Wrestling preview: Weight class breakdowns


I exchanged emails with section coordinator Eric Romanino this week, who told me that I’ll be able to take a look at the weight class certifications on Nov. 29. But me being the antsy person that I am, I’ve been going through all of the sectional results from last season to get an idea of how things may shake out this year.

At this point, it wouldn’t make much sense to speculate on which weight classes all of the top returners will end up in. We’ll get to see the weight certifications in a week, and even then we know that guys will occasionally hold off on making their final decision for sectionals. Once we get into the regular season and I get a better idea of who is wrestling where, I’ll release my first official weight class rankings, but those are still a few weeks away.

So, what I’ve done just to get an idea of how much depth there is coming back from last season is go through each class and see which guys who placed are coming back. I tried to come up with the top three returners in each weight class based on how they finished last season. If there aren’t three wrestlers who placed returning in a certain class, I went to the sectional seeds and took the highest seeded returner.

As you’ll see, the lighter weights are loaded with guys who did damage at sectionals last season, while I had to do a bit more digging in the upper weights. It’s probably safe to assume that most wrestlers will be bumping up one or two classes this season, but those who stay put are probably increasing their chances of placing again.

Here are the top three returners in each class based on which weight they wrestled at last season. I didn’t have year confirmations for some D2 guys, so I just listed the highest returning placer for the small schools. There seem to be more top wrestlers coming back in D2, where the there is someone returning who placed in the top three or better in each class. Some classes in D1 (such as 220) look like they could be wide open.

Division 1

99 – 1. Nick Barbaria, New Rochelle (sixth in state); 2. Kevin Rodriguez, Port Chester (section finalist); 3. Jon Errico, Byram Hills (third place)
106 – 1. Blaise Benderoth, North Rockland (section finalist); 2. Nick Tolli, Arlington (third place); 3. Alex Oliveto, Suffern (fourth place)
113 – 1. Dylan Realbuto, Somers (state champ); 2. Alex Delacruz, Ossining (section champ); 3. John Muldoon, Pearl River (section finalist)
120 – 1. Jake DiMarsico, North Rockland (section champ); 2. Liam Erickson, Brewster (third place); 3. Jimmy Kaishian, Yorktown (fifth place)
126 – 1. Matt Caputo, North Rockland (section finalist); 2. Danny Murphy, RC Ketcham (fifth place); 3. Gavin Menchel, Harrison (Did not place; seeded third)
132 – 1. Colby Kash, Clarkstown North (third place); 2. Luke Minasi, John Jay-EF (fourth place); 3. Kevin McDermott, Hen Hud (fifth place)
138 – 1. Tom Grippi, Fox Lane (section champ); 2. Joe Koshakow, Scarsdale (sixth place); 3. James Desimone, Suffern (DNP; seeded seventh)
145 – 1. Dale White, John Jay-EF (fifth in state); 2. Joe Mastro, Yorktown (section finalist); 3. Josh Perlmutter, Hen Hud (DNP; seeded fourth)
152 – 1. Brad Marvin, RC Ketcham (third place); 2. Ben Miller, Mamaroneck (fourth place); 3. Desmond Djekovic, Tappan Zee (fifth place)
160 – 1. Dion Duran, Mamaroneck (fourth place); 2. Aaron Gallagher, Mahopac (fifth place); 3. Chris Flynn, Pearl River (DNP; seeded 12th)
170 – 1. Steven Sabella, Yorktown (section champ); 2. Brett Perry, John Jay-EF (fifth place); 3. Chris Manjuck, Fox Lane (DNP; seeded 14th)
182 – 1. Thomas Murray, Yorktown (section finalist); 2. Billy Gossett, John Jay (DNP; seeded 11th); 3. Robert Hanaburgh, Arlington (DNP; seeded 13th)
195 – 1. Scott Wymbs, Horace Greeley (section finalist); 2. Trent Lofaro, Ossining (fourth place); 3. Paul Okeke, Clarkstown South (fifth place)
220 – 1. Jason Dorainsville, East Ramapo (fifth place); 2. A.J. Cesarini, Eastchester (DNP; seeded seventh); 3. Ethan Smith, John Jay (DNP; seeded ninth)
285 – 1. David Varian, Yorktown (section champ); 2. Justin Douglas, New Rochelle (section finalist); 3. Conner Reigotti, North Rockland (fourth place)

Division 2

99 – 1. Tyler Aslanian, Edgemont (section champ)
106 – 1. Vinny Skokos, Nanuet (section champ)
113 – 1. Trey Aslanian, Edgemont (state finalist)
120 – 1. Anthony Calvano, Nanuet (section champ)
126 – 1. Drew Longo, Ardsley (section champ)
132 – 1. Colin Hopkins, Edgemont (section finalist)
138 – 1. Matt Dillon, Nanuet (section finalist)
145 – 1. Brett Pastore, Irvington (section champ)
152 – 1. Edgar Solis, Westlake (third place)
160 – 1. Mike Buhlmann, Nanuet (section finalist)
170 – 1. John Messinger, Putnam Valley (section champ)
182 – 1. Kevin Brundage, Nanuet (section finalist)
195 – 1. Dan Breit, Nanuet (section champ)
220 – 1. Matt Acevedo, Pawling (section champ)
285 – 1. Anthony DiNardo, Irvington (section finalist)


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  1. Beep boop deeboop

    Some glaring omissions from the D2 list because they decided to go one deep, while listing 11 seeds from D1.

    99. Dillon – Nanuet-finalist, state qualifier, former sect champ
    99. Barsuch- Croton 3rd
    113. Korek – Edgemont – finalast, multiple place finisher, stuck behind Trey most of HS, should qualify for states this year

  2. 132. Colin Hopkins – Edgemont – finalist, multiple place finisher
    145. I believe Jack McCormack – Edgemont, multiple place finisher
    160- Oliver Oks – Edgemont

    I remember back in the day they used to rank the top 5/6 guys despite what size their school was. Maybe did it every two weeks i guess. Maybe more not sure. Should get back into that.
    IMO D2 (guessing where guys are going, educated guess though) would have guys in the top 6 (six guys make all section, I know not the top 6, or is it 7 now?).
    D2 could get guys in at 99, 113(2), 120(2), 132, 138, 152, 160, 220, 275

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  4. I am not disparaging the talents in D2 in the least bit, but ranking the top 6 out of a 12 team pool is absurd. There are over 30 schools in D1 so ranking the top 5/6 makes sense. I suggest ranking the whole section D1/d2 together. That would spark some conversations!

  5. D2 top 2 = d1 top 6 based on number of teams.

    D2 top 2 = d1 top 10 based on number of wrestlers

  6. Vince, delighted to see you’re covering wrestling again this season! Enjoyed your soccer coverage as well. Looking forward to the upcoming season and your ongoing posts/tweets/articles.

  7. Holy #### with the comparing them as a whole already, that’s not the arguement. There are several weight classes in D2 that just so happen to have a 2nd kid who could place in D1.

    The blog when ranking wrestlers should just rank the top 5-8 wrestlers per weight class. If a weight class has 3 D2 guys so be it. Is it has no D2 guys so be it. It’s individual rankings. Division doesn’t matter. When ranking teams, do 10 D1. And 3 D2