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  1. The guy who said Hofling wll pin McCarthy better hope that Hofling doesn’t get pinned! McCarthy is the second best wrestler on Ossining.

  2. Perlmutter pinning Karas and Koshakow beating him 13-8 doesn’t mean Perlmutter is the better wrestler

  3. vince must have misprint, messingers only loss in section to perry. wrestled carmel at yorktown tourney i think but didnt lose

  4. Riverindian,

    What does being the 2nd best wrestler on a team have to do with beating a top Sectional Contender? I seen both saw McCarthy get pinned at Scarsdale I don’t think McCarthy is in the same class as the top 170lbers. Perry, Hofling, Duran, Autwater SORRY!

  5. Regardless! McCarthy lost to Auwarter? Auwarter has lost to some COMPLETE no names! McCarthy has 0 wins over ranked opponents! He better say his prayers!

  6. In response to “Comment from A” questioning how a NO-NAME beat Bencosme by a tech in the round of 16 after beating Santucci. Everyone has a name. That no-name is MIKE D’AGOSTINO from NORTH ROCKLAND who also won 6-0 against Santucci. MIKE D’AGOSTINO placed 6th in Sections. It’s not right to call them “no-names”. Wrestlers are the hardest working athletes and credit should be given to each one of them.

  7. I agree with “North Rockland” If your going to post a comment about the wrestlers then take a little time to find out their names which is easy. Look at the results posted on Lo HUD it takes a second