Notebook: Rockland county teams on the rise


Without much wrestling going on this week, the latest wrestling notebook focused on a strong early season showing from several teams in Rockland county. While there are only nine teams in the county, many of them are among the elite in Section 1. North Rockland looks like the favorite in D1, while Nanuet has assumed the same position in D2. In my recently released dual meet rankings, Clarkstown South, Clarkstown North and Tappan Zee also ended up in the top 10, while teams such as Suffern and Pearl River are knocking on the door. While the competition within the county has been top notch, the reason for such widespread success can be traced back to a collective effort to elevate the caliber of wrestling in Rockland. To read the notebook in its entirety, click here for the link.

Phil Terrigno covered the O’Connell tournament at Pearl River on Friday, where North Rockland took home another title. Here is Phil’s story.


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  1. Thanks for the positive press Vince. Rockland County on a whole is working to improve in wrestling. Hopefully there is more to come in 2013!

  2. In my mind, Rockland County has always been a hotbed for wrestling, and has had top notch teams for decades. It’s just been a 12 year stretch where Mahopac, Fox Lane, and JJCR were on top in Sec 1.

    Rockland may not have many teams, but they have many fine wrestlers and programs.


  3. State Rankings are out! Two of my fellow Foxes are ranked in the top 8!
    Tom Grippi #2 at 152, but he is going 145 and the #1 guy, Dave Almaviva, is someone Tom Grippi beat last year.

    Ben Ettlinger doing a fine job this season #8 at 132. Look for him to continue to improve.

  4. It’s time for the Suffern program to go in a different direction as far as leadership goes. Chris Matteotti is good guy by all accounts, a great wrestler..but that hasn’t translated into a good coach. I’ve heard ‘we have a young team’, missing certain wrestlers..etc. It can be confidently stated that the Mounties have hit rock bottom. Once the pride, the power of Section 1 and a top 10 program in the state they have now collapsed into a mediocre, middle of the pack team in ROCKLAND COUNTY!!!! When the Clarkstown North and South’s of the world are handling have fallen a long way. Not to disparage those programs, they have some excellent tutors and wreslters…but we are talking SUFFERN wrestling…not some program that has had some success over the years.
    If you want to say that the feeder program is a shadow of what it once was, okay that may have contributed, but for the Mounties to not even be a top 10 team in Section 1 is completely and utterly unacceptable. Time for change.

  5. Just to add, in anticipation of those pointing out that it’s high school kids and it’s more about academics and growth as individuals…we (parents & taxpayers) are spending an inordinate amount of money on these sports (some that travel upstate 3 or 4 times, some with 3 uniforms) so we are entitled to our view…it’s the only thing we ave. Unfortunately in this instance, in this view of Suffern wrestling, I am in a great majority.

  6. Old School our goal at South is to handle many teams. If your program walked over us in the past those days are gone.

  7. Old school you are way off base with Coach Matteotti. Every program has its peaks and valleys and certainly suffern has seen more highs than lows. Instead of slamming suffern as a declining program, maybe you should give credit to the other programs in the county like north, south and pearl river and the changes they’ve made to improve their teams to compete with the sufferns and north rocklands. There’s no problem with sufferns program. Good luck Chris.

  8. Different old skool, seems like us old guys are cranky. Suffern isn’t what it used to be, but I think suffern itself isn’t the same place it was 15- 20 yrs ago. Just ask yourself are you better with someone other than mattiotti. Prob not.

  9. Old skool you sound old and bitter…Suffern has reigned over Rockland county for many years in many sports it may be time for other schools to take over! Stop blaming the coach! Many young men and their parents have started looking for off season help and paying for it. They have given up playing 3 sports for just wrestling all year round, and it is starting to pay off, that does not in any way mean Chris Mattioti is a bad coach, it means the rest of rockland is tired of losing to Suffern, you should take it as a compliment! Coach Chris we should be so lucky, good luck!

  10. Suffern wrestler on

    As a wrestler in the room I can tell you that it can’t be matteotti’s fault. It can’t be because Mickey Desimoine is the JV coach and he helps determine what goes on in practice. How can you fault Matteotti when DeSimone is still there helping his successor? Athletes at Suffern don’t wrestle anymore. We have at least 20 top fleet athletes in the county that won’t go out for wrestling. Back 10-15 years ago we had Khyl Farrison in the room and he was all state in 3 sports. Other schools are determined to go out and best Suffern so they feel they accomplished something. It’s gonna be similar when North Rocklands empire ends. the lineup IS young, we only have 4 guys with any varsity experience prior to this year and one kid with no wrestling expercne ever. give Suffern until these current sophomores graduate, and then see where Suffern is

  11. Canty would of had state champs by now and the program would be never be in the shape it is in. North Rockland will stay on top because they have young dedicated coaches who are involved in the off season.

  12. I did give credit to other programs…they have certainly made adjustments to catch Suffern. I’m simply saying that Suffern has fallen while NR, CN, CS, Nanuet, PR, etc..etc…have improved.
    Again, Matteoti isn’t the sole reason but as in any venture: sports, business, Cub Scouts..anything….a new voice needs to be heard. You aren’t going to replace the athletes. Every district has had challenges but some are handling it better than others.

  13. The demographics of Suffern are not what they were 20 plus years ago. Much more wealth in the area less blue collar. This sport is now dominated by club kids. Coaches cant make kids join clubs. Most kids dont want to go to reg practice then go to a tougher practice the same day.