North Rockland captures O’Connell tournament; more results


North Rockland (144 points) captured the Michael O’Connell Tournament at Pearl River. Warwick (126 points) finished in second, Tappan Zee (114 points) was third and Pearl River (104 points) was fourth. More team scores to follow.


101 — James Kelly (PR) pin Anthony Sulla (Nr):33; Alex D’Angelo (Nrk) dec. Sean McGarvey (Pr); 108 — Brian Hong (CN) pin Raymond Rodriguez (Slh) 5:03; Marlon Borge (Nrk) tech. fall over Maxim Kutsepav (CN); 115 — Louis Delucia (CN) dec. Jake Kurzhals (PR) 9-5;  Justin Hong (CN) dec. 5-2 Matt Greenlaw (War); 122 — Blaise Benderoth (Nrk) tech. fall over Nick Ferriera (War) 16-0; Luis Andreakis (Wash) dec. Mark Grant (HH) 13-5; 128 — John Muldoon (PR) pin Carlos Aponte (TZ) 4:27; Joe Ginley (War) dec. Jack Wagner (HH) 1-0; 134 — AJ Aeberli (War) dec. Bryan Mangiello (Wash) 5-0; James Giraldez (Nk) dec. Ryan Ferro (War) 6-4; 140 — Thomas Wightman (Wash) pin Blake Cohen (LP) 1:51; Edwin Jimenez (SH) dec. Noah Houde (TZ) 10-3; 147 —  Kevin McDermott (HH) dec. Kessler Felix (Nk) 3-2; Mark Milisci (Wash) sudden death dec. over Steve Moreno (PR) 4-3; 154 — Desmond Djekovic (TZ) dec. Mike D’Agostino (Nrk) 11-0; Brett Pastore (Irv) dec. Rob Gullo (PR) 9-3; 162 — Nick Didio (Nrk) dec. Edgar Solis (West) 3-2; Jacob Lieberman (Nk) dec. Shaun Carroll (PR) 8-1; 172 — Chris Flynn (PR)  pin Zach Williams (TUX) 3:19; Adam Hofling (Slh) pin Francesco Pichardo (Wash) 3:08; 184 — Tyler Goings (ER) 15-0 tech. fall over Brendan Woods (LP) 4:16; Kurt Romano (TZ) dec. Phil Kesting (War) 7-1; 197 — Connor Leavell (War) tech. fall over Bryan Kondracki (PR); Colton Charles (NrK) dec. Billy Madigan (TZ) 8-2; 222 — John Hartnett (TZ) pin Dareen Belvu (HH) 3:19; Sam Weinger (Wash) pin Jason Dorsainville (ER) 1:12; 287 — Mike Manzi (TZ) pin Kharl Chatelain (ER) 3:46; Charles Francois (Nk) pin Anthony DiNardo (Irv) 4:47.

Third place

101 — Anthony Sulla (NrK) dec. Paul Ginley (War) 3-0; 108 — Maxim Kutsepav (CN) pin Raymon Rodriguez (Slh) 2:27; 115 — Justin Clovall (Wash) pin Matt Greenlaw (War) 2:05; 122 — Mack Grant (HH) dec. Dylan Zynn (Tux) 7-3; 128 — Carlos Aponte (TZ) dec. Jack Wagner (HH) 16-7; 134 —Bryan Magniello (Wash) dec. Khalil Harrison (Nrk) 5-1; 140 — Blake Cohen (LP) dec. Noah Horde (TZ) 5-4; 147 — Kessler Felix (Nk) dec. Jean Maxine (ER) 9-7; 154 — Rob Gullo (PR) dec. Mike D’Agostino (Nrk) 9-6; 162 — Edgar Solis (West) dec. Shaun Carroll (PR) 6-2; 172 — Franchesco Pichardo (Wash) pin Alex Shlemety (Nrk) 2:01; 184 — Phil Kersting (War) dec. Brendan Woods (LP) 7-5; 197 — Billy Madigan (TZ) dec. Bryan Kondraska (PR) 7-2; 222 — Jason Dorsainville (ER) pin Chris Giordano (War) :37; 287 — Anthony DiNardo (Irv) by disq. over Kharl Chatelain (ER).


101 — James Kelly (PR) dec. Alex D’Angelo (Nrk) 6-0; 108 — Marlon Borge (Nrk) dec. Brian Hong (CN) 9-0; 115 — Justin Hong (CN) dec. Louis DeLucia (CN) 17-6; 122 — Blaise Benderoth (Nrk) dec. Luis Andreakis (Wash) 7-1; 128 — John Muldoon (PR) dec. Joe Ginty (War) 14-3; 134 — James Giraldez (NY) dec. AJ Aeberli (War) 8-7; 140 — Thomas Wightman (War) dec. Edwin Jimenez (Slh) 6-5; 147 — Kevin McDermott (HH) dec. Mark Milisci (Wash) 5-4; 154 — Desmond Djekovic dec. Brett Pastore (Irv) 8-3; 162 — Nick Didio (Nrk) dec. Jacob Lieberman (Nk) 9-3; 172 — Adam Hoflig (Slh) pin Chris Flynn (PR) 3:00; 184 — Tyler Goings (ER) pin Kurt Romano (TZ) 3:50; 197 — Connor Leavell (War) dec. Colton Charles (Nrk) 11-3; 222 — Josh Hartnett (TZ) dec. Sam Weinger (Wash) 2-1; 287 — Mike Manzi (TZ) pin Charles Francois (NY) 4:15.


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  1. wildredberries on

    Looks like Hartnett is serving notice at 220.
    Surprised Sleepy did not have more wrestlers place. Where is big Franky? Is this another event he blew off or is he injured, ineligible or whatever? Just asking.

  2. Are the wheels coming off at Sleepy? What gives?
    Frankie we can understand, he knows he has no shot at title, guess he will mail in the rest of the season!

  3. I gotta think watching Jimenez yesterday at 138 he has a shot at that weight. Still plenty of wrestling left.

  4. Yeah we didn’t have most of our team on Friday. Many kids still on vacation, Bencosme, Ospina, and Clarke injured, so we were left with a nearly entirely JV team. I ended up being our only champ which was bittersweet considering Curanaj, Bencosme, and Ospina all had opportunities to, at the very least, make the finals. And yes 6-5 was the real score, and Wightman actually had to make a comeback for that W!

  5. Howitis, must agree, Jimenez wrestling very well and has to be considered as a serious contender come Sectionals.

  6. What’s with the weight classes at the O’connel tournament? You get 2 lbs but the weight classes are the same? 170 is 170 not 172 !

  7. The same can be said for almost every team…vacation, injury, etc. North Rockland didn’t bring their top guys to the tournament either. No excuses…just wrestle.

  8. North Rockland actually left five All Section wrestlers home; Derek Dimarsico, Troy Feniger, Jake Dimarsico, Matt Caputo and Connor Regiotti. This actually make North Rocklands team victory even more impressive.

  9. Wildredberries on

    VACATION? You’re kidding us, right?
    No wonder guys don’t want to coach these days!!!