Carlucci Dual Meet tourney: Friday’s results


Thanks to Tom Josephson, I have all of the scores from the first day of the Carlucci Dual Meet tournament at Purchase College. There were some very interesting results to come out, most notably an undefeated day for a resurgent Port Chester team and a near upset from Edgemont of defending D1 section champ Fox Lane. I’ve listed the records that each team finished the day with, all of the team scores and tomorrow’s schedule. I’ll be there to catch all of the action tomorrow, so follow me on Twitter @vzmercogliano for live updates. Also, I’ll be busting out the FlipCam, so let me know if there are any matches you want me to film!

Pool A
Port Chester (3-0)
Monroe-Woodbury (2-0)
Scarsdale (1-1)
Mamaroneck (1-2)
Iona Prep (1-2)
Somers (0-3)

Pool B
Fox Lane (3-0)
Edgemont (2-1)
New Rochelle (1-1)
Harrison (1-1)
Croton-Harmon (0-2)
Eastchester (0-2)

First round
Port Chester 40, Mamaroneck 39 (tiebreaker)
Iona Prep 45, Scarsdale 41
Edgemont 60, Croton-Harmon 18
Monroe-Woodbury 68, Somers 13
Fox Lane 41, Harrison 28

Second round
Edgemont 36, New Rochelle 9
Fox Lane 63, Eastchester 21
Port Chester 57, Iona Prep 30
Scarsdale 36, Somers 19

Third round
New Rochelle 31, Croton-Harmon 28
Harrison 72, Eastchester 6
Port Chester 33, Somers 24
Fox Lane 39, Edgemont 38 (tiebreaker)
Mamaroneck over Iona Prep (no score)

Saturday’s schedule
Pool A
Scarsdale vs. Monroe-Woodbury, 9:30 a.m.
Iona Prep vs. Somers, 9:30 a.m.
Monroe-Woodbury vs. Iona Prep, 11:15 a.m.
Somers vs. Mamaroneck, 11:15 a.m.
Port Chester vs. Scarsdale, 11:15 a.m.
Monroe-Woodbury vs. Port Chester, 1 p.m.
Mamaroneck vs. Scarsdale, 1 p.m.
Pool B
Croton-Harmon vs. Fox Lane, 9:30 a.m.
Harrison vs. New Rochelle, 9:30 a.m.
Edgemont vs. Eastchester, 9:30 a.m.
Harrison vs. Croton-Harmon, 11:15 a.m.
New Rochelle vs. Eastchester, 11:15 a.m.
New Rochelle vs. Fox Lane, 1 p.m.
Harrison vs. Edgemont, 1 p.m.
Croton-Harmon vs. Eastchester, 1 p.m.

All finals scheduled for 3 p.m.


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  1. Although not a section 1 kid, was great to see vinny vespa back on the mat after battling cancer less than 8 months ago

  2. Box scores would help. I think there was a table mix up with croton and new Ro.
    99 croton pin 6-0 croton
    106 I believe double fft 6-0
    113 new ro pin 6-6
    120 croton Dec 9-6 croton
    126 new ro Dec 9-9
    132 new ro fft 15-9 new ro
    138 double fft 15-9
    145 croton Dec 15-12
    152 dbl fft 15-12
    160 croton major 16-15 Croton
    170 new ro fft 21-16
    182 new ro maj 25-16
    195 new ro Dec 28-16
    220 croton fft 28-22
    285 croton fft 28-28

    Not sure where 3 more would have came from ? They ended at 99, didn’t see a forfeit after and that would be 34 not 31. There were no other matches wrestled no way to add 3.

  3. I would personally like to thank Tom Joesphson for running a great tournament. Not to get goofy, but his kids are done wrestling and he still has the passion for the sport to put the time and effort into running a first class tournament. The whole Port Chester crew should be thanked for securing a facility like SUNY Purchase for the tourney. How many times are kids exposed to a college facility for a tournament ? Eastern states and the last day of sectionals. And after a long day getting results into the paper. Amazing.

    Great Job ! Thank you

  4. Keep in mind that New Ro has some heavy weights not eligible yet, because of football running long.

  5. @crotonwrestling: old data processing term from a previous life: GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Some of the match summaries I received were less than stellar. Thanks for the feedback. Will look into it.
    I’m working on publishing individual match summaries and will have them, but we’re working with spreadsheets, not a comprehensive program that can spit out reports.

    @Grappling: thanks on behalf of all of us, try my wife’s pulled pork tomorrow. She reminded me we’ve been at this for 17 years. Mike & Declan turn 30 & 28 in Feb. Where did the time go?

  6. Pulled pork was excellent. Can’t ask for much more from a 5 mat tournament. Runs very well, bound to have some table mistakes somewhere at any tournament. You guys do a great job

  7. @crotonwrestling: Maureen’s pulled pork hasn’t been unveiled yet. I helped w/ the chili too. Forgot to mention Max is sophomore at CCU: 7 miles from Myrtle Beach. No wrestling team, but plenty of other distractions, I’m sure. I visit as often as I can to play golf.

    TJ AKA Cauli

  8. M-W is walking through the A pool; very strong this year. PC-Scars will determine 3rd place nominee from A pool. I think M-W will beat FL in final to win their 1st Carlucci title. Edgemont owns 3rd. Iona put some good wrestlers on the mat Friday night. Good on them. Harrison & Scarsdale looking tough too. B pool seems more competitive though. I expect B pool to win 3rd and 5th, A pool (M-W) wins 1st. Only my opinion…

  9. M-W wants revenge against FL and will probably get it.

    I’m interested in hearing how the younger Grippi and Rodriques kids looked. They are a big
    part of the future for FL.

    PS…Thanks for your hard work Tom.