Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have had a safe and enjoyable holiday break. It’s been pretty slow on the wrestling front, but things should pick back up this week.

I’m planning to hit a dual meet on Thursday and then cover one of the biggest tournaments of the year at New Rochelle on Saturday for the Shoreline Invitational. I’ll have info on that tourney posted later in the week, including a sneak peak at the seedings. Of course, an even big tourney is on the horizon for the following weekend when many of the top wrestlers from the area head to Sullivan Community College for the annual Eastern States Classic. I’ve begun sorting through names for my latest weight class rankings with the hope of releasing them before the ESC, so stay tuned for those.

We have about two-thirds of the season remaining for the 2013 portion of the season, which means that we have plenty to look forward to!


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  1. There’s nobody better then Delacruz at Shoreline. I guess we’ll have to wait until sectionals!