Consolation matches are done


The two rounds of consolation wrestlebacks are finished. The following wrestlers will return for the consolation quarterfinals tomorrow and if they win their quarterfinal match, they will place top six and be All-State:

96 – Brian Realbuto (Somers)
103 – Steven Rodrigues (Fox Lane)
119 – Mark Arcara (Harrison)
125 – Genta Murayama (Edgemont)
130 – Dominick Oddo (Mahopac)
135 – Derrick Longo (Ardsley)
145 – Tom Antonioli (New Rochelle)
145 – David Rice (Edgemont)
152 – Ray Wang (Edgemont)
160 – James Brundage (Ossining)
171 – Zeke Stambovsky (Nyack)

The Section 1 wrestlers who lost in the quarterfinals will be wrestling in this round.

On the flip side, David Occhipinti (Croton-Harmon), Penn Gottfried (Ardsley), Teddy Kyreakedes (Dobbs Ferry), Udit Thakur (Nyack), Danny Manley (Ardsley), Scott Rogener (Westlake), Luke Speno (Fox Lane), Steven Ramos (Clarkstown North), Harrison Cook (Fox Lane), Sean Paul (Dobbs Ferry), Sam Weiner (White Plains), John Swertfager (John Jay), Jeff Miller (Westlake), Jake Genovesi (John Jay), Bill Smith (215), Cristian Garcia (North Rockland) and Max Nau (Nanuet) have been eliminated.

Preliminary round consolation winners are Brian Realbuto (Somers), Steven Rodrigues (Fox Lane), Luke Speno (Fox Lane), Penn Gottfried (Ardsley), Kevin Chee (Nanuet), Danny Manley (Ardsley), Derrick Longo (Ardsley). Bill Smith (Nanuet) won his first-round consolation match.


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  1. Tony –

    As busy as you are, I’m wondering if you know the team score. I’ve read on other sites that Sec. 6 has 11 semifinalists and Sec. 2 has 10.

  2. Tony-

    I just want to thank you for what you have been doing today iv been keeping up all day and without you i would be wondering what is going on so once again thank you

  3. Tony –

    I guess Sec. 6’s total is for D1 and D2. D1 semis by section:

    1 – 3 semifinalists
    2 – 10
    3 – 4
    4 – 5
    5 – 5
    6 – 3
    8 – 10
    9 – 4
    10 – 2
    11 – 12
    C – 1
    P – 1

    Looks like 8 and 11 are returning to their championship form. Lots of youth on section 11’s team too.

    Let’s hope we get some finalists from our 3 tomorrow and the guys in wrestlebacks make a big push tonight to get All-State.

  4. Tony Pinciaro on

    Joe M –

    No team scores yet and Section 1 has 4 semifinalists: Flamio, Grippi, Osleeb and Carter.

    Shoebox –

    Yes. Oddo can wrestle back as far as 3rd.

  5. how ironic lenzi,carter, flamio, osleeb, and grippi all have workouts together often. Just nice to see sec 1 doing better. wrestle-backs are going well thus far. realbuto and rodrigues won 2 and are moving on. cook looks good. brundage was a sniff away.

  6. get off his jock on

    what has he ever done to make him so invincible. personally i never saw it. he was suppose to be the man ad a catholic kid beats him.

  7. Q: what has he ever done to make him so invincible?

    A: Four Section Titles, Two State Place finishes.

    The kid had the whole weight of section one and Columbia on his shoulders, lets just hope he can hold his head high enough for a third place finish.

  8. Jock –

    Let’s not forget the kid who beat Oddo lost to him in the
    Eastern States finals. Lenzi’s no slouch.

  9. Tony Pinciaro on

    Jock –

    Concerning Oddo, Lenzi may go to Fordham Prep, but he is one of the best Catholic High School wrestlers. And it takes an excellent wrestler to win four sectional titles.

  10. Tony Pinciaro on

    Ades –

    Wang won, but I’m not sure about Rice. I have to check. I missed his match.

  11. Lol how come everyone keep say grippi, oddo, carter, and osleeb, its like coffey doesnt exist? im just kidding but give the man some reconition he has a shot i mean grippi beat liquari and coffey aint wrestling noone like liguari this round

  12. get off his Jock

    1 match does not define his high school career. I for one(and I do not know him personally) have enjoyed watching his atheletic performance which often was a notch above some of the best. Seems like an outstanding young man. Good luck to him. As for the “catholic kid ” Andrew Lenzi is both a quality wrestler and young man. Congrats to him.