. 152 – Matt Russo (HM) dec. Andrew D’Amico (NF), 8-7; Rob Gullo (PR) dec. Ibrahim Simreen (Yo), 5-3. 160 – Joe Koshakow (Sc) pin Oliver Oks (Ed), 4:31; Ben Miller (Mk) dec. Edgar Solis (Ws), 4-2. 170 – Dion Duran (Mk) pin Chris Flynn (PR), 3:07; Chris Kim (Ed) dec. Mark Anthony Perez (Yo), 9-5. 182 – John Maguire (HM) pin Matt Zefi (Ws), 4:26; Jason Worobow (Ed) pin Justin Ayala (MV), 2:43. 195 – Owen Elrifi (HM) pin Kerrick McLaughlin (NF), 0:45; Jake Harrington (SB) pin Bryan Kondracki (PR), 1:38. 220 – David Watkins (MV) pin Alek Pavloff (CH), 0:42; Ryan Tharas (NF) pin Joe Marji (Yo), 3:12. 285 – Braendan Frazier (Yo) pin George Denti (Ea), 0:54; Luis Rubio (Mk) pin Joe Morello (DF), 2:52.


99 – Kelly (PR) dec. K. Aslanian (Ed), 8-2. 106 – Mandal (SB) pin Bock (HM), 1:24. 113 – Barsuch (CH) pin Kurzhals (PR), 1:04. 120 – T. Aslanian (Ed) dec. Shay (NF), 2-0. 126 – Hulse (SB) maj. dec. Fabiano (Mk), 12-0. 132 – Baruch (Sc) dec. Simeti (PR), 9-7. 138 – Hodges (Sc) pin Rico (Sa), 5:41. 145 – Grippi (FL) pin Horan (CH), 3:15. 152 – Russo (HM) dec. Gullo (PR), 3-1. 160 – Miller (Mk) dec. Koshakow (Sc), 4-3 OT. 170 – Duran (Mk) maj. dec. Kim (Ed), 10-2. 182 – Maguire (HM) maj. dec. Worobow (Ed), 10-2. 195 – Elrifi (HM) dec. Harrington (SB), 8-5. 220 – Watkins (MV) dec. Tharas (NF), 11-5. 285 – Rubio (Mk) pin Frazier (Yo), 5:16.

Third place

99 – McGarvey (PR) maj. dec. Ortiz (Yo), 12-1. 106 – Arena (Rye) pin Corveddu (CH), 3:45. 113 – Keltz (Sc) dec. Cipriano (DF), 8-3. 120 – Lynn (Tux) maj. dec. Schulze (CH), 13-0. 126 – Gardner (Rye) dec. Florio (Rye), 12-11. 132 – Futterman (HM) dec. Amorando (NF), 1-0. 138 – Graybeal (Ed) pin Zaccaro (Yo), 2:44. 145 – Lalli (Ea) dec. Doherty (Mon), 6-2. 152 – Simreen (Yo) dec. D’Amico (NF), 8-4. 160 – Solis (Ws) inj. def. Oks (Ed). 170 – Flynn (PR) dec. Perez (Yo), 6-4. 182 – Ayala (MV) pin Zefi (Ws), 3:23. 195 – McLaughlin (NF) pin Kondracki (PR), 2:06. 220 – Pavloff (CH) dec. Marji (Yo), 1-0. 285 – Morello (DF) pin Denti (Ea), 4:03.


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  2. was anyone who was at Edgemont know what the little Aslanian was trying to do? He had a merkle? lock an was flipping forward into a back bridge. The result was he was choking out Kelly from Pearl River while Stoney argued with the Pearl River coaches rather than checking on the wrestler. Aslanian attempted the move several more times and Stoney finally realized he needed to be in position to see if the PR kid died. But I don’t see how that maneuver was meant to do anything but look flashy? or just to choke the kid? i dont know… does anyone ?

  3. Stalllllllllling on

    uhhhh…. I was there and have seen him try this move on many other less superior wrestlers than Kelly. Never saw any of them get turned only choked an left with scratches on their necks. Lets send this move back to where it belongs. The WWE!

  4. I was there also and had no idea what he was trying to do. There was absolutely no way he was putting Kelly on his back with that move. So my question would be if he couldn’t score off it and the only thing happening was Kelly getting choked, is it even a legal move? Also Stony and several other refs on Saturday need to retire.

  5. well if you intentionally go potentially dangerous it is stalling. After Stoney started calling it potentially dangerous after that when he kept doing it over and over it should have been a stall

  6. I was there as well. The move he was trying he was doing incorrectly. As far as choking is concerned, the only ones yelling were the coaches. The kid did not seemed fazed by it at all, which tells me it was not a choke. If it were a choke the kid would have been out. Little Aslaninian did it at least 3x.


    It may have been stalling but that did not look like what he was intending to do. He was losing and it appeared he was trying to turn him with whatever he was doing.

  7. D2. He was being choked and had marks all over his neck. Just because he didn’t tap out or passed out doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening to him.