Section 1 Duals: D2 quarterfinals today


While all of the remaining D1 teams have the day off, today is the biggest day of the Section 1 Dual Meet tourney in D2. Pleasantville, Irvington and Pawling emerged onto fill the final three spots, and now eight teams will be separated into two locations today. I’ll be heading to Nanuet, where the defending champs will host Pleasantville, Irvington and Ardsley. The other quad meet will be held at Croton-Harmon, where the Tigers will host Edgemont, Putnam Valley and Pawling. Both are scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m.

As always, I’ll be bringing my FlipCam along, so let me know if there are any matches in particular that you want to see. I’ll also be providing live updates, so follow me on Twitter @vzmercogliano. Here are the opening matchups. The winners will face off immediately after:

At Nanuet
Nanuet vs. Pleasantville
Irvington vs. Ardsley

At Croton-Harmon
Edgemont vs. Pawling
Croton-Harmon vs. Putnam Valley


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  1. all i see is bronze on

    Believe Irvington and Ardsley wrestled to a tie last year, don’t remember who got the tie-break. Both teams brought back most of their lineup from last year. Should be pretty tight again.

    Put Valley is strong at some weights, 126-152 with Mirabal, Bruno, Kelvas, and Zegarelli then they have the two Messingers in the 170 range. Other than that its the youngsters. They are more of tournament team than a dual team although a full lineup is always huge in D2

  2. I believe the pleasantville irvington nanuet ardsley quad is at ardsley today does anyone know?

  3. Doesn’t anyone think that the video taping of certain matches is giving an advantage to the other quad meet boys where the reporter isn’t going? That does not seem to be in the best interest of this sport at all. Writing a great article leaves a bit to the imagination and in the best sportsmanship to all involved? Just wondering if it is just me?

  4. How is it a disadvantage?? You can prob find matches on nearly every good kid on the Internet, flowrestling, sometime people over analyze their opponents and they to wrestle to their opponents weakness rather than their own strength. Not a big deal and it is sometimes nice to tell friends and family watch my video on this website

  5. irvington beat ardsley nanuet beat pleasantville, ardsley-pleasentville idk but irvington-nanuet nanuet won by a lot

  6. all i see is bronze on

    They already have Dillon and Calvano. I’m guessing if he didn’t make weight. He is out. Out for final too I believe. Or no, nevermind I think he can go but has to stay at 113. Can’t weigh in at 120. And if he went 120 today he couldn’t go 113 for final.