Team preview: Westlake


Despite sending less wrestlers to sectionals than several other Division 2 teams, the Wildcats managed to take seventh place overall because two-thirds of the guys they sent placed. The good news is that four of the six that placed are back, but Westlake did lose its only champ in Dean Rogener. Edgar Solis is a name to watch. He won a title as a sophomore, but dropped to third last season. With numbers up, coach Joe Bucello expects to fill a lineup for the first time in awhile.

Here is Bucello’s outlook for the season:

How did your team do last season? 5-10; we had six out of nine wrestlers place at sectionals.

Who are your top returning wrestlers? Edgar Solis (152 lbs.); Nick O’Halloran (145 lbs.); Zack Dolgetta (132 lbs.); Matt Zefi (170 lbs.).

Who are the top wrestlers that you lost to graduation? Dean Rogener (section champ); Con Coffinas (third place).

What is the biggest strength of your lineup? It looks like we are going to fill the lineup this year if things work out at certs!

What is your biggest concern entering the season? We are very young.

Which team(s) is your biggest rival? I’m going to say Croton just because of blogatron. Just kidding! It’s Pleasantville. We share a border and everybody knows each other.

Will you host any tournaments this season? Yes, our modified winter classic.

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  1. Honestly, the season hasn’t even started yet. Do we really have to tolerate this garbage already?

  2. Vin, I am not usually in favor of censorship, but that post was way out of line. Thanx for pulling it.
    Hope Buch and the Wildcats have a great year.