Division I 135-pound weight class for sectionals


I was talking to a parent yesterday and we were discussing the possible logjam of fine wrestlers going 135 for sectionals.

Everyone is well aware that Mahopac’s Dominick Oddo, Section 1’s finest wrestler, will win the 130-pound weight class. Now, who is going to jump to 135 and take a shot at the favorite there, Rye’s Charlie Trumm.

Along with Trumm, we have Ossining’s Jeff Alomodovar, Yonkers’ Chris Hernandez (if he bumps up), Nyack’s Udit Thakur, John Jay’s Brian DiBetta (if he returns from an injury), Brewster’s Mike Lopez, New Rochelle’s Marcos Carrsaco, North Rockland’s Jerry Zurla, Beacon’s Ryan Tompkins (should he jump from 130) and Lakeland/Panas’ Joe Hauser (should he decide to bump up after winning Super 16). This would make 135 the deepest weight class and most difficult to place top six. These guys would constitute half of the 16-man field.

It will be very interesting to see what happens at the divisional seeding meeting Thursday, Feb. 7 at Fox Lane.

Something else to think about here, would anyone bump to 140 and take a chance with Fox Lane’s Luke Speno and Clarkstown North’s Steven Ramos? Just thinking out loud.


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  1. tony, 125 is still deeper than 135 even if everyone goes there. Grippi, Ahearn, Davidson, Caruso, Swartsfeger, Sanzo, Gogatz, Hauser? 4 kids who took top 3 in section last year. tough to top that.

  2. 135 certainly seems like it is up for grabs and could be won by any of the wrestlers you mentioned. I think if someone felt they had a chance to win, they’d be better off going here rather than giving up weight and size to go up to 140 to battle either Ramos or Speno who are clearly the two best in that weight.

  3. well almodover was 30 at beacon so he may be 30 for sectionals, i’d think tomkins would stay 30 after loosing to lopez and zurla i think would stay 30 too

  4. Old Skool:

    I thought the same last year, too, but he lost to Ramos after beating Speno in the semi’s. I don’t think you can write it down in pen; maybe pencil, but is not a definite. The year before that he lost to Einfrank who was clearly better but maybe the pressure will really mount for him being in the finals again with this being his last shot. Who knows?

  5. I understand your school of thought, but athletically, I don’t think there is anyone at 135 (like a Ramos) who can throw him around. I’m sticking with my pic.

  6. yea he probably will win but if hauser decides to go 135, he shouldnt underestimate him. hauser is very good and was pretty even with grippi when he faced him at shoreline so if he goes 135 he may be able to take the title away from trumm

  7. actually dibetta could win too if he can come back healthy. id say him and trumm r about even

  8. Tony

    Any chance of promoting the section 1 youth championships? They are taking place feb 10th at John Jay Cross River and if there is any hope of building this section it has to start at the youth level.

    There has to be some youth wrestlers in the area that would be interesting to follow both today and the years to come. Could make for some good follow up stories .

    What do you think? Our section can use all the help we can get.

  9. Just a Fan,
    Where might one sign up for the youth sectionals? If there is a form could someone possibly send it to sectiononewrestling.com so it can be posted an accessed by all.

  10. Wrest fan –

    DiBetta is certified at 135; not sure of his 50% weigh-ins, though, although I thought I saw him at some point this year wrestling 135.

  11. 125 and 135 are the best two weight classes but if u look at a weight class that has good young guys look at 96 you got realabuto,oliveto,grippi,me,stauber. it should be a war between us!

  12. tony why dont you make a post about 125 its the best weight Grippi, Ahearn, Caruso, Swertfager, Hauser if he stays, Davidson, Gogatz, Sanzo , F.Cabibbo, Garcia, by far the strongest

  13. id say 125 and 145 r the two best. 135 is decent with trumm, lopez, and hernandez,hauser,tompkins (if they move up) but 125 has all of those guys and 145 has coffey, scott, antoniolli, galea, and gilberti who r all pretty even

  14. where has garcia even been all season? he got injured at scarsdale and i havent see his name since. 125 is deeper than 135 for sure, and i heard F.Cabibbo was going 119? maybe just a rumor.