Wrestling preview: Weight class certifications


I had the opportunity to take my first look of the year at this season’s weight class certifications today, and after hours of scouring through them, I’ve come up with some preseason rankings. Now, it’s very important to note that nothing about these rankings is official. None of these guys have wrestled a match yet, and there is still much to be determined. The way that the weight class certifications are laid out, a minimum weight that a particular wrestler can compete at is listed. A lot of guys will cut down to that minimum by the time the postseason rolls around, but there are many cases where it’s simply not realistic. If the minimum listed for a certain guy would require him to cut 40 pounds, I took the liberty of assuming that won’t happen. Each wrestler’s current weight was listed, so I was able to draw my own conclusions based on which class he was in last season and information that I’ve gathered from various coaches and athletes. What I’m getting at is that you shouldn’t carve any of this in stone just yet. For most guys, I listed them in their minimum weight class, but I moved some others around based on my own logic. The best way to describe these rankings is one big educated guess.

Here are some of my observations and notes:

• There are some very uneven weight classes, which I believe will cause certain wrestlers to consider moving around. A perfect example is in D1 at 113 pounds. Based on the weight class certifications, that is looking like a very weak class. But if you look at 106 and 120, both of those classes are loaded. My expectation is that one or two of the top naturally bigger guys at 106 and/or one or two of the top naturally smaller guys at 120 will end up at 113. It’s simply an easier path to states, which is the ultimate goal. The same can be said about the 132 and 160 weight classes in D2. There are big names that will increase their chances for a section title by making a move.

• The 120 and 126 lbs. weight classes in D1 are stacked. My top five in each class all placed last season. At 120 in particular, there at least three guys who I believe could legitimately compete at the state level. That’s why I say we could see a couple drop down. It looks like D-Real will go at 126, which will make that a class that most want to avoid.

If everyone stays put, it could help Yorktown’s chances. As I wrote yesterday, I definitely consider North Rockland to be the favorite in D1. I’m certainly not going back on that now, but based on the certifications, I think it might be closer than I originally anticipated. Some of North Rockland’s section title hopefuls — such as Blaise Benderoth and Troy Feniger — are a bit buried in very deep weight classes. On the other hand, all four of Yorktown’s section title hopefuls are starting off ranked No. 1 and collectively seem to have easier paths. I still like the Red Raiders, but it looks like the Huskers could have more champs than any other D1 school.

152 lbs. is the class to watch in D2. This class is extremely top heavy, with the third-ranked guy (Westlake’s Edgar Solis) being a former section champ. I’d definitely expect one of them to make the jump to 160, which isn’t nearly as deep.

Of the 15 weight classes in D2, nine look like they could be won by guys from Nanuet or Edgemont. It’s quite clear that these two teams are a notch above the rest of D2. 

As for how I ranked them, it’s simply how they finished at sectionals. If there weren’t enough that placed to fill out a top five in D1 or a top three in D2, I went to the next highest seed. 99 percent of the guys who I have ranked qualified for sectionals last season. Once we get into the season, I will put out rankings that involve a bit more of my opinion. These are pretty cut and dry.

Division 1

99 – 1. Alfredo Olmedo, Jr., Arlington; 2. Brandon Fay, Jr., Fox Lane; 3. James Kelly, Soph., Pearl River; 4. Eddie Tomaskovic, Soph., Carmel; 5. Joey Fields, Soph., Clarkstown North
106 – 1. Nick Barbaria, Jr., New Rochelle; 2. Kevin Rodriguez, Sr., Port Chester; 3. Jon Errico, Soph., Byram Hills; 4. Derek DiMarsico, Soph., North Rockland; 5. Jay Albis, Soph., John Jay-EF
113 – 1. Travis Becker, Sr., Arlington; 2. Brian McLiverity, Sr., Clarkstown South; 3. Manny Pragana, Jr., John Jay-EF; 4. Mark Grant, Sr., Hen Hud; 5. Robert Keltz, Soph., Scarsdale
120 – 1. Alex Delacruz, Jr., Ossining; 2. John Muldoon, Jr., Pearl River; 3. Blaise Benderoth, Soph., North Rockland; 4. Nick Tolli, Jr., Arlington; 5. Alex Oliveto, Sr., Suffern
126 – 1. Dylan Realbuto, Sr., Somers; 2. Liam Erickson, Jr., Brewster; 3. Troy Feniger, Sr., North Rockland; 4. Jimmy Kaishian, Sr., Yorktown; 5. Ben Ettlinger, Jr., Fox Lane
132 – 1. Jake DiMarsico, Sr., North Rockland; 2. Luke Minasi, Sr., John Jay-EF; 3. Danny Murphy, Soph., RC Ketcham; 4. Zack Boker, Sr., Mahopac; 5. Frank Surace, Soph., Fox Lane
138 – 1. Matt Caputo, Jr., North Rockland; 2. Colby Kash, Sr., Clarkstown North; 3. Edwin Jiminez, Sr., Sleepy Hollow; 4. Larry Courtien, Jr., Somers; 5. Steve Moreno, Sr., Pearl River
145 – 1. Tom Grippi, Sr., Fox Lane; 2. Kevin McDermott, Sr., Hen Hud; 3. James Desimone, Sr., Suffern; 4. Kyle Santucci, Sr., Yorktown; 5. Brandon Badger, Jr., Arlington
152 – 1. Joe Mastro, Sr., Yorktown; 2. Brad Marvin, Jr., RC Ketcham; 3. Ben Miller, Sr., Mamaroneck; 4. Desmond Djekovic, Sr., Tappan Zee; 5. Joe Koshakow, Sr., Scarsdale
160 – 1. Dale White, Sr., John Jay-EF; 2. Aaron Gallagher, Sr., Mahopac; 3. Andrew Sion, Sr., Brewster; 4. Lance Perlmutter, Sr., Hen Hud; 5. Mark Lasar, Sr., Somers
170 – 1. Dion Duran, Sr., Mamaroneck; 2. Brett Perry, Jr., John Jay-EF; 3. Chris Flynn, Sr., Pearl River; 4. Chris Manjuck, Sr., Fox Lane; 5. Brock Cvijanovich, Soph., Horace Greeley
182 – 1. Thomas Murray, Sr., Yorktown; 2. Billy Gossett, Sr., John Jay; 3. Robert Hanaburgh, Sr., Arlington; 4. Murphy Wilson, Soph., RC Ketcham; 5. Kurt Schwartz, Sr., New Rochelle
195 – 1. Steven Sabella, Sr., Yorktown; 2. Scott Wymbs, Sr., Horace Greeley; 3. Trent Lofaro, Sr., Ossining; 4. John Hartnett, Jr., Tappan Zee; 5. Wilmer Quintero-Martinez, Jr., Clarkstown South
220 – 1. Jason Dorsainville, Sr., East Ramapo; 2. Paul Okeke, Sr., Clarkstown South; 3. A.J. Cesarini, Sr., Eastchester; 4. Ethan Smith, Sr., John Jay; 5. Billy Marino, Jr., Horace Greeley
285 – 1. David Varian, Sr., Yorktown; 2. Justin Douglas, Sr., New Rochelle; 3. Conner Reigotti, Jr., North Rockland; 4. Michael Manni, Jr., Tappan Zee; 5. Frank Curanaj, Sr., Sleepy Hollow

Division 2

99 – 1. James Bathon, Fr., Pleasantville; 2. Kyle Aslanian, Fr., Edgemont; 3. Dan Fraad, Jr., Pawling
106 – 1. Tyler Aslanian, Jr., Edgemont; 2. Tyler Wexler, Jr., Irvington; 3. Noah Kelvas, 8th, Putnam Valley
113 – 1. Vinny Skokos, Soph., Nanuet; 2. Jonah Gerstel, Sr., Ardsley; 3. Andrew Barsuch, Jr., Croton-Harmon
120 – 1. Trey Aslanian, Sr., Edgemont; 2. Joe Dillon, Jr., Nanuet; 3. Adam Mirabal, Jr., Putnam Valley
126 – 1. Anthony Calvano, Sr., Nanuet; 2. Sky Korek, Sr., Edgemont; 3. Stephen Paternostro, Jr., Pleasantville
132 – 1. Chris Bruno, Sr., Putnam Valley; 2. Nicholas Jolly, Jr., Lourdes; 3. Will Graybeal, Jr., Edgemont
138 – 1. Drew Longo, Sr., Ardsley; 2. Colin Hopkins, Jr., Edgemont; 3. Kyle Kelvas, Sr., Putnam Valley
145 – 1. Matt Dillon, Sr., Nanuet; 2. Nick O’Hallaran, Sr., Westlake; 3. Andrew Horan, Sr., Croton-Harmon
152 – 1. Brett Pastore, Sr., Irvington; 2. Jack McCormack, Sr., Edgemont; 3. Edgar Solis, Sr., Westlake
160 – 1. Ross Kantor, Sr., Edgemont; 2. Adam Rosenkranz, Sr., Dobbs Ferry; 3. Jonathan Deegan, Sr., Lourdes
170 – 1. John Messinger, Sr., Putnam Valley; 2. Chris Kim, Jr., Edgemont; 2. Peter Smith, Sr., Nanuet
182 – 1. Mike Buhlmann, Sr., Nanuet; 2. Evan Shalom, Soph., Ardsley; 3. Willie Messinger, Soph., Putnam Valley
195 – 1. Kevin Brundage, Sr., Nanuet; 2. Jacob Wiegard, Sr., Lourdes; 3. Alek Pavloff, Jr., Croton-Harmon
220 – 1. Dan Breit, Sr., Nanuet; 2. Matt Acevedo, Jr., Pawling; 3. Christopher Minozzi, Sr., Hastings
285 – 1. Anthony DiNardo, Jr., Irvington; 2. Joe Morello, Sr., Dobbs Ferry; 3. Tyrie Brave, Jr., Woodlands


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  1. Kyle Aslanian beat James Bathon at sectionals last season and has only added size… he should be ranked ahead of him.

  2. Smith from jj isn’t wrestling at 220, he lost his wrestle off to there heavyweight from last year who is going 220 now. Smith is wrestling at 285 now

  3. No they do every week but I don’t. Seem him getting his spot at 220 back, the kid there now looked good pinned smith In the 2nd period after having a good lead. The kid looks for real

  4. all i see is bronze on

    not sure Bathon even placed ? maybe 5th/6th ? Wilt kid from Hastings did they wrestle for 5th/6th ? or was it the little Kelvas ? not that its that important. There will be 3 Aslanian champs in my opinion

    99. Aslaninan
    106. Aslanian
    113. Skokos
    120 Aslanian, Calvano (WC) should stay here unless 120 is loaded in Albany
    126. Calvano if he chooses or Dillon/Korek winner
    132. Jolly
    138 Longo
    145 Hopkins
    152 Pastore
    160 McCormack
    170 Messinger
    182/195 Bulhman, Brundage, Oks (2 of the 3 win these two weights)
    220 Breit
    285 Dinardo

    and Edgemont if they stay healthy and get as good of showings from Oks and Hopkins as I think they can (and McCormack goes up to an easier 160) they can give Nanuet a run.

  5. all i see is bronze on

    as far as D1 tough to tell early but obviously some guys should move up from 126 lol pretty packed behind Realbuto. Think Kashian and Erickson could handle moving up. No disrespect meant but while you get quite a few points for losing to a state champ, a chance at winning the section seems a lot more tempting to me. Think Rodrigues from PC and maybe Albis will try to jump up to 113, looks less intimidating than 106, although Barbaria was at 113 this weekend. Not sure if he is up until January, or just up this weekend or what. Gotta think some 195’s will try to muscle up to 220. Especially if they dont have the skill to handle Sabella. Bulldozer types will want to go 220. And 285 I’m going to say is open because last year it was all about Sean Barry, then it was all about Douglas. In this one takedown era of supers they should just go 1-1-1. get them to OT quicker. Although we shouldnt reward them for turning wrestling into a game of heads or tails (red/green)